Robert Steele: Martial Law Primer — Needed Now Along with Insurrection Act

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I strongly support President Donald Trump and the rule of law. Because multiple states AND the Supreme Court have VIOLATED  the rule of law, and the Republic cannot survive a Deep State coup, I strongly support the imposition of Martial Law for a few weeks as needed to do the following:

  1. act on DNI Report on Foreign Interference and seize all the servers
  2. arrest and interrogate the Governors and all election officials associated with documented electoral fraud and the certification of fraudulent results
  3. arrest and interrogate all sources of financial and other support to  those carrying out electoral fraud across the USA
  4. suspension of all suspect stolen “wins” at lower levels starting with Virginia's Senate race where Gade clearly beat Warner with 57% of the vote.

Below is a superb PRIMER on Martial Law,  which has been imposed 68 times in the past, and a general overview of the Insurrection Act which has been invoked 23 times that we know of (I believe there may have been some secret invocations and it is possible we are right now under a secret invocation of the Insurrection Act).


Military Times: How the president could invoke martial law


Wikipedia / Insurrection Act of 1807

RDS: Wikipedia misses  the most important long-standing exception to the Posse Comitatus Act, the US Marine Corps. From guarding the mails to defending the President, they are “the President's own” and can be employed domestically without regard to either Martial Law or the Insurrection Act.


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