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16th January Second Update Current News

Sat, 1/16 7:26PM • 44:47

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Hello. And just to let you know that I'm doing another podcast, another update. So welcome. It's the 16th. And we're just a few days before things get incredibly exciting.


And I was hoping to do an update a bit earlier, but the people that I needed to speak to, were not available.


Sometimes when these people go into a meeting, they are required to leave their cell phones with their mobile phones, or the desk, I'll go and have that meeting. And then they will then come out and pick their phones up some hours later, there is one location that I'm aware of where they can keep their phones, because this facility or this room is so special, that there are absolutely no electronic communications can penetrate in or penetrate out. But the result is the same that I'll have 567 hours if new communication with that particular group.


And so what happened is that had a call saying,


which I think came in at about two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning, UK time. And it just simply said, I call me doesn't matter what time just call me. And I did. But unfortunately, the person's cell phone was off. So they're in another meeting.


I have had that conversation, that conversation finally took place last night. So I want to talk to you about that. And I also want to talk to you a little bit about some of this stuff that's going on on the internet regarding that Biden will somehow be sworn in on the 20th. It's going to be allowed and it's you know, all good and all the rest of it.


And, you know that that that's making some headway in terms of it's getting a lot, obviously, quite correctly. In my view, it's getting a lot of tax, but it's it's been debated, and I wanted to give you the information I have and what what that is about. So again, in no particular order, just as the way it comes out, here we go with it.


I don't believe that President Trump will go to mera Lago.


I think that that's what the media are being shown. And I think the unawakened unaware of being shown that I do believe you'll go to Texas, if you look at the pictures that mainstream are carrying, then it's literally four years worth of boxes of in the New York Post in the New York Times or strategically, theatrically laid out full take a picture of one photograph of Trump and Chinese president in a meeting.


Rather obviously carried to the picture outwards, everyone can see that a bust of some characters of mystery, and a few other bits and bobs.


In a talk about theater and stage managing, but that's interesting.


On Friday, was not going to go for his rehearsal for the




that was canceled. And then on coming Monday, Biden was supposed to is slated to go in and do some rehearsing. And that's been canceled as well. And that interesting. So I don't really know how this guy is going to learn his words, if he's not really going to go in and have a practice. I think there's some key points there.


All right, what what I know what everybody wants.


And I've said to the people I talked to, you know what the situation is, and they've said quite clearly, that we can't afford our timeline, are planning to be directed or influenced by millions of people who want an answer now.


You know, that the people who we would call white hats, you know, they are good people. And they do understand, of course, they do because they mix with ordinary people actually.


They understand the need, and they understand what's going on. But


they're the ones who are playing this game, not you're not I they're the ones who have to make the decisions. And if they did what you and I wanted, at my really sabotage the whole of their plan. So they're not going to do that. But they are.


They are aware, and they are sympathetic to the real need, that people want something to happen.


And again, and again and again. What they tell me is


you must tell people to be patient, you must tell people to be calm. Just tell them that, you know, President Trump has not done for years in the white, white house and taken all of the horrible things he's taken, just to be tricked by a cheated election. You


widely believed now in the top circles. And remember, the top circles don't all have access to the same information. It's on a compartmentalized need to know basis. But basically the top top tier now believe that President Trump secured something like 75% of the entire vote in 2020. It's also believed that President Trump flipped California that California he meant Republican.


Who in our right minds, and I believe President Trump is in his right mind, no matter what the majority house speaker says, Who in their right mind would actually then say, right, okay, I've done this job for four years. I've been completely cheated and robbed of this election. I just go quietly. No, he would never have lasted the length he has allotted. And the media are saying that Trump has conceded. No, he has not. President Trump has not conceded. If President Trump had conceded he would have made it known that he was going to go to the inauguration. Okay. He's not conceded. Right.


Now, what what is the potential reality? The information that I had Hello, come on that come and say, the information that I had was that we should expect something anytime from tomorrow, Sunday onwards. Now, unfortunately, that's quite a big time scale.


