Robert Steele: Are 10 Secretaries of Defense Fucking Traitors, or Part of the Wrestlemania Script?

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10 former Secretaries of Defense urge Pentagon to cooperate with Biden transition

All 10 living former Secretaries of Defense, including Dick Cheney and James Mattis, warned that involving the U.S. military in election disputes would take the country into “dangerous” territory, in a Washington Post op-ed on Sunday.

Why it matters: The secretaries' urging that the “time for questioning the results” of the 2020 election has passed comes as a growing number of Republican senators join House Republicans in plans to object to certifying Joe Biden's win through the Electoral College.

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ROBERT STEELE: These people are not stupid.  Therefore, they are either fucking traitors all in service to the Deep State, OR they are wearing ankle bracelets, have done video confessions, and are part of the final act in the Wrestlemania drama to end all dramas. Each of them is subject to trial by Military Tribunal, in some cases (Cheney, Panetta, Rumsfeld) for treason, in all others for crimes against humanity (and that includes former  Secretary of State and prior Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Cheney, Colin Powell, who lied to the United Nations and the US public on Iraq).

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are richly deserving of a firing squad for 9/11; Leon Panetta is richly deserving of a firing squad for Benghazi and for sending SEALS to their death for a fake Bin Laden; Mattis, Esper, Cohen, Hagel, Gates, Perry, and Carter are at best losers and at worst Deep State enablers who waged endless  war as a profit center for the banks.

Ready! Aim! Fire!


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