Tom Atlee: Large-Scale Collective Sense-Making Processes (Part 5)

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Ethics
Tom Atlee

Large-scale collective sense-making processes (Sense-making – Part 5)

I’ve long advocated the use of multiple processes in public and stakeholder engagements so that synergies among them can be tapped. Recently I’ve been drawn into explorations of sense-making, in which collective sense-making stands out as particularly important. So I decided to apply my multi-process design thinking to the challenge of collective sense-making. I describe that thinking in detail here. This sense-making vision is intended especially for practitioners, designers and scholars of public engagements. – Tom

In 2003 I wrote a series of posts about “Designing Multi-Process Public Participation Programs”. Here are a few juicy excerpts from the introduction to that series:

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