Matt Ehret: The World Land-Bridge Network Key Links and Corridors

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Strategy

Canada Must Join the New Silk Road: A Road map for the 21st Century

In the following report, a strategic overview is laid out with the explicit purpose to inform and activate leading citizens and policy makers towards the strategy needed to re-align our nation from the shackles of the British Empire’s collapsing monetarist system, towards the new paradigm exemplified by the BRICS and China’s New Silk Road. The full program for the New Silk Road which this report is meant to compliment can be found in the 2014 EIR Special Report The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge and the accompanying 2015 The US Joins the New Silk Road 38 page report.

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Phi Beta Iota: Buckminster Fuller was the first to demonstrate that the world could be linked by land to create a global to local energy grid that would never be stressed.  The same is true for Web 3.0 which should be moving primarily along buried and shielded gray fiber to all physical locations, with minimalist reliance of satellites and wireless.  There is no need for an Internet of Things or persistent surveillance of everything — apart from being ecocidal and genocidal, 5G and AI are precisely the wrong direction — Satanic tools.

ROBERT STEELE: The USA does not have a coherent national security and competitiveness strategy because the US Government does not do holistic analytics, true cost economics, or Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). If it did, below are two partial depictions of what its national security and national competitiveness strategies might look like.

21st Century Navy, Global Reach Air Force, Home Based Army


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