Sharry Edwards: A Call to Stand Up for America — and How to Do It

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A call to stand up America

We cannot claim to be a proud Americans when we don’t know who to believe, don’t know who to trust.  Seems like those in charge are keeping everything in chaos for a purpose.  Many Americans are feeling disheartened, loss, leaderless, fearful and resentful. For me the refusal of authorities who are refusing to consider the evidence is maddening.

In psychology if you want to cause cognitive distressed, you keep the subjects guessing about what actions are expected and what their actions with produce.  Give a mouse a food pellet every time he presses a bar and the critter will remain happy, self-sufficient and motivated.  Change the pattern, or change to no pattern at all, to receive the reward and the mice get resentful and erratic in their behavior.  And so, here we are running the gauntlet of a planned political maze and social upheaval.

We don’t know when to push the bar or how many times.  Events are not happening as they used to.  Plus, we are being quarantined and punishment without scientific, rhyme or reason. And beyond that the rules are not consistently applied nor are they the same for everyone.

Is someone or some organization attempting to deliberately unhinge the entire American populace?  For what purpose?

I work with a company that examines the frequencies contained in individual voice prints for the presence of truth or lies of the speaker.  During the last several years, I have noticed three very inconsistent aspects of public speech from our leaders:  1) deliberate attempts to place blame, fault, falsehoods and deliberate smears that cause dissention while intentionally withholding the rules of appropriate conduct 2) using inconsistent penalties and erratic rules for different levels of society and 3) a lack of punishment when people step out of line even if their actions are seriously harming others. What is okay to say? What not?  Is it okay to get hair cut depending on your social status?

Confused as to how to act, react, believe?  What a perfect scheme to erode the personal power of all individuals not privy to the overall plan of annihilation for our country!  One of the most significant losses is to our freedom of thought/opinion.

Censorship keeps us from the Truth about events that intrinsically affect our lives.   Events that allow us to make informed decisions.  Both Google and Twitter  – both massive social medial groups – have obviously been censoring information meant to be heard by the public.

These self-appointed overlords keep us from effectively communicating and all the while they are using us to line their own pockets.  These groups sell our personal information.  We are their product. Without us they have nothing to sell yet they dictate what we are allowed to know.  Let’s stop supporting those who withhold and distort communications mean for us; all the while they steal from us, spread disinformation and withhold vital information needed bto successfully survive.

I would like to propose a way to exert our power, our personal, self-power, that is being assaulted at the moment. Consider the following:

As America increased in population, individuals gave away more and more of their self-power and began to accept that others had the right to dictate our behaviors.  We allowed this because we believed that they had our best interests at heart.  There was a plethora of people who willingly took up what we gave up.  A few sugestions

  1. Don’t allow yourself to be divided.  Come together in unity. – United we stand, divided we fall. Remember our heritage and that Truth and most of all TRUTH was the goal of our Founders.
  2. Refuse to be Censored – Abandon FAKE media and platforms – they need us, our info is what they sell – use drop twitter, google. WSJ, NYT’s and those who exploit and betray the TRUTH.
  3. Evaluate evidence using TRUTH and JUSTICE as your values – Examine the evidence yourself, don’t take anyone’s words as your belief system.
  4. Insist on election reform to protect our future that is free from potential fraud and illegal interference and distortion.
  5. Support those who cannot be BOUGHT but who are being threatened with savage censorship and disenfranchisement.
  6. Let TRUTH and RULE OF LAW direct our future equally for every citizen – stop bulling, harassment, distortions, judging.  Embrace differences, respect diversity – ALLOW NO DESERVING PERSON TO BE SUPRESSED UNDER YOUR WATCH
  7. Work to get the children back in school – don’t let obstructionist turn you away – work to solve the barriers that are keeping our children stiflied/suppressed.
  8. Evaluate local leaders – from the local level up – get rid of those not defending/protecting your FREEDOM – DON’T STAND FOR PARTISON POLITICS ON ANY LEVEL
  9. Know your RIGHTS – read the CONSTITUTION
  10. Challenge rules that are not just and equal for everyone –
  11. Insist of Health autonomy
  12. Work to change the rules of POLITICAL REPRESENTATION so that all peoples are represented equally.
  13. Believe the suppressors actions, not their words
  14. Let Truth be our beacon in the dark

Copyright – Sharry Edwards, Jan 2021   

Reproduced with Permission.

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