SGT Report: Will Wonders Never Cease? BLM & MAGA Unite in NY Against Mandatory Vaccine Bill

Cultural Intelligence

BLM And MAGA Come Together To Oppose Forced Vaccination Bill In New York | SGT Report

“Evidence of the sheer opposition to forced vaccination came to a head this week as two groups — who the media tells to hate each other — came together to raise awareness to Rosenthal’s bill.

Black Lives Matter and MAGA supporters reportedly threw their differences to the wayside to come together in protest of Bill No. A1179.

The event organizer, Cara Castronuova, documented the protest on her Facebook page.

#MAGA and #BLM came TOGETHER yesterday for a common cause. YES, you heard that right. I personally co-organized a Demonstration with a BLM organizer named Hannah, to fight the Bill proposed by NYS Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal that will make the Covid Vaccination MANDATORY for all New Yorkers.”

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