Owl: Core Truth About Covid-19 Vaccine – Does Not Prevent, Only Allegedly Mitigates Symptoms – Not Worth Risk of Exposure!

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Here’s Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine

This is one of the most eye opening articles I’ve seen on the covid vaccines and it made me aware of something about them that is critically important but goes completely unmentioned by media and Fauci.

Normally, vaccines are made and used to prevent users of them from catching a disease or stopping you from dying from a disease. The “endpoint,” as they call it, the objective, of all the covid vaccines soon to be available or in development, do NOT have this typical objective built in by its designers. They have all been designed for one objective: to mitigate or eliminate symptoms of covid if you get it. They are not designed to *prevent* users from becoming infected with covid, of having it take up residence in user’s bodies, or protect users from dying from covid. It’s only about stopping symptoms. That’s it. So when they proclaim its “95% effective,” that means it’s 95% effective at mitigating symptoms. Not preventing it. As pointed out in one of the comments after the article, some instances arose where vaccines prevented severe covid illness, but they admitted that was not the main objective.

So as author of this article says, if the vaccines do nothing more than, in most cases, mitigate symptoms, it’s not worth exposing oneself to the vaccine risks. One of the outcomes of taking vaccine is narcolepsy, which most people have not heard about, as a commenter points out:


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