Zero Hedge: Marine Corps Fielding 30,000 Silencers “Just In Time” for Insurrection Act Operations?

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Silent But Deadly: Marines See Biggest Deployment Of Rifle Suppressors Ever

The U.S. Marine Corps is fielding tens of thousands of suppressors designed for automatic rifles as a move to reduce noise signature on the modern battlefield, according to

Besides reducing sound, suppressors also eliminate muzzle flash, which adds to the stealthiness of Marines.

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Phi Beta Iota: We do NOT expect confrontations between troops and domestic terrorists in the near term, but deadly force has been authorized by the Pentagon in association with the Insurrection Act. In Washington DC troops and police have discovered many stashed pipe bombs, piles of bricks, and other supplies. DC is now cleansed and secure. Enter DC with bad intent: you will disappear. Undercover teams with silencers and the ability to silently incapacitate and remove from the street individuals “by name” will be the primary means for neutralizing the Deep State's badly-led, badly-trained, badly-armed “shock troops” should they be deployed.

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