Steven Vervaecke: BigTech Over-Reach — Donkey Kong!

IO Impotency

Well i guess military takeover is really close at hand. big tech has declared allout overt war against a sitting head of gouverment.

RT: Twitter bans Trump campaign account as Reddit & Discord join Big Tech drive to purge president & supporters from online platforms

RT: ‘We will not be SILENCED!’ Trump tweets from official @POTUS account after ban, posts scrubbed within minutes

ZeroHedge: Trump Tweets From POTUS Account, Twitter Then Immediately Deletes It

RT: Parler SUSPENDED from Google Play Store, faces imminent BAN from Apple App Store

ZeroHedge: Erase the Face: How to Dehumanize an Entire Population

Twitter, reddit, google, instagram, shopify, apple and more all banned trump; and not only him; all people associated with him too. infact, anything that even smells remotely like trump fan is being outright DELETED now; they skipped banning and suspending. it removing EVERYTHING about you from the internet. this is a second digital pearl harbor!

internet is LIT with this!

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KpBlogSpace: Freaksense TV YouTube channel (Charlie Freak, Colleen) has (apparently) been “terminated” (1-7-21)

If you know the CEO of Parler, they have been suspended from apple and google stores. With the outragous demand to implement a draconian censorship skeme. For apple there is no known alternative For google there is. Parler can distribute its app by joining APKmirror, and by letting people download the apk file from the parler website. Instructions can be found online to sideload 3rd party apps on android by trusting 3rd party apps.

For Bitchute, i wasnt going to tell you this untill next week. But Peertube released its v3 software on january 7. SO that means its now possible to livestream in the fediverse(with a minute delay) Bitchute should consider adopting peertube into its technology or even becoming a peertube node. This will provide a plus to all the bitchute people that they can stream live; plus liberate all their videos and protect them against censorship

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