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#BatShit Crazy. Trumpers are losing their minds.  Are you batshit crazy or do you stand by the “done in 30?”

#UNRIG Hats How can I get one of the hats you showed on a video

17 Flags Robert – the numerology of the 17 flags flying in front of AF1 as Trump departed eludes me. What is the significance of 17 flags?

AI Dangers Hi Robert. Looking at your last email I am wondering what changed your thoughts about the dangers of AI?

AIM4TRUTH The owners of the AIM4TRUTH.ORG website have spoken out multiple times about Simon Parkes. I am curious if you are aware of that site, and their opposition to using him as a fact source

Arrests In your opinion, do you think we (as in American citizens) will be given visual confirmation that the traitors like Pelosi, et al. have been arrested? The American people deserve that, given our patience for the past 40 years as things have completely spiraled downward in our society and culture. It would be refreshing to SEE the bad guys caught and brought to justice.

Arrests Made or Not? I don’t understand if many mass arrests, executions, and deals have already been made, why haven’t things gotten better for us? It doesn’t make sense to me that these people have been replaced with body doubles and clones just to continue with the bad agenda

Australia I live in Sydney Australia. My husband has been telling me about the cabal for several months but only in the last few weeks, I have started looking at your videos and the work of Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. I can't wrap my head around the evil that has been perpetrated…..i feel immobilised with rage and confusion. I understand that the plan is to rip the cabal out from its roots, but how can we ensure that a new network will not emerge in the future. What can I do to be part of this truth movement in Australia?

Biden Future What will be our future now that Joe Biden is President and we were told by many reputable people that it would not happen?

Bill Gates What will the government do about Bill Gates regarding his now being the largest landowner of farmland in the US?

Bloomberg I was taken aback by your comment on Bloomberg. His ties to the CCP are significant. Can you explain, please?

Canada Where do we stand in regards to Canada under the leadership of Trudeau, are the Chinese in charge? Where are your thoughts on the North American economic zone and the new reset??

China Unlimited War Do you think this is part of what Jeffrey Prather calls the Unlimited War? (with China as he puts it). Although we know it's against the Central Banking Cartel and the Vatican.)

Civil War From the comments below your attempt to explain why Biden will be inaugurated, you can see clearly that once this begins, the “constrained” and armed on the Right will come out in force. The civil war will be on. O'Savin's nuanced presentation will be completely lost on angry patriots who will only see a Supreme Court Chief Justice swearing in a new Commander in Chief. How will a national bloodbath be avoided?

Constitutional Convention Do you think that calling a convention of states/Article V is worