Simon Parkes Video Update on Q as Quantum Computer + Human Team, 70% of USG Is Compromised; Italy Details; and Robert Steele’s Email Commentary to Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes

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ROBERT STEELE: This is the most significant valuable  video Simon Parkes has ever  done in service to all of us.  I was surprised to be asked for.

ROBERT STEELE: Below is my contribution to an email exchange with Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes in recent hours.

Gents, I include Cynthia as a cc because she is in many ways the “x” factor for the President's success.  She has been blocked in the past by Kushner and Meadows.  Study the attached cartoon carefully.  These are all the AUTHENTIC black leaders that represent the larger authentic black community.
The Uncle Tom's “made” in a white system, the celebrity blacks, and REDACTED, have kept the President from connecting with authentic black leaders.  Prime was lifted from a man who was never acknowledged, and they failed to talk to Ice Cube whose plan for black America is better.  I say all of that mostly to set the stage for this: last night Juan O. Savin (P) agreed to advance the proposition that Dr. Cynthia McKinney would be perfect as co-chair of the Election Fraud Commission, something she and I have discussed and she is ready to do.  If the four of us could do a special video on election fraud and election reform it could be an excellent gift to the President and help the public consciousness start thinking about the transition.

PRINT: Robert David Steele and Cynthia Ann McKinney, #UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity (Trump Revolution Book 54) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, 2020)

KINDLE: Robert David Steele and Cynthia Ann McKinney, #UNRIG: Election Reform Act of 2020: A Citizen’s Guide to Achieving Democracy with Integrity (Trump Revolution Book 54) (Amazon Kindle, Earth Intelligence Network, 2020)

FREE ONLINE: 2020 UNRIG Guide 1.2

The best election fraud & remediation summaries I have in hand are these four most recent first.

Bill Whittle: 14 Core Points for Election Integrity

Martin Armstrong: Can There Be a Re-do of the Election?

Robert Steele: Best Single Summary of Election Fraud & Obstruction of Justice – Margin of Fraudulent Claim by Biden-Harris is 279,000 Ballots; Ballots Demanding Investigation Total 4,340,058

WND: ‘Theft by 1,000 cuts’: Report outlines election fraud in 6 states – White House adviser Peter Navarro refutes media claim of ‘no evidence’

Authentic black leaders will be needed by the President to denounce Antify and BLM on 20 January.  We now have 15 thousand troops in DC and it has been declared a special military area, but across the country it will be vital to have the public see the authentic black leaders denouncing the globalist street agitators at the same time that undercover officers and the National Guard contain and then remove them from the streets.

Now for the attached graphic

that I have  been pressing in

Robert Steele: If I Were President UPDATE: Video Added

Robert Steele: Memo for POTUS – The Resurrection of the USA – Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic

and see also:

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation as well as Web 3.0 @ Phi Beta Iota

I discussed this with both REDACTED a week ago and with Juan O. Savin (P) last night. They both see the sense of an Open Source Agency that Mike Flynn and I have discussed multiple times in the past, and to a lesser but still vital degree, the sense of throwing the press out of the White House as a symbolic gesture, and putting in the attached floor plan.  General  Tony Zinni, author of the Battle for Peace and former CINCCENT, would be ideal as head of the grand strategy cell and perhaps also Director of the Inter-Agency Development Command and the Peace College both to be located at Fort McNair within the National Defense University complex; I have Sean Stone, who narrated Thousand Pieces and is the son of Oliver Stone, ready to go in charge of Trump Studio, and I would personally oversee Web 3.0 / truth channel which we could also discuss as a transition solution, and the Open Source Agency. I continue to believe that Patrick Byrne should be Chairman of the SEC taking over DTCC, as I outline here:

Memorandum for the President #6: $100 Trillion in Illicit Wealth Immediately Confiscatable from Wall Street FINAL

REDACTED could be Chairman of my new company, Open Source Everything, Inc., to be the counterpart private sector organization to implement Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) across America first and then the rest of the world, this puts self-sustainable local manufacturing and agriculture on the front foot everywhere at 10-20 cents on the dollar against the failed Westen economic model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks.

The President's closest advisors now have copies of the three books that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows blocked from reaching the President:

Steele, Robert, REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, 2020).

Steele, Robert, REINVENTING INTELLIGENCE: 30 Years in the Wilderness (Trump Revolution 46) (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, 2019).

Steele, Robert, REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told (Trump Revolution 45) (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, November 2019).

I am familiar with what Mike Flynn has going and the missing piece remains the combination of a public engagement ecology that cannot be censored, and a public intelligence (decision-support) network that overcomes the deliberate corruption of education, entertainment, secret intelligence, media, and research.  I know how to do all of that and start producing results within 24 hours of being given direct access to the President (“what do you need to know when and at what level of detail — one word, one note card, one page, or more) and to funds that I can dispense to mobilize a global network of over 100,000 subject matter experts on everything, along with over 20,000 on the ground indigenous and hereditary leaders and community observers that CIA and MI-6 don't even know exist. We also need to get Bill Binney back into NSA as the President's personal harvester, that is one missing piece that may be blocked by NSA but it needs to be done.  NSA is completely penetrated by the globalists but Binney knows where all the back up databases are, which is vital because the globalists have been madly deleting archived incriminating data for the past year or more. Binney and Kirk Weibe are also immediately integratable  into the Open Source Agency or the private sector counterpart via Pretty Good Knowledge, with  Thin Thread immediately deployable.

Click on Image to Enlarge

I cannot overstsate the importance of getting Patrick Byrne and Bill Binney and Wes Christian together with POTUS, in collaboration with Mike Flynn, to execute the below cartoon and reference:

Memorandum for the President #6: $100 Trillion in Illicit Wealth Immediately Confiscatable from Wall Street FINAL

Here to serve. While we wait would be great to organize a one hour discussion with screen share that interviews Cynthia McKinney primarily, with me doing screen share on the twelve elements.

Martin Armstrong has also published as assessment of all the confusions that have been allowed to exist between Constitution and states, and within states, with Executives allowed to manipulate election fraud with no push back from legislatures and courts.  I attach the #UNRIG document that could be re-written for the current circumstances within the week but it is good enough right now to show Sandernistas, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and faithful Republicans that there is a way foreward toward a 2022 Congress  that proportionally represents ALL Americans (including a new Black Party and a new Native American Party) and allow equal access to every citizen to ballot access — being able to run for and win office.

I am honored to be in your company and to have chosen the correct side in August 2015 when I wrote the first article, “How Trump Can Win,” in Counterpunch.  Since then I have published over 50 papers and Kindles in the Trump Revolution Series.  I am “all in” on this one, to the end.

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