But that was the initial one that I had. And I only got it from one person and I wasn't going to go public with it.


Firstly, because I only got it from one person, not the top person, but in that, and secondly, you know, we weren't there wasn't this is on Friday. wasn't wasn't Sunday on Monday.


So here's my understanding.


The people that I've spoken to last night Friday,


yeah, Friday night. I've said that


it is their, their understanding that action will be taken before the 20th.


It is unlikely to go beyond that.


But here's where some of this talk about Biden having an inauguration has come from. It is believed that there's a real possibility for the people behind Biden to create a CGI stroke.


Analog reality. In other words, perhaps, in one of the rooms in SCOTUS, remember that Chief Justice Roberts is not our favorite cup of tea here in Great Britain, your cup of coffee in America, so maybe one of those rooms could be used.


Maybe a completely CGI backdrop.


We know that Tom Hanks, part of the club, wants to come and do some sort of introductions and and be the presenter and compare and do all this stuff.


And so the people I spoke to said, there is a real possibility that mainstream media may carry an illegal inauguration. So that's where I think all this talk about Biden's going to go in and be inaugurated. That's where I think it's coming from. Now, let's just say, and it's not my understanding, I'm only now addressing some of the things that people are talking about. So it's not my understanding. But I'm only just putting my point of view across based on what I've heard, others are saying about Biden, let us just assume there is this, which is quite possible to CGI fake inauguration in not the white house because he never going to get in there. Not the Congress because, you know, there's not going to happen. So some studio somewhere or some room in supreme court where it's all done.


What is the point of that? I mean, I asked that question. I said, if that was to happen, and you guys know that there's a fake inauguration going on, what benefit is there, to the people to you? What is there out of it? And now they were very cagey on that. And I understand that because I'm on an open line. I've not secure my end, but they're secure their end, which means it can be hacked this end. So they're always very, very careful. But the point was, and I hadn't I hadn't anticipated I hadn't even thought about it


was that the world sees


the world sees this fake inauguration. Oh, and by the way, I said, don't you think people are gonna know it's fake? Don't Don't you think we'll see it? And the person on the other end of the phone said to me, what do you think so I think


We talked about 911 on how well that was orchestrated, and so many other things.


And yeah, the the media working with what we call the bad guys do have the ability to present a action that seems so real, that many people will buy into it. But regardless of that, so the media then will show this, if this is what occurs is fake broadcast by the media. And then it will show Biden driving up to the White House and being refused entry. And this is what I think the the, the good guys actually looking forward to actually being refused entry into the White House and being turned away, which is unheard of, unheard of.


And the other thing was that that I said, Look, if this does go ahead, and they produce this fake inauguration, through the media, CGI, trick, photography, etc.


What are you guys gonna do? You're gonna take it down halfway and said, No, well, we'll let that go through if that's what happens if that gets to that point. And we want to see Biden turned away at the White House gates. And then within 12 hours, that's exactly the figure I was given within 12 hours of that broadcast, that allows us to take down all of mainstream media, just based on the fact that they carried an illegal inauguration. That said, they've got plenty of plenty enough to take them down anyway. But that that's something that some people in the decision making circle find quite humorous and quite interesting. I personally said, I don't want to see it get that far, my membership, but connecting consciousness, I don't want to see it get that far. I can't speak for the people of the world. But if I have acted in any shape, or format, the good people wouldn't want it to get that far.


And I'm sure that that actually is the right point.


And then this person I was speaking to reiterated, came back to me and said, Look,


I don't think it's going to get that far either. But if the bad side was able to get out, somehow this fake electronic inauguration, which then mainstream media carried, then then we would deal with that, you know, as a separate thing. So that's where that's coming from. I believe that all this talk about Biden having inauguration,


I don't believe that Biden will go to the Congress or any of the Capitol Hill buildings. And you know why? Because the media are talking about 15,000, National Guard, I ran that figure, I never believed in media at all. And that wasn't confirming with what I'd heard elsewhere. And I ran this through with an American contact. And I was told there's not 15,000 kits, I guess, right? Is 21,421, something like that. So it's 21,400. And something's not 15,000. There's a lot more than the media are either allowing or or being told.


