Worth a Look: Ecologenia – Philosophy & Practice of True Politics In Harmony with LOCAL Communities and the Earth

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Peace Intelligence

Ecologenia is neither a Utopia nor an “ideology.” It’s possible to change this world and its politics even if it seems utopian. It’s only necessary to understand what Ecologenia is. It is the Natural Policy, and each one has something to contribute. Your participation is of immense importance. You can learn True Politics in a few weeks and become a TRANSFORMER of your social, cultural, and economic environment. The whole world urgently requires the positive action of each person who awakens to global reality.


Nationalist (not to be confused with “separatist” or “secessionist” … still less with #¥$€£Zionist)

Patriotic, Anti -New World Order- We do not intend or accept that imposed “new order,” nor its “new normality” that would be in reality an aberrant “new Abnormality,” but National Sovereignty in each country and sufficient autonomy in each region, which On one hand, it guarantees coherence in the National State, but on the other, the impossibility that said State could never run over the Natural Rights of citizens. We intend and know how we can achieve it, a New Humanity, Healthy, Intelligent, Cultured, Dignified, Free, and Happy. If there is then a “world order” in peace, it will be by Conscience and Freedom, by a truly democratic decision of all the Peoples of the World, but without losing at all, the sovereignty of each Nation, the autarchy of each region and the Freedom of each individual. It will not be by imposition or subjected to money lanyard.

We are Anti-partitocracy and Anti-usury. There is no “fundamental contradiction” like in the parties, the tyrannies, and dictatorships that cultivate international financial power. Nor is it a “dictatorship of the proletariat,” because there is no class division, but people with different responsibilities according to their Vocation and Capabilities.

It is not “representative” but PARTICIPATORY. Each and every citizen (except for criminals) has a voice and vote in their Assemblies. It is nothing new; it is the essence of the real Roman Republic, not that history falsified 17 centuries ago by the globalist synarchy. The Citizen is considered as the basic cell of society, but also the Natural Family as the basic social organ.

We do not propose an “ideological guideline,” but the realization of True Democracy, where the People govern themselves through an Assembly system.

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