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Alert Reader has provided the following personal evaluation of the Zionism/Satanism threat to the USA and the world.  For information. It is our view that Zionism and the apartheid genocidal state of Israel must be eliminated and are never to be confused with the good people and adherents of Judaism, most of whom reject Zionism for the parasite that it is.


In the following link, Rick Ackerman takes a sobering look at the current economic situation in the USA:

Ackerman pinpoints the DEBT TRAP whereby one dollar's worth of borrowing from the Zionist banksters has now dropped to yielding only 27 cents of GDP growth, an all-time low. By inversion, that means the USA has the impossible situation whereby a record 3.70 USD of borrowing is required to create just 1 USD of GDP growth.

And the situation is probably even worse in New Soviet Europe (misleadingly titled the European “Union”).

Ackerman makes many logical points that echo recent statements by Gerald Celente.

Who are those Freemasons running your soon-to-be-sovietized country today?

Freemasons are (whether knowingly or unknowingly) in fact Satan's disciples on Earth, and their official godhead was revealed by their own top writers Albert Pike, Manly-Palmer Hall and Albert Mackey as being Lucifer (sic). Freemasons all take orders from the Freemasonic apex capstone called Zionist B'nai B'rith. So Freemasons are (whether knowingly or unknowingly) in fact all gophers for the Zionists and for the cause of Zionism. Or, in a word, Freemasons are all Zionists. The reason this craft is often called “Judeo-Freemasonry” is because of its Kabbalist (black-magic) irreligion and because it is directly under the thumb of its capstone B'nai B'rith.


The chief aims of Zionism as specified in their “holy” books (Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar and “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”) are as follows:

  1. Establish the reign of the Antichrist in Jerusalem [THE SINGLE CORE OR CENTRAL AIM OF ZIONISM].
  2. Transfer ALL WEALTH in the world to the Jews and Zionists (who include the “Illuminati” and their Zionist-Freemasonic gophers, who all take orders from the Freemasonic capstone called B'nai B'rith).
  3. Genocide MOST of the non-Jews (goyim-gentiles), leaving only enough of those “two-legged beasts” (as the “holy” books of Judaism refer to all goyim-gentiles) to serve “the Princes of Israel”.
  4. Expand Israel's core to create Greater Israel (intended to span from the Nile to the Euphrates, as originally indicated by the two blue stripes on the flag of Israel) while genociding or else emptying “the remaining Arabs of Greater Israel” into Europe, in turn setting Islam against Christianity as declared in the “Clash of Civilizations” ideology first promulgated by Zionist super-lodge HATHOR PENTALPHA in the 1990s.
  5. Create a satanic world regime to be run by Zionism for the sole benefit of “the Princes of Israel”.
  6. [Additional wish from doomsday sect Chabad-Lubavitch]: If Israel does not get its way, then exercise “the Samson Option” by launching Armageddon NOW in Israel so as to torch the 6 million Jews of modern Israel as a burnt offering to the Chabad-Lubavitch godhead Satan in return for inheriting the Earth, once this act has finally induced the Jewish Messiah Ben David to come to Earth (sic).
  7. Hence, Zionism reserves the “right” to kill all the Jews too, over and above all the non-Jews (gentiles).



Under the guise of Medical Martial Law to “protect” the public from the Common Flu, the Zionist cabal is currently installing Chinese Communism across the world, most prominently in the “advanced” nations of Europe, North America, Australasia, but under the slicker new brand-name of “Technocracy”.

Communism was only ever, and still remains, a mask for confiscating gentile wealth. Communism is now planned for the whole world after 2020, but as the very same guise for more confiscation of gentile wealth. We know too how Zionism was a mask for the theft of Arab property, to establish Israel. Well, it is NEXT to be used for the theft of all the world's wealth, so as to finally realize the Zionist “new” world order.

The RAND Corporation confirmed that, from 1975 to 2018, the average wealth of 2.5 trillion USD dollars shifted every year from US working-class families to the top one-percent power-elite. That means a total transfer of 107.5 trillion USD dollars in 1975-2018, directly in keeping with the Zionist plan to ruin ordinary Americans while lining the pockets of top Jews, Zionists, banksters, Freemasons etc. 52 percent, or over half the billionaires in the USA, are Jewish; the other 48 percent of US billionaires are Zionists, Freemasons or other Satanists; giving statistical confirmation of the published Talmudic formula, whereby the wealth of the world must first flow into Zionist and Jewish hands, after which all Christians are to be culled. You can easily find further confirmation of this in the Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar, “Protocols of Zion”, or else by reading the Georgia Guide Stones or UN Agenda 21.