And a lot of the view is away with a bunch of criminals. That's, you know, these people, why would a bunch of criminals go? Where there's 21,000 soldiers who are very loyal to the Republic, to the Constitution, and to the President, the real president, by the way, which is Donald Trump, why would they go in there and have 21,000 soldiers around them, and maybe never get out again. So that's the reason they probably won't go


to Capitol Hill, and they'll do it in some back alley, in some studio, or maybe the Supreme Court.


Apart from two justices,


two justices in the Supreme Court, I think the rest of those justices are mean that they're not going to be looking too good. Alright, so then this conversation developed. And I said, Look, excuse me, I'm never happy with 10 days of darkness. I don't like that term. That is a fear mongering term. And it sounds like the bad guys are producing 10 days of darkness. And I resent that type of thing. I'm not going to have it. And I've always call this 10 days of no communication, a much better term, 10 days of no communication, and I asked specifically for the United Kingdom. I asked my contact, what do you see in United Kingdom? And the reply was, well, you guys are actually going to get away quite likely.


You might have seven days, five to seven days of disruption. But also the contact said to me that probably there is some cleanup operation needed in Britain or that will come last interestingly, last, but five to seven days. You got you guys might get away with it quite lightly.


Other countries might see more prolonged periods, there is no real substantive reason why power outages should be long held anywhere, there really isn't. If there are power outages as part of their an operation, by the white hats,


they are very aware that, you know, these are ordinary people who are suffering, and they will keep it to a minimum. So don't believe that's going to be too horrific.


What will be horrific for anyone under the age of 30?


Maybe it's 14 now I don't know is the loss of their their cell phones or their mobile phones, that is slated to go down. As his television, you know, we've moved on from a sort of a electronic lockdown over the United States, to much more of a global lockdown. I don't think every country in the world, but there will be many countries in the world. And what I was told, and I'll give you the words is if you put your television on, no matter where you tune it to, depending on on your particular operation in your country, it will either automatically default back to one channel coming from America, or all the other channels just don't exist. And there's only going to be one broadcast channel. And what they're talking about is a live courts martials being screened over seven days or 10 days,


Testament is being on a loop to people who have decided to buy their freedom or part freedom by being open and honest consenting to having their confession filmed. And that then being shown to the world.


So all the people that we we really want to wake up and show the truth and show that we're not all crazy, you know that we know, we believe this, and we're not all mad. And they will actually have it in their face.


That that's a big part of all of this.


Maybe just soldiers in certain parts of America, not the whole part of America, the East Coast, perhaps the West Coast, perhaps. Now what is interesting here in Great Britain or United Kingdom,


England, specifically


using the COVID virus as the reason the Prime Minister of Britain has basically put United Kingdom into a semi lockdown as people going out and coming in. So now if you come to Britain, from Monday, you Hello, die, you must actually have had a DNA test to show that you're free of the virus, you You must and it will be checked having a dress to go to.


And then you must have another test five days or six days later.


And there's a heavy fine, if you don't tell us it's going to be enforced. And the point here is that DNA material is taken. So don't look on this is a bad thing. If anyone tries to put something up, who knows don't accept that, in my opinion, it's better not to fly than have a swap stuck right up. Who knows they could just do this area here. If they want to push it up here. My advice is no, thank you, you're not going to do that to me. So there is now becoming an air corridor lockdown.


And I do understand that a Britain is going to be one of the last countries that will have any action taken. So


I understand lots of people are hugely frustrated.


It's getting more and more fraught, and desperate as we get towards this date, but look at what's happening. Look at the mainstream media, look at how it's not being portrayed as a normal transition.


