Mongoose: Hospital Treason Enabled by Insurance Treason in Service to Deep State Treason

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Alert Reader writes in . . .

Trump can do this, easily.

Stop paying hospitals $13,000 to write COVID-19 in as cases and deaths.

Stop paying hospitals $39,000 to do ventilators.

Hit the hospitals where they live, in the pocketbook and caseloads and deaths will fall like a rock.  Hospitals are empty and nurses and doctors are being furloughed because it is easier to collect money and have no people around. People cost money.

I broke my wrist in November 2019 and had a 3 day stay in the hospital. The hospital billed $178,000 and Medicare paid them $6700 and the hospital wrote off the rest of the bill.

Please note: the hospital gave me a Whooping Cough vaccine for wrist break and neither I nor my wife signed any paper allowing them to do that. When I asked about it, The hospital hung up the phone.  Medicare paid $500 for the whooping cough vaccine as part of the wrist stay in the hospital. If Medicare would not pay the hospital for the vaccine, the blasted hospital would not recommend it to be given.


Charles Hugh Smith: Health Care as Poster Child for US Financialization of Total Corruption Against the Public Interest

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