Robert Steele: Is White House Creating a Firing Squad Lawn? US Army Old Guard Role? Regimental Order?

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I am informed that firing squads are very much on the agenda for January and February.  The below graphic shows how firing squads could be used on the White House lawn, with kneeling traitors and the firing squad shooting down into the grass. There is no need to set up a wall. There are those that want the firing squads at Guantanamo, but I personally think they need to be right here in DC, on the White House lawn.  First up, subject to Military Tribunal process and judgement: the Governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan,  Georgia, and Wisconsin followed by the Governors of California and New York. The Old Guard (photos and links below) is the logical provider of the entire spectrum of capabilities needed to do national-level firing squad executions for treason. This is my personal view and does not reflect any privileged access to WH, DoD, Army, or TOG plans and intentions.

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Not confirmed, but logical, is use of US Army Old Guard to provide the firing party. Here they are shown honoring fallen heroes. They can also be used to execute traitors with full pomp and circumstance.

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Wikipedia / The Old Guard . 3rd Infantry Regiment / Escort to the President

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Biography: Colonel Patrick M. Roddy, Jr., Regimental Commander

ROBERT STEELE: It was my privilege, while being a Marine Corps infantry officer, to be selected to be the S-1/Adjutant for Battalion Landing Team 3/4, and then later at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, S-1/Adjutant for the Recruit Training Regiment and then for the Depot (Division equivalent). Below is an outline of the Regimental Order that I hope exists or can be rapidly drafted.

3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)

Regimental Order


a) Insurrection Act of 1807
b) Executive Order (Classified) on Executions for Treason
c) DoD 5500.17 Joint Service Committee on Military Justice
d) Army Regulation 190-55 Procedures of Military Executions

Table of Contents

Legal Authorities. Must include Military Tribunal sentence authenticated by SecDef and an Execution Order signed by POTUS.

Commander's Intent: All personnel and equipment will stage on Constitution Avenue adjacent to the Veterans Memorial, and march in funeral procession mode to the execution ground on the White House lawn to provide an optimal public national viewing of up to six traitors going to their death for treason. Following the execution all personnel will retrograde as they entered, and transition to conventional transport where they began the march.

White House Logistics. Secret Service and Presidential Escort will coordinate access for engineers to prepare the execution ground, to admit all necessary personnel, and to remove all personnel, deceased, and equipment in an expeditious manner once executions have been accomplished.

Judge Advocate General. Provide overall command & control of any execution ordered by POTUS and validated by SecDef, inclusive of pre-death confirmation of identities, witnesses, and post-death confirmation of incineration.

Engineeers. Have loaded trucks on 24/7 strip alert for the creation of the execution ground, to consist of a grass colored tarp, a dirt berm ten feet wide, four feet deep, and six feet high, an elevated wooden platform to hold a firing squad of five; a separate elevated wooden platform with lectern to hold the Presiding Military Judge. Embed six metal stakes with a restraint ring at ground level: each prisoner will be positioned on top of their respective stakes handcuffed to the ring, in  the kneeling position. Following the executions the Caisson Platoon will evacuate the bodies in body bags for delivery to the nearest major incineration point controlled by our Engineers.

Caisson Platoon. Provide a six horse caisson with installed bench for six prisoners, three on each side facing outward, with fixed restraint bars at waist level to keep them in place. Remove the no passing sign.

Fife & Drum Corps. Provide a full military band pre-trained on music to be approved by POTUS and SecDef and appropriate for the march to and from the execution ground. Be prepared to play both the National Anthem and America the Beautiful, and possibly Battle Hymn of the Republic, during the post-execution ceremonies. We will NOT play Taps for the dead traitors.

Color Guard. No honors will be rendered to the prisoner/traitors but POTUS is to be surrounded by the Color Guard and an Honor Guard during his pre- and post- execution remarks.

US Army Drill Team. Provide an honor guard with fixed bayonets. At the discretion of POTUS, be prepared to demonstrate your skills at the execution ground while the execution parade is in motion toward  the White House.

Presidential Salute Battery. Upon the conclusion of the executions, and after the dead traitors have left the White House grounds, the President will make remarks with respect to the restoration of the Constitution and the Republic. At his command, render a 21 gun salute to the restored Republic. At Presidential discretion you will be pre-positioned on White House grounds or on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

Medical. In close coordination with the Surgeon General, ensure the prisoners are sedated prior to being loaded for transport, and provide two Medical Examiners, one from another Service, to certify the death of each prisoner in succession. Supervise  the evacuation of the bodies and the certification of their incineration. The prisoners will not be blind-folded at any time. Be prepared to administer a lethal injection on site in the event any prisoner is still alive after being shot.

Provost Marshall. Provide low-profile security for this event. Deadly force is authorized as needed against any civilian interfering with this operation.

Provisional. All publicity and handling of media before, during, and after shall be the responsibility of the White House, unless otherwise directed.

The above is notional.  We can and we should be doing this.


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