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The events surrounding the U.S. election and inauguration of Biden, as well as the latest revelations by Yazhi in the Cosmic Agency series have led me to an epiphany.  I refer to Yazhi’s view that Trump and Biden are puppets controlled by the same entity, and that there is a Cabal called the Saturn Federation that controls Earth’s Cabal.  This prompted me to reread a chapter in David Icke’s book Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told entitled One Big Program.  All of a sudden, the dots connected.

Icke has always claimed that we live in a “simulation” – a kind of holograph reality created by a computer.  The constellation of Orion, the Moon and Saturn all have a role in maintaining the illusion and have been prominent in the myths and religions of ancient civilizations.  It is a fascinating subject, and I would recommend Icke’s book to anyone who is interested.  The surprising thing is how well his research dovetails with the Taygetean’s version of Earth history.

In the book, Icke presents evidence that the “rings” of Saturn are not natural.  He cites NASA images taken by the Voyager program that show plasma exhaust being spewed out by what appear to be massive spacecraft, literally creating and maintaining the rings around Saturn!  Icke believes that Saturn was hijacked several thousands of years ago and turned into an enormous broadcasting system that transmits frequencies to Earth that the human mind decodes as a fake reality or Matrix.  The role of the Moon is to amplify these transmissions and artificially suppress the human frequency.  This has resulted in a coldly calculated entrapment of humanity through the control of perception.  Even more alarming is that recently, “rings” have started appearing around Uranus and Jupiter.

This has led me to a startling and disturbing conclusion.  We are all merely players in a virtual reality video game controlled by a Hidden Hand.  Events and outcomes can be manipulated by the controller.  The only way we can exit the game is through death, and if we are not careful, we will be reincarnated and recycled back into the game.

However, there is a spiritual aspect to this seemingly hopeless predicament.  There is another way out.  We can affect the outcome of the game by our choices and how we play the game.  If we live lives of service to others, we elevate our frequency and transcend the lower frequencies that have been imposed by the Hidden Hand. Those who choose the path of service to self will remain in a low frequency and be unable to escape the game. By awakening humanity to the fact that we are being controlled and deceived, the controllers no longer have power over us!

The other thing to remember is that there is no reason to fear death.  All souls seek experiences that expand our consciousness, and we are all here for a reason.  We reincarnate again and again, gaining wisdom and understanding until we return to Source.

Which brings me back to the here and now.  Apparently, many of the events we are witnessing are staged. There is a very real war being waged for our perception of reality by both sides.  For all the truth warriors who have invested their all in a game they did not even know they were playing, keep fighting!  Knowledge is power.  We are our own saviors. Together, we will break the spell of the Cabal and free planet Earth!

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