Those of you are old enough to think about Obama and Clinton. I remember bush and Reagan. Think about those transitions. And look how the media were doing this and doing that and how the incoming


president was doing this and doing that and compare it to what is occurring.


And, you know, I believe there are an awful lot of bad people in positions of power. Who if they don't know what's coming to them, have a pretty good guess. And you think that it's always been him, meaning Trump him or them one of the two sides and only one of the two sides can cut the finishing tape and come through the other side. And if I said to you, it's a fight too.


Death. I don't mean it literally like that. What I mean is, it is a fight for existence of a way of life. And both sides. And they've got to recognize that the bad guys have their way of life, their way of life, which is so important to them, which is basically, you know, they are, the Lords and masters and all the rest of us are just the humble servants that go around doing what they want. That's their way of life.


And it's a straight fight, it's a straight fight, don't sit on the fence anymore, people, this is no gray area, you're either on one side, or you are on the other side. And what we are playing out is this final battle. And the spear point for the bad guys


is the media. That is their major weapon of choice, because it's the only now weapon of choice. I've said many times before, that the biological weapon was used by the bad guys, I've talked before, three years ago, when special ops went in and recovered. The first To my knowledge, the first attempt, it may not have been, but it to me, it was the first attempt to release a virus in the United States as part of a china operation to destroy America, certainly to destroy President Trump.


That failed. And then we had this recent one, which also semi failed, because during the struggle,


it was released in China, you know, if you are making a virus in your country, the last thing you want is to release that self same virus in your country, not least because it's traced back. But it would be under normal circumstances. But because China is so much in control, they've been able to


influence all the other organizations that would normally have, you know, traced it back to them. So China never ever wanted that virus released in their own country, who would, the plan was that it would be smuggled out.


And it was so virulent and so powerful, in terms of its ability to infect, it's very, very contagious


that only a small amount was needed. But also, there was a possibility of taking that that amount, and then seeing if they could replicate it and make more of it. And that went wrong when it was


broken and lost in China.


So this is just another face of a deep seated hatred against the president, and what he stands for,


you know, it's not about Democrat and Republican, it is literally about good and evil. You know, you could say it's Satan and God, but you know, we just generally say it's between those that are fundamentally good people, and those that are fundamentally evil. When we, we hear through the back channels of the evil that had done to ordinary people and younger people, and you think you'd have to be insane, to do some of these crazy things, these evil things is diabolical things, you'd have to be insane. And I actually say they're not insane. They're just Satanists. That's what they are. They're satanist. And that's the two way of life, that the normal life that we, we aspire to, and we recognize and a satanic way of life, which, for too long now has dominated Hollywood, too long now dominated all forms of entertainment too long now has dominated advertising, cinema and on television, too long now has began to creep in to non entertainment industries.


And so that's what's being fought for here. And if you anybody would think that President Trump and the people around him after this long struggle, which goes back at least to 1963, in fact, it goes back to the president before Him who talked about the industrial military complex. Now, of course, we can take the military out of it, which is great. But it goes right back. So anybody thinks that at this timeline of human history, the good guys are gonna say, Yeah, okay, they beat us they tricked like, hell, we got 75% of the vote, but you know, what, we've been beaten. And, you know, we'll just go away in a way and maybe in four years time, we'll come back. That's what their main media will tell you that. That's what they'll do is that the good guys will try and come back in four years. The good guys, no, there'll be no America in four years time. If they do that, not as we understand it, anyway. And they're not going to do that. They haven't come this far, just to do nothing and to go quietly away into the corner. That's not what scheduled okay, but I appreciate that the closer


We get to it, the more


energy is produced, and the more we feel that, and all I can tell you is what I've been told, which is we have a plan, we're working to go several, but we're working on, you know, an overall plan. And we cannot afford to be




by people who are, you know, desperately making a lot of noise because they want, they want to be justified, they want to see that they were right. They want to tell their neighbors or their brothers or sisters or their mothers, fathers that they were right, it will happen, it will happen.


