Pastor Brown: My Answer on RDS Being BatShit Crazy . . .

Cultural Intelligence

Here's my 2 cents about Robert David Steele being Bat Shit Crazy.  Robert is one of a very rare few to read and review over 2000 non-fiction books on Amazon.  He is the ONLY One I know of who actually has an amazing complex plan to actually FIX the mess we are in.  He identifies and exposes some of the ROOT issues that no one else really talks about: satanic pedophilia with his 5 Volume set by Joaquin Hagopian ..  trillions of fraud from naked short selling .. open source everything … localization focus with power and food sustainability … true cost economics .. and the list goes on an on.  Show someone else who has this broad of a knowledge and real solutions.  We're waiting.

Thanks Robert for all you do.  Be not weary in well doing for we will reap if we faint not!!  God bless Robert David Steele!!

Pastor Brown

ROBERT STEELE: I am reaching out to various Pastors and Reverends as  well as patriotic rabbis and imams to see if there is interest in creating a Faith Leader wing within the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) — every patriot should join this organization and become a virtual member of the national posse for restoring the Constitution and the Republic. I am not giving up on Donald Trump and the White Military until they themselves declare defeat, which I am not expecting. In the meantime there is clearly a need for a massive grass roots movement that reinstated public power via both the county sheriffs and pastors protecting and leading their flocks in saying NO to federal, state, and local officials who have been bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed to betray the public.

Cynthia McKinney and I are discussing going back on tour to promote #UNRIG Election Reform Act in  time for 2022. You can read the twelve points (a starting point for a national conversation) at 70-80% of the public is now ready for this chat.

I am also receiving communications from around the world, with Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Portugal being among the top countries asking me to play a leadership role in a local to global conversation about the future of humanity. I continue to pray that Donald Trump and the White Hats are successful between now and 4 March to 4 April.

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