Yoda: Alert Reader on Extraterrestrials & Trump Triumph

Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

Alert Reader comments:

Israeli space scientist states that USA has an agreement with Galactic Federation and that “we” the public are not ready for this step.

This is a Zionist ploy, as usual.

I am passionate about this subject and somewhat knowledgeable from the meager clues that Corey Goode, Michael Salla, and Randy Cramer have left with their disclosures.

Corey Goode has come out with the Blue Avian and Anshar stories to demonstrate that “we” are in fact, more than ready for this new reality. He points out that, in the past, the Blue Avians were the Guardians because “we” were not ready. The mere fact that the Blue Avians have “moved on” is evidence to the contrary that “we” are ready for this step.

Even though Corey Goode is very much afraid of the “Draco” does not mean that “all of us should quail in the Draco presence. Randy Cramer has said that he has killed the Draco before and that he just considers them a formidable enemy that one has to be prepared for.  While very had to kill, as long as one can protect one’s thoughts from the Draco mind control and shoot to kill their 2 hearts, they can be killed. Randy Cramer is not afraid of them. He is very much a Marine.

Another clue is the Anshar themselves being us from the future coming back to “right the timeline” so that they can exist in the future.  They supposedly do this by getting into chairs and tuning into “us” to give us hints as to how to proceed. Some time back, the Anshar got “tired” of doing this and gave some evolved earth people the job of correcting timelines through seeding thoughts into “our” minds. These people sit about 20 -30 years in the future and keep tabs on “us” to make sure that the “Good Timeline” is maintained.

Usher in Trump, “Q”, and the Alliance and you now have the team that will take us into this new reality. “Q” came up with “Glass Pad” technology that the “Cabal” previously only had and countered the “Cabal” efforts easily leading into Trump’s “Wrestlemania Drama”.  We are seeing History being written now. It is a wonderful time to be alive and witnessing this experience.

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