So, you know, there was a very useful conversation. And again, I'll come back to the point that I want to keep hammering home, is that the people I've spoken to have made it very clear that they don't think it will get that far. To the bad guys putting up fake, holographic or CGI mocked up in the back of summer, they don't think it will get that far. They believe they can do everything before that. But if for any reason they can't, then you know, there will be entertainment to see the cavalcade of beat up all cars because


Biden's not had access to anything really. So it'd be cars, the Hollywood stars have lent them or big bankers have lent them and we're gonna drive up


and not be given entrance into the White House. And I think it's just about that now. I've said yeah, but let the media not going to cover that. He won't show that. So there's the the vision and the view of those planning the operation. And there's what we the ordinary people actually want to happen. And I've said, it can't come soon enough. It can't come soon enough. Let's have it now this very minute. But I'm not making the plans. You know, I received some information. And and I pass on to you. So that's what I wanted to talk about. We're just, there's not much else we can do.


We have to wait, what else can we do? Okay, President Trump does not want his supporters out on the streets with guns. Because although it sounds a bit difficult, you're actually going to get in the way.


I think that they feel they've got it so well controlled. They don't need a mass revolution of the people. That's not what's required. They do believe they The best thing that the supporters can do is just sit tight, and do what you've always done, which is trust your President, you've trusted. And if we look back on the four years, it hasn't actually let you down.


You know, let's not get into party politics. But if we look at what's been achieved, in those four years, under the most trying circumstances, that man, President Trump achieved more in these last four years than any president


who had the whole machinery helping him. That's, that's that's the incredible thing, that what this President has achieved, even with everything almost working against him, is astonishing. It is astonishing. And, you know, there's so much truth got to come out, and just hope that there's something about him and what he's achieved, rather than focusing on this person's going to jail, or that person's going to do this, we just need to remember that, you know, this is one individual that the Americans voted in.


And the evidence that I was showing it was only a small amount of evidence was that in the 16 election,


they did do exactly the same thing. But then totally misunderstood. The support the President had, so all the Dominion machines, all the type of machines, and all the fake voting was done to get Hillary and that's why Hillary was so confident that she would win.


But they underestimated the huge amount of support for Trump. So when we came down to 2020, they had to two plans, the allegorithmic plan, and then a fallback plan because they weren't going to be caught out again as they were with Hillary. So again, this time, the tide of support for Trump was even bigger than 2016.


And it's swamped, the algorithm that the computers were running.


And that's when this Leonardo satellites work, communicating backwards and forwards, and he desperately had to move these votes from warehouses, sometimes as far away as New York for heaven's sake, or California.


Hence, to stop the voting and get these things, trucked in bustin. Get them out. And this was their fallback plan.


And it was because that they learnt


the support for Trump was so great. And that's how they did the plan. Now, you would honestly ask, Well, if Trump and team knew all about this in the first election, why didn't they do something in the second,


they didn't want to talk the subject up, because they wanted these people to do exactly what they did. These bad actors did exactly what they were expected to do.


And had Trump gone in in 2017, and cleared it out, they wouldn't have had a government left, they wouldn't have had an operation. Now, four years later, they are ready to take out 75%, maybe 80% of the entire government. And they've got enough, probably just enough, but enough to go in sworn in very emergency and Run, run the show. So both sides have planned. Here's the point, both sides have planned. But what the good sides have done is they've seen ahead, so game of checkers, or a game of chess, one side can see two moves ahead. And one side can see three moves ahead, and the good guys are seeing three moves ahead. And so what is playing out is what is meant to play out. And I know people get frustrated and cross, you know, and what can I do about it? I, you know, I can only tell you what I am told, and I will only tell you what I believe to be true.


And if I don't get confirmation of it for most sources, I won't even tell you.


But last night was a the one phone call with people that I don't need confirmation from is a no, it's true.


So there we go.


anytime between Sunday, and the day itself, we should expect something. Okay. All right. Thank you.


