Robert Steele: Web 3.0 Card for POTUS

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet

For thirty years I have labored to sound the alarm and define Web 3.0 as a world brain that respects individual anonymity, identity, privacy, and security.

In that time I have been attacked and censored and defamed and repressed.

I have never given up. OMB is still on the record as approving a $2B a year Open Source Agency (closer to $4B now but with a Return on Investment through holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Engineering (OSEE) that is unimaginable by most: we can rebuild the USA and the world at a cost of 10-20% that of the failed Western economic model that is 50% waste and 90% looting by the banks.

The 12 Apostles for Web 3.0 are ready to go. The last couple of names will be confirmed this week-end.

Web 3.0 12 Apostles [Pending Two More Confirmations]

Arnold, Stephen E. US, CEO Arnold IT

Bauwens, Michel BE Founder Peer to Peer Alternatives

Byrne, Patrick US, Invited CEO, Open Source Everything, Inc.

Geddes, Martin UK Independent Telecommunications Strategist

Stallman, Richard Matthew US Free Software Founder

Steele, Robert David US CEO Earth Intelligence Network

Takemiya, Makoto JP CEO Soramitsu (Blockchain & Digital Identity)

Vervaecke, Steven BE Independent Engineeer

Young, Kaliya US “Identity Woman”

Vahey, Ray US CEO BitChute

My vision:

Average Joe Super Hero Using World Brain

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