With that, the RAND Corporation (a subsidiary of Tavistock London) was just confirming that literally everything was going according to plan, and that from their viewpoint everything was just hunky dory.


In keeping with Bolshevik-Zionist communism, the “Agenda 21 Plan” is: Destroy all the goyim-gentile middle-class so that only two goyim-gentile person-classes remain (Proletariat or Nomenklatura, with nothing else in between) AND FURTHERMORE destroy all the goyim-gentile “Mittelstand” (small and medium-sized companies) so that only two company-classes remain (either Zionist Mega-Corporation or tiny micro-enterprise like Joe the Plumber Inc, with nothing else in between). Zionist pawns of the Nomenklatura, such as U2's Bonzo, will be retained, and probably even allowed to grow as old as serial-child-rapist David Rockefeller, in order to shill for (or write “songs” about) how the Zionist Jackboot is so “cool to lick”, or how the Common Flu suddenly morphed into nonexistent (and still never even yet isolated) COVID.


The 2030 “Davos Plan” to pay a UBI (universal basic income) to any goyim-gentile schmuck who surrenders his wealth to the Zionist world regime is DIRECTLY IN KEEPING with this very same old Bolshevik-Zionist plan.

Although the Zionist gophers (most likely Freemasons and other Satanists), who run your country for the satanic cabal, ALWAYS PREFER TO PRESENT these “choices” as something to do with LEFT VERSUS RIGHT, they are in fact to do with JESUS VERSUS SATAN.

So be sure you choose the RIGHT SIDE.


The COVID HOAX scam-demic of 2020 was all about accelerating the twin processes just described, namely the active and passive transfer of all wealth in the world to the Zionists, to the Zionist Freemasons, to the “Princes of Israel” and to any other Satanists, miscellaneous and sundry, who are full-fledged members of the Big Club of Zionism (to which you do not belong, as George Carlin once reminded you so heartily).


There was never a pandemic because a pandemic requires a huge increase in deaths (e.g. up to 5 percent of the world's population died in 1918-20 from the Zionist binary-bio-weapon branded “Spanish Flu”). One requirement for claiming a pandemic is thus dozens of new dead bodies lying in the road whenever you go for your daily walk.

They took the existing Common Flu season, they re-branded it COVID, and then they just ran with that.

That gave them plausible deniability by enabling them to claim that there was “something” out there. And quite undeniably, the Common Flu was indeed out there.

Then the Zionists coerced white-coats into certifying every death (even from being run over by truck, or shot in the head) as a COVID death.

But that fraud stopped working after the Common Flu death-toll was shown to have dropped from 2018 to 2019.

So the Zionists were forced to switch to counting the number of nonexistent “CASES” instead.

Their next fraud was to use the defunct PCR for MAGNIFYING positive “CASES”.

The PCR reliably certifies most healthy humans, healthy cows, healthy sheep, healthy cats, most samples of fruit, most hamburgers, must flowers, and most bowls of boiled cabbage as being “COVID POSITIVE”.

But when all the conspiracy theorists currently loyal to the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media FINALLY realize that this too is a fraud, the Zionists might have to finally run for cover from their own fan-base.

For the Zionists, the PCR was the ideal “self-fulfilling prophecy” because, if the PCR refused to cooperate, the Zionists simply amped-up its MAGNIFICATION until it gave the “right” answer by certifying literally EVERYTHING, even cardboard boxes, bananas or fresh wood chippings, as being “COVID POSITIVE”.

Better still, they can amp-down the MAGNIFICATION whenever they need to piggyback on basic seasonal trends, such as normal Common Flu dropping in the summer, or later increasing in the winter, in a normal seasonal way. This fraud is enough to fool at least 30 percent of the imbeciles who consider themselves “educated” and “well-informed” and who every day loyally wear their facial diapers, click their heels, raise their right arms and dutifully salute “Heil Satan-Yahoo”.

So COVID was only ever the Common Flu and the rest was BS and Zionist propaganda for the stated twin-cause.

