Yoda: Is Hair an Antenna? Update

Earth Intelligence

Alert Reader says:

Let your hair grow a bit, at least! Hair (silica) is your antenna, your intuition that enables you to connect with the higher source and think clearly. Hence why children and women (in general) are more connected and loving. The military knows this. Hence, to more easily control a new soldier, the first thing they do is shave their hair!  Shaving the hair and this silly, trendy new hair cut (shaved sides) is part of the attack against white men! American Indians and many indigenous people had/have long hair for good reasons. This trendy ‘look’ makes men look like an asparagus! Better to be intuitive and look good than trendy!

Alert Reader #2 says:

Alert Reader failed to mention Samson, his vow to obey God as a Nazirite and to let grow his hair as ordered by God, which derived a larger-than-legend strength from, and who was betrayed by Delilah who had servants cur his hair while he was asleep, after which he temporarily lost his strength until his hair regrew.

Israel didn't exist out of nowhere and most of the Bible goes back eons to the Sumerians… about whom Zecharia Sitchin spoke at enormous length as being the foundation of the Occidental (and possibly human) culture.  Samson – Wikipedia

I would bet my bottom dollar Vatican has all the very, very ancient and historical texts carved on stone nad buried them buried underground in its multiple hiding places worldwide so that humans would never be able to learn their roots.

Zecharia Sitchin was fascinating and riveting and he did a tremendous work of digging into humans' lost history.  Zecharia Sitchin – Wikipedia

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