Eagle: Obama-Italy-CIA Treason Story UPDATE 2

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This is similiar to the 3days3nights thread and the JB White/RattlerGator threads.

Tweet 14. Woman MARIA has been working this hard. She somehow knows Trump's daughter Tiffany and second wife Marla Maples. Gets invited to function at Mara Lago on 24 Dec. Meets POTUS. Listen to 2 min clip at tweet 14. Tells him she has the best Christmas present. Gets Trump's full and undivided attention. Gives him a piece of paper. Affadavits from Italy. She now blows past gatekeepers.

Soon after 24 Dec w POTUS, has first of four meetings w Rudy Guiliani.

Has known and working w Gen Mike and Sidney for ?? maybe a month.
Other juicy bits.

Tweet 12. USG Foreign Service Officer working in Rome on the second floor identified: STEFAN SERAFINI. I would listen to the 2.20 clip. He is the lynchpin. Retires day before election so he doesn't put his pension in jeopardy a la rogue FBI agents w Russiagate.

I believe Brad Johnson, CIA station chief says the 2 operatives caught on camera were Brits. They have been arrested/house arrest. Cover story to press that they were hacking Leonardo for plane schematics, etc. NOT election stealing.

Tweet 8. The head of Leonardo's US subsidiary is William J Lynn, III. Heavy, heavy duty DC player. Was Clinton's DOD CFO and Obama/Biden's Deputy Secretary of Defense, 2009-2011; focus cyber sercurity and space. Gates and Panetta. Raytheon. Board member Atlantic Council.

Tweet 2. Leonardo 8th largest defense contractor in the world. Italian gvt is largest shareholder w 30%.

Tweet 7. Patrick Byrne's been working this story.

Tweet 15. Paymaster? Barack Obama. In Jan of 2017 takes $400 Million on 14 pallets from the money that went to Iran. Used to fund this operation/payoff people. Maria says she has routing data for where the money went.

Tweet 16 is a 52 minute interview/call w her team. First third of it is OK with details. Mark Meadows to her, I'll give you 3 minutes. She's like can't be done in 3 minutes at all. President still isn't getting what he needs from USG agencies, (State Dpt). People's lives (her operatives on the ground in Italy) are literally in danger. Second third, prayer stuff. Last 3rd, nope. I DO NOT RECOMMEND LISTENING TO IT.

This is very cool, very significant imj.


Parkes dropped a bomb this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncpbC3u5PXs  with details on Vatican involvement in election fraud.

He refers to a recording which he had finished listening to because he wanted to get the news out.

Recording with the required who did what when, is here:  https://vocaroo.com/1e976QE4oDoy .

My starter notes of the recording:

Recording referred to by Simon Parkes re: evidence of Vatican military satellites involved in election fraud  https://vocaroo.com/1e976QE4oDoy

00:00  a Maria speaks, “for the recorder” from another voice

  • Election fraud was coordinated by 20 yr. employee Stefano Sarifino in the Rome Embassy (presumably the US embassy) and General Claudio Gratciano.
  • Gratciano is on the Board of Leonardo SPA the military contractor for Vatican satellites. This link was used to load the software and transfer it to US Dominion voting machines.
  • Exactly who did what when had been missing from court affidavits. Obama put this scheme in place with Rensi the former PM of Italy.
  • Italian Intelligence Services have now supplied the US with all manner of exacting evidence on who did what when, including pictures of CIA agents involved in orchestrating the election fraud scheme.

2:00     – panic set in because these pictures of CIA agents were out on the internet.

  • – actual person who did the software uploading and other were arrested “for safe keeping” accused of hacking into Leonardo. These arrests are black hat cover moves.  Plans being made to divulge this today.  (not sure if 1/5 or 1/6th).

3:35     – Brian Kemp/Georgia was notified “many many weeks ago that information was coming.” Reiterated that proof of such election fraud was necessary.

4:05     Christmas Eve with the assistance of Tiffany Trump, speaker spoke to POTUS at Mara Largo saying his Christmas present of proof was coming from the actually Italian whistleblower who uploaded the software. This got speaker direct access to Rudi Giuliano.

5:23     Speaker met multiple times with RG at ML, then at Georgia capital prepping team.


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