Are you a conspiracy theorist wearing the medical equivalent of a tin-foil-hat (namely a face-mask-muzzle) who currently remains loyal to the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media? Are you such a Zionist lackey?

If so, then WHEN exactly do you propose to finally wake up and see reality?


  1. 150 million Christians genocided in the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2, planned, financed and executed by the Zionists, after being designed by Satanist Edward VII, who was the Rabid-Zionist mastermind behind both WW1 and WW2;
  2. Up to 40 million German Christians genocided in the German Holocaust of WW1 and WW2, also planned, financed and executed by the Zionists. This was part of the same Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2;
  3. 100 million Russian-Orthodox Christians and other Eastern European Christians genocided by Bolshevik-Zionism (communism) in the twentieth century, also planned, financed and executed by the Zionists. The single biggest murderer in Bolshevik-Zionist Russia was Kabbalist Jew and Zionist Genrikh Yagoda, who is said to have personally ordered the genocide of well over 10 million Russians. The Zionist mainstream-media never care to compare “Lenin” (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) to Adolf, and never even mention Yagoda;
  4. 10 million Ukrainian Christians genocided in the Holodomor of 1932-33. This was a part of the twentieth century Christian Holocaust under Bolshevik-Zionism (communism). Kabbalist Jew Lazar Kaganovich had the biggest hand in the genocide of 10 million Ukrainian Christians that the Bolshevik-Zionists committed in the Holodomor of 1932-33. Because Zionism is so international, the Zionist NY Times, owned by Zionist Adolph Simon Ochs, told enormous lies during the Ukrainian Holodomor that induced most Americans to choose inaction. Its Zionist reporter Walter Duranty deceived readers into thinking that no forced-famine or genocide was taking place, a lie with dire consequences. But British foreign-office document “N 7182 / 114 / 88” revealed that, in private conversations at the British Embassy, the same Rabid-Zionist Walter Duranty was confirming that in fact at least 10 million Ukrainians had been systematically starved to death;
  5. 100 million Chinese genocided by Zionist Mao Zedong under Bolshevik-Zionism (communism) in China. Mao belonged to the Luciferian-Freemasonic lodge Yale-in-China that is closely tied to Skull & Bones. Mao was yet another pawn of the Zionist London-NY-Axis cabal or capstone (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild);
  6. 20 million Semitic Arabs (Muslims and Christians), including Palestinians, genocided in 1948-2020 in the Zionist cause to create Greater Israel. Here, Zionists proved themselves by far the most Anti-Semitic group in all of history. In his 1980 book “Genocide in the Holy Land”, Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld gave a detailed account of how the Zionists systematically genocided Semitic Muslims and Christians in Palestine. Palestinian historian Nur Masalha wrote many great books on the same topic. Zionist PNAC's hit-list of countries was published in Sep 2000 (along with its request for a “New Pearl Harbor Event” that Zionism delivered on 11 Sep 2001 and its request for ethno-specific bio-weapons for killing non-Ashkenazi) but this hit-list is still not done, seeking to destroy: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan;
  7. 5 million Armenian-Christians genocided in 1914-23. Although, this was blamed on Turkey, it was in fact led by Dönmeh Jews (crypto-Jewish Sabbatean-Frankists) headed by crypto-Jew Atatürk, who stemmed from the Dönmeh Jews of Thessalonica-Greece. Ironically, in 2011, Rabid-Zionist Nicolas Sarkozy backed the commemoration of the Armenian genocide despite the fact that he himself descended from the very same Dönmeh-Jewish perpetrators from Thessalonica-Greece. This shows how Zionism is really all about creating dialectics so as to play individual groups off against each other, as Zionist Kuhn-Loeb bankster Otto Hahn once admitted. Christopher Jon Bjerknes wrote a major 2004 book on this genocide by Zionism;
  8. Untold millions genocided after the Zionist Mossad attack on Fukushima on 11 Mar 2011. John Lear is a top CIA insider and the son of Bill Lear, who was a member of Majestick 12 and the inventor of the Learjet. John Lear revealed that the Fukushima attack was launched by Zionist Mossad in revenge for Japan having sold weapons to enemies of Israel. The Zionists first deployed the Stuxnet virus to blind the reactor control systems. The “tsunami” on that day was clearly unnatural on account of being unidirectional (never reaching US shores) and because many tall coastal buildings near Fukushima survived intact, as is visible in the aftermath photos. Clouds created by HAARP scalar-energy were recorded over Japan just prior to the Tohoku earthquake on 11 Mar 2011, roughly 70 kilometers east of the Oshika Peninsula, proving that the Zionist US regime was there to induce the earthquake. General Gabi Ashkenazi of the Zionist IDF admitted in Feb 2011 that Zionist Mossad and the Zionist US regime had jointly authored the Stuxnet virus;
