Tom Atlee: Deep Dive on Repression of Dissent & It’s Consequences

Cultural Intelligence
Tom Atlee

Right now we’re in the middle of a very intense version of this as we swim in the tsunami of wild news about people storming the US Capitol. In this post I will explore some of the not-well-reported aspects of that event we might think about to expand our perspectives.

Taking a step back from the hot stories of what just happened

ROBERT STEELE: Below is my personal email to Tom in the aftermath of reading his thoughtful piece above.


Capitol was staged by Deep State, two Antifa elements, not Trumpers. Trump knew it was going to happen and let it happen so as to insert special operators whose mission was to capture seven laptops including Pelosi’s.  Apart from everything NSA has, we now appear to have conclusive evidence of her engagement with foreign enemies of the USA, with Antifa a declared domestic terrorist organization, and as the lead for the electronic voting fraud conspiracy.

Trump is not cornered.  He has played them perfectly.  I believe the Insurrection Act was secretly invoked prior to the 6th, and the next two weeks will be the most structured  BLOODLESS counter-revolution in history.

Of course I could be wrong but all that I am reading and hearing suggest that I have a correct appraisal.  And both Epstein and JFK Jr. could appear to seal the deal.


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