Robert Steele: Please Discover & Donate to Sharry Edwards

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It is my blessing late in life  to have become a magnet for cool people that make a difference.

It has been especially interesting to me — for reasons I do not comprehend — to have connected to world leaders in energy wellness.

Sharry Edwards is such a person.  She is the YODA of energy sound healing.

My recent interview with her is below, along with two free web portals.

a) Do your own voice test to see what you can learn

b) Donate within your means to support the great soul, mind, and heart. I had to ASK her for how to donate. I have given her $500 of the dollars you have all given to Earth Intelligence Network and I urge all of you to exploit the above FREE  human healing resources and consider helping her at a time when the entire Deep State  establishment is against her.

What she is doing MATTERS, and she has suffered for it — the same medical establishment that is going along with COVID-19 lies and medical malpractice is deathly afraid of natural and alternative healing, ESPECIALLY energy and frequency healing which is more in touch with COSMIC forces than the fake medicine of the Deep State and its Rockefelloer/Gates/Soros criminal cabal.

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