  9. Zionists genocide Jews too, and Chabad-Lubavitch wants Armageddon NOW in Israel so as to torch the 6 million Jews of Israel as a burnt offering to its godhead Satan in return for inheriting the Earth (sic). There is a great deal of evidence that the Zionists sponsored Adolf and that they agreed to the Jewish Holocaust as a blood sacrifice to obtain the Jewish State of Israel. Countless quotes from key Zionists confirm that;
  10. Customized genocides for Nagasaki and Hiroshima: Catholicism was always the chief enemy of Zionism, of Luciferian-Freemasonry and of witchcraft. The reason the Zionists selected Hiroshima and Nagasaki for genocide was because the highest concentration of Japanese Catholics lived in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The man who ordered the bombs dropped on these Catholics was Zionist Dirty-Harry Truman who, in Oct 1945, was promoted from Freemasonry's 32nd to its 33rd degree in gratitude for killing so many Catholics. Also, Satanists like to launch attacks at or near the 33rd parallel, which included venues like Nagasaki, Dallas (for JFK) and LA (for RFK). On 9 Aug 1945, the Zionist atom bomb detonated only 500 meters from Nagasaki's Immaculate Conception Cathedral, also called Saint Mary's or Urakami Cathedral. The Zionists not only crushed Catholicism in Japan, they also dashed hopes that Catholicism might become Japan's main religion once the “faith vacuum” left by the Japanese Emperor's renunciation of his own divinity next emerged. The Zionists still blame the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 AD on the Catholic Church, despite the fact that the Romans did not become Christian until much later. For the same reason, Catholics remain the chief target group of witchcraft, Luciferian-Freemasonry and Zionism;
  11. The US presidency and military are both rotten with Luciferian-Freemasonry and Zionism, so the Spanish Flu of 1918-20 was probably the work of the Zionists. This flu was based on a binary bio-weapon having two halves. The first half was the bio-weapon virus unleashed on US soldiers in the military barracks at Fort Riley KS, who were then sent to spread it in Europe. The second half was the vaccine, which (like all vaccines) was a genocidal bio-weapon too. The UN's Worst Health Organization (WHO) claims that this pandemic caused the deaths of 50-100 million people. And because this flu had Zionist fingerprints all over it, we must again credit Zionism with this massive genocide. There can be no doubt: the Zionists really know how to genocide people. And never think they are too shy to kill over 100 million people in one go. It is a piece of cake to them to orchestrate the killing of over a billion people without batting an eyelid. And they can still sleep like babies while such “gigacide” operations are running and after they are completed. They even thrive on all the negative energy and look forward to the times when they, or their satanic progeny, spend all their time living it up as “Princes of Israel” being served by “two-legged goyim-beasts”;
  12. Today, the “vaccine” bio-weapon against nonexistent COVID must be stored at minus 70° C (minus 94° F), to protect the nanotech-bio-weapon ingredients the Zionists have deployed to genocide the suckers who agree to be injected with it. The “vaccine” bio-weapon against nonexistent COVID is intended to take its most severe toll on the weakest, i.e. the elderly, the infirm and the young. So be warned, the “vaccine” bio-weapon against nonexistent COVID is MUCH more lethal than nonexistent COVID was ever claimed to be;
  13. The genocide of 1 million people in Rwanda in 1994 was also most likely another Zionist operation. There, the Zionists first gave machetes to tens of thousands of Hutu tribesmen and then beamed frequencies at them, causing them to go berserk and slaughter up to 1 million people. These frequencies were beamed from US military airplanes and helicopters, and the operation overseen by the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA). From mind-control experiments of the past, the Zionist militaries of the world know all the specific frequency-ranges they need to beam to induce fear, anger, extreme anger, happiness, bliss etc.;
