Yoda: Validation for Sharry Edwards, Praise for Robert In Passing

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For the record.

I was one of Sharry Edward's very first students more than 20+ years ago having been referred to her by my friend Daniel Haley (deceased), author of Politics in Healing. Dan suggested I take her course which she was launching because of its enormous value. I spent several weeks in Ohio doing just that.

While at it, I might as well tell you my other close friends include Tom Bearden of Scalar Tech fame and Res. Prof. Yull Brown (now deceased) of Brown's Gas Technology, Australia and China.

Although you and I have not met personally, you are among my treasured list of people I admire.

I am so thrilled that you now know Sharry and see the enormous value of what she has developed over these decades.

My purpose of this email is to keep in touch with you as things develop.

I am thrilled to see many people becoming interested in your vast work and business ideas.

Seeing you enlarge your awareness of energy medicine is extremely heart-warming. Hopefully Sharry will get the help needed so more people will benefit. Sadly, many others are no longer with us, but the political climate has to change for this to happen, as you know very well.

Kindest personal regards,



Sharry Edwards @ Phi Beta Iota

Joanne Roland @ Phi Beta Iota

Sharnael Wolverton @ Phi Beta Iota


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