Ann Delap: Cosmic Agency & Other Extraterrestrial Musings

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Two videos and two text summaries below.

Cosmic Agency on Vatican

Cosmic Agency on Urmahs Orbiting Earth

The latest Cosmic Agency video (posted a few days ago) confirms information we have already received from other sources regarding the role of Italy and the Vatican satellites in the U.S. election fraud.  Aneeka claims that the Vatican is funding everything and using China to implement their plan.  She also claims that agents of Trump – some in the military, politicians, lawyers and doctors – are being assassinated.  The MSM, however, is not reporting any of this.  She also confirms that Antifa infiltrated the group who stormed the Capitol, and that while this was happening, there were other operations taking place around the world.

Now here’s the interesting part!  Another interstellar group called the Urmahs has joined the Taygeteans in Earth orbit.  They are in a dreadnought class armored military ship that is carrying over 400 personnel.  You can find out more about them here. (Hint: They have cat-like features).  A similar group from Merope in the Pleiades has also joined in.  This makes the second ship from the Council of Alcyone.  It would seem that something is imminent!


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