  14. Most victims of terrorism, especially over the past 20 years, were murdered by the Zionists, who are the biggest financers of both terrorism and false-flag terrorism in the world. The Zionist Freemasonic super-lodge HATHOR PENTALPHA ran both sides of the “War on Terror” and the Zionists were also the chief sponsors of the terror organizations Al-Qaeda and ISIS, with ISIS headed by Zionist John McCain. Zionists ran most recent false-flag terror attacks including the 11 Sep 01 attacks, the 7 Jul 05 attacks, Sandy Hoax and the Boston The Zionists deploy terrorism to change the world through chaos and Hegelian Dialectics. Neither Al-Qaeda nor ISIS ever managed to attack their most “logical” enemy, Israel. Zionist puppetician GW Bush once read from an autocue that rationalized that this was “because they hate our freedoms”. But the real reason Al-Qaeda and ISIS “forgot” to attack Israel was because Zionist Israel was their top sponsor and their Big Boss. Zionism only gained a low-to-medium kill-count with terrorism (such as its 3000 victims on 11 Sep or by its bloodless “beheadings”). These Zionist twin-operations of terrorism and false-flag terrorism were much more about brainwashing through tell-lie-vision or the Zionist media;
  15. Other well-known forms of genocide ostensibly condemned by the UN include cultural genocide and racial genocide. The London elites committed cultural genocide against the Irish and Scots, when they enacted laws that compelled them to abandon their Gaelic language, on which their spoken traditions had been so dependent. Racial genocide can be achieved by a policy of planned miscegenation. As already stated, Zionist Luciferian-Freemasonry takes orders from its own capstone, called Zionist B'nai B'rith. The Zionist-controlled mainstream-media cover up the fact that the Zionists have long declared, published and even enacted their intentions to eradicate the White Christians of both Europe and North America;
  16. In Europe, the Kalergi Plan is the published Zionist plan to eradicate the White Christians of Europe both by cultural and racial genocide. The Kalergi Plan was published by the Zionist-Freemasonic super-lodge PAN EUROPA, also detailed by Zionist Freemason Gioele Magaldi in his 2014 book “Massoni”. In his book “Practical Idealism”, genocidal eugenicist Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi openly stated that he “wanted to completely destroy the face of Europe” and that “Europeans are to become Asiatic-Negroid mongrels”. In the 1950s, this Kalergi Plan was adopted as the ethno-forming policy of New Soviet Europe (misleadingly titled the European “Union”). This Zionist project is designed to destroy the ethnicity of Europeans although Europe's public never consented to any cross-breeding policy. Rabid-Zionist Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed it in 2009 when he told the Brussels Journal: “… if the French do not interbreed of their own free will, it will be necessary for the French regime to resort to even more forcible measures”. Kalergi himself said that future Europeans “would resemble ancient Egyptians” but he was very much against asking Europeans for their consent to cultural suicide, which is precisely what the Kalergi Plan entails;
  17. In the USA, Zionist Luciferian-Freemasonry implemented the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 that abolished the National Origins Formula (that had made it very easy for North-Western-Europeans, but harder for others, to immigrate into the USA). After it passed, Rabid-Zionist Senator Jacob Javits, a major force behind the act, could scarcely hide his joy, when he stated: “Now open the floodgates and watch as White Christian America just disappears”. The word “diversification” is an Orwellism for stamping all White Christians of North America out by cultural and racial genocide and, more particularly, all political influence Whites might like to dream they still have. Although diversity is one of America's biggest and most obvious weaknesses, the Zionist ACLU declared it the very opposite in truly Orwellian fashion. In a nutshell, the “diversification” program is Zionism's North American equivalent of the Kalergi Plan;
  18. Furthermore, based on all the published Zionist plans to wipe out White Christians, over the past century, Zionism played a clear and unmistakable role in efforts to first legalize abortion and then make it available in most neighborhoods, especially poor ones. And although the Abortion Holocaust (of 1 billion children and counting) was, and still is, based on billions of individual decisions, a huge proportion of it must be credited to the potent efforts of both Zionism and Zionist Luciferian-Freemasonry. God said increase and multiply (meaning preserve your population-pyramids) but Satan said kill, and in particular kill the unborn. The father of vaccine-genocider Baal Gates headed up Planned Parenthood (formerly called the American Eugenics Society) and he made sure that his abortion mills were made available to most neighborhoods, especially poor ones. His Zionist bosses “credited” him with the genocide of 40-80 million unborn children;
