Robert Steele: Biden Arrested for Treason & Pedophilia?

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Biden Arrested, SCOTUS Roberts Caught, CIA Child Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed

While the above story could be disinformation, because of who I am — former CIA spy, in direct contact with a number of people close to the President, and also sponsor of the Pedophilia & Empire project, I will say that I believe this.

Now, Biden did not plan the election fraud and he is at best a senior servant to the Deep State, not a leader in any sense of the word. Biden is also a weak runner-up to Lyndon Baines Johnson as the most corrupt Senator in history after Chuck Schumer and the members of the Senate Banking Committee.

I will not be surprised to see Joe Biden concede to Donald Trump relatively soon, and in time for the President to be re-inaugurated without ceremony, on the 20th.  We have it all.

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