You know, I'm not doom and gloom. But if you have got a box with some tins of food, and and a few, you know, gallons or liters, if you're a European of water, you don't need loads and loads and loads, those of you who are preppers, you've got six months worth, so you're fine. But those of you who don't, and don't have much money, you're able to do that just get something in case like I don't know, a day without electricity or something like that. Just be safe rather than sorry. Now. Hello, talk. What I wanted to also talk about was a change in the financial system.


When the President, there's only one president and remember President Trump when the president says there's a smooth, smooth transfer of power. He's giving you two messages. One is it's transferring from him to him. And I know a lot of people got crossed when I talked about left tenant General Flynn. Oh, you know, you're telling lift, General Flynn what to do. And all. People really don't like that. Well, I'm sorry. It's too bad. It's tough. Because what I've been told is that left hander General Flynn will be offered the position of vice president in a new Trump administration if he wants it. And if he doesn't, he'll be offered another government position. And if john f kennedy Jr. is alive,


he will go around from state to state healing, holding open air meetings, private meetings, bringing church men and women together with with with people talking to local governments. Senate's the law. So if john F. Kennedy Jr. is alive, his job, after all of this, after the guns have been put back in their racks, his gun, his job, his gun,


his job is to actually go out there and heal the country. And then in four years time, he will stand as President of the United States. Okay, so they go, that's something you won't hear anywhere else.


In terms of the the financial change what we used to call in the bad or good old days, the reset. And, of course, Charlie Ward is, quite rightly an expert on this. And I do like talking to Charlie, we got on very well.


Charlie Ward has a true and genuine understanding and knowledge, particularly in relation to financial change. And when President Trump is talking about smooth transfer of power, he's also referring away from the current banking system to a new system, the one that President Kennedy was attempting to put in and was murdered for President Kennedy was not murdered, because he was about to release UFO


redacted documents, but he was he was going to release a lot of UFO stuff.


But that wasn't the reason they murdered him. They murdered him because he was about to put America back on the gold standard. And there were certain people that weren't prepared to have that. And so here we are, again, 50 years plus,


now looking at the same thing, and this transfer will


be a remarkable transfer for humanity. And finally,


so much info comes into me, and I'm sorry, I can't put it in a nice, you know, nice even order, just an ordinary guy working from home, don't have a big office, you know, we don't have a big staff. We're not, you know, don't sit around. And as I'm not a researcher, so I don't sit down looking at 50 presentations, make notes and put it all together. I meet people difficult at the moment with bloody lockdown, but I meet people, I get messages. And I report to you what I am being told, not what I am researching from other people.


And I understand that


35 I get this right. 34 quintillion


34 quintillion was seized from the Vatican Bank.




I don't know if that's dollars, pounds euros, I didn't ask


if that 34. Quinn trillion is electronic money, it's worthless. If it's 34 trillion in paper money, it's worthless.


If it's 34 trillion in gold,


if there ever was that amount of money, that's very valuable. However,


I think it's 34 quintilian, electronically, that is backed against physical assets, that means it is valuable. So if it's 34 quintillion backed against a physical asset, that may not necessarily be gold, then that is actually a realistic currency. This money is being gathered and got ready. I do believe America will go to the gold standard, I hope to goodness Britain goes back on the gold standard, I hope many countries do. But that will change the way you are charged interest. And I am charged interest by the banks or credit card companies or whoever it is you go and buy a motor car. And you've got to pay extra interest on that, that that is going to change. And the way that people are taxed. You go for job you pay tax that's going to change to do you know, British people know this. But most people don't know that tax in Great Britain is illegal. It was brought I don't know it was Mad King George. But one of the kings wanted a war.


Ancient Britain was always fighting wars. And he didn't have enough money. So he had this fantastic idea to charge a penny in the pound on tax on people's money that they were paid wages were called income tax. I don't know what you call it in your other countries.