  19. The great Jewish anti-Zionist Henry Makow says the Talmud and Kabbalah both prove that the real Jewish Covenant is not with God but with Satan; and he calls Judaism a satanic cult, plain and simple. He added that, throughout history, Jews have behaved in a totally barbaric fashion, especially whenever they held the upper hand. This was shown during the Red Terror after the Bolshevik-Zionist revolution, the Ukrainian Holodomor, the covered-up genocide of tens of millions of German-Christian civilians after WW2 (after Germany had surrendered on VE Day, 8 May 1945), and in Palestine and the Mid-East;
  20. According to CIA-censored WickedPedia, the Noahide Laws were originated by Rabbi Moses Maimonides, who in the 12th century also invented the “Six Million” slogan later adopted by Zionism in the 1880s. It calls the Noahide Laws “a set of imperatives which, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the ‘children of Noah', that is humanity”. The Noahide Laws may look benign, but they are being used as a trick to place humanity under the thumb of Satanists posing as Rabbis;
  21. The seven Noahide Laws of Chabad Lubavitch, and of Orthodox Judaism in general, have been signed by all US presidents since Freemason Ronald Reagan. The Noahide Laws classify Christianity as idolatry, thus making it punishable by beheading. So, the Noahide Laws are already signed into US law to justify the planned genocide of all US It is sad but true that the world's top elite Zionists are planning another Christian Holocaust for the ones they view as their biggest impediment to power. The Kabbalah recommends the extermination of the goyim-gentiles as “the highest religious duty of Jews”. Only then will the Jews be able to flourish. And that explains a great deal of what is happening today. The Kabbalist plan is to employ the tools of chaos-magic (deception, lies, witchcraft, black magic) to obtain the conquest of the gentile world and to establish a satanic kingdom on Earth, but an unholy hell for gentiles;
  22. The Zionist-controlled mainstream-media have changed many Christians, and recently in particular many European Christians, into Anti-Islamic Zombies who rail against the prospect of Sharia Law. But Sharia Law is virtually harmless and it pales in significance compared to the Noahide Laws and to Talmudic Law, both of which are already on the law-books to enable the Zionist regimes of Europe and North America to “legally” genocide the goyim-gentile Christians in keeping with Zionism's openly published genocidal plans. Remember, Freemasons are not Christians, and all the Zionist puppeticians and regimes of Europe already demonstrated their loyalty quite openly in 2020 by clicking their heels, raising their right arms and saluting “Heil Satan-Yahoo”. So never even think for one minute that Zionist puppeticians or regimes might ever lift a finger to help you or your family. Forget that because your “leaders” are all traitors;
  23. All the above explains how the Zionists can easily fool “cov-idots” into falling for the hoax and into wearing the medical equivalent of a tin-foil hat, i.e. a face-mask-muzzle, although the whole affair was only ever the regular flu. Today, we can confirm with absolute certainty that the Zionists have controlled both sides of all major wars and crises for well over 130 years. The House of Rothschild launched Zionism in the 1880s, the same decade in which it bought the controlling interests in all three leading news-agencies of Europe's mainstream-press (Reuters, Wolff, Havas). Rothschild-Zionism was thus born controlling what most people got from their media. Today, the Rothschilds still have a world monopoly on “news” thanks to owning both Reuters and Associated Press. That makes it “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” for them to decide the official-“truth” narrative for current and hence past events (and warp all “history” books). They also run the world's fake-news channels Faux News (Fox), SEE-and-hear BS (CBS), Criminal Network News (CNN), American Brain Cleanser (ABC), the Beast's Brainwashing Corporation (BBC), Crap Nothing But Crap (CNBC) etc.;
  24. BUT now that the Zionist agenda has clearly broken the surface, the whole world can also see the satanic face of Zionism unmasked. So, whatever you do, please get right with God now, or soon, and get yourself and your family well-prepared for what is coming. There is a lot the Zionists want done by 2030, as their agenda now shifts into top-gear.

And never make the mistake of thinking Zionism “harmless”. Zionism means business and it is playing for keeps. Since Zionism's inception in the 1880s, no one can argue that it did not radically change the whole world. By now, we have seen countless examples that prove that Zionism is in fact ALL ABOUT ONE THING, and one thing only: GENOCIDE.

So, as the Zionists lie to you as only Zionists can, always bear in mind that THEIR CAUSE IS GENOCIDE.

DOC (6 Pages): Zionism And Other Forms Of Satanism


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