Robert Steele: COVID-19 Lies, COVID-19 Treason + Links to YouTube Censored #UNRIG Videos on Fake Pandemic at BitChute

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Zero Hedge: The COVID-19 Data Is A “Travesty”

I nailed all this in mid-February 2020 in my article for Tehran Times (one of the places Zionists and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) cannot censor me:

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Videos and Other Reference Links Below the Fold

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2020-08-12Interview BYFake PandemicMeryln Nass Medical Media & Misinformation School Must Reopen Before Economy Can Reopen
2020-06-19AlertFake PandemicCovid 19 News Update From Swiss Policy Research – I Told You So!
2020-05-04Interview BYFake PandemicDr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Gates, Fauci, Corrupt Science | Blacks Targeted by NIH, CDC
2020-04-30AlertFake PandemicRFK-Shiva Wee-Wee Fight with Comment by Former Spy Robert Steele
2020-04-18TestimonyFake PandemicFormer Spy Calls for CounterIntelligence Study of Bill Gates, Insider Trading, Media Liars
2020-04-06Interview BYFake PandemicDr. Shiva, GOP Candidate for Senate, Speaks Truth to Power — Former Spy Robert Steele Endorses Hi..
2020-04-01AlertFake PandemicAre NY & NJ Lying to Us? Former Spy & Top Analyst Offers Appraisal in One Chart
2020-03-27ConversationFake PandemicBenjamin Fulford Chats from Tokyo on Fake Pandemic, Deep State Demise, Pedos Going Down, and More…
2020-03-25AlertFake PandemicFormer Spy Tells President Trump Truth in Nine Minutes — Fake Pandemic, 5G Triggers, Purge Needed
2020-03-19ExtractFake PandemicSacha Stone Heard from God — Here’s What She Said About the Virus
2020-03-19Interview BYFake PandemicDr. Kevin Barrett on Corona Virus as Global Circuit Breaker Opening Way to Spiritual Renewal for A..
2020-03-17AlertFake PandemicFormer Spy Muses on Corona Virus As A Blessing — Did We Flip Evil Intent to Achieve a Greater Goo..
2020-03-12Interview BYFake PandemicBenjamin Fulford Updates Fake Pandemic, Martial Law, Global Government Concept, What Trump Can Do
2020-03-11AlertFake PandemicFormer Spy Accuses World Health Organization of Being Bribed or Blackmailed Into Declaring Pandemi..
2020-03-10AlertFake PandemicSpy’s Message to President Trump on Coronavirus, 5G, Hybrid War, Threat to America & Election 202..
2020-03-03AlertFake PandemicPrime Ministerial Brief — 11 Points — An Ethical Intelligent Appraisal of the Fake Pandemic
2020-02-28AlertFake PandemicIn Praise of the World Health Organization — Fake Pandemic is OVER — Final Analysis by Ex-Spy
2020-02-20AlertFake PandemicChina Wuhan Coronavirus 5G Radiation Sickness Eleven-Point Overview
2020-02-18AlertFake PandemicRobert Steele, Spy & Reader, Updates the Corona Virus Radiation Sickness Madness Parade
2020-02-16AlertFake PandemicChina Wuhan Virus BioWar, 5G, InfoWar — Robert Steele, Former Spy
2020-02-03Interview BYFake PandemicCoronavirus, 5G, & Love Energy, BioHealing — 3 Experts & Robert David Steele
2020-01-27AlertFake PandemicCoronavirus is NORMAL, CDC Lies, Says Former CIA Spy | Robert David Steele

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