And it was never ratified into law, except that one year, do you know the British Parliament, the British lawmakers, the first thing they enact, every time they have a new parliament is to re pass this law. Every time it's the very first law they pass that we will approve the raising of taxes for the government.


Well, if we get this


financial change, things like that are not going to sit so well with the new concept. And so I think we are looking at a new freedom. So it's not just about President Trump, or the Republicans and the Democrats. It's not, in its narrow sense, just good and evil. It's about the flowering and the development of humanity. Because how in the name of the Lord, can you flower and develop when you are being crushed on every side by the system? You know, most of us, we do a job, whatever that job is, we get money. And then all the system wants is to come in and take that off you until you're left with that much. And you look at it and you think, yeah, but I've got a phone, I've got a car. You know, I want to buy food, I've got to pay for heating, I've got to have clothes out. And that's the system that so many people


don't understand that there is an alternative. It's what they were born into. It's what they've grown up to and their parents were born into it and their grandparents. And instead of saying this is wrong, they say, Oh, well, you know, that that's the way it is what can I do?


about it, I'm just one person. The point is, you know, what we can do is support those who want to fight against that.


in American history, and in British history, predominantly black people were created as slaves, they were made as slaves. And they were treated, horrendously by those who, who lorded it over them. And then the the anti slavery, abolished, polishing of slavery was passed. And these people no longer worked for nothing. Let's come forward to 2020 2021


we work and we're paid. So we have paid slaves,


you know, we are still working for our lords and masters. But because things have changed, we're now getting paid for that slavery. So let nobody sink amongst the vast majority of us ordinary people, that we have much freedom we don't. And this government's response to the virus has shown us that actually, our freedoms are wafer thin. And that in our concept, or in a book, or they're in a big document, locked to any Museum, but to the modern Politico, that is valueless, because we are purely here to feed the machine, the machine of continuity.


And what is changing now in humanity is that people don't want to be paid slaves anymore. They want something better. And so, you know, we must fight against media we must fight against. And I say fight just for avoidance of doubt. I don't mean kicking a gun. I mean, we must fight morally.


God gotta be so careful at the moment on this planet, we must be sure that we don't give in, we don't fall at the last hurdle, we have to believe that we are right. You know, that's it. So these are exciting times, they're very difficult times. I don't care if everyone around you thinks you mad, or thinks you crazy. Just hold on and wait. And if it all goes the way it needs to go, and we wanted to go, then you can say to these people?


Why do you think you could say you as I Why do you think I saw the truth? And you didn't? I don't want you to say I told you. So don't expect lots of you will. But what you can say is why do you think I saw through it all? And you didn't? And you can say to them go and ask yourself, take yourself off? And think for a week? Why is it that you didn't see the truth? Why didn't you? What what is it that stopped you seeing the truth? And you know what, once we get all this, nobody will ever laugh? Any of you again, nobody will will say you're crazy or a conspiracy theorist, nobody will will hold that against you. And when you speak, people will listen to you. Because in this sea of madness, there are a few people, as many, many millions of you, but there are billions of people who don't listen, there are many millions of you who actually have got it right.


And like you the big game for me, is mainstream media.


Oh, what a joy, to see that come down. What a joy for that to be out. And the truth to come out and then to be reestablished back on and you can proudly go out into your communities and look people in the face and say, Well, of course. Of course, I knew it. That's why I know so many of you are really, really wanting this to happen. And I and I do understand that. And I have for what it's worth, I have taken that message to the very people who make those decisions. I have done that. And I've told you that the response back it wasn't it wasn't very friendly. It was we will do what we need to do. We cannot have our timelines changed. Just because, you know, people want some action.


You know, and but they do understand. So I did put the view point across I had to put it because I want that I want that to happen too.


I just want justice. I want the bad people held to account,


no matter what it is. I want them held to account and I want good to triumph over evil because that's what good people believe in. Right. Thank you very much for your time. God bless

DOC (17 Pages): Simon Parkes 16 January 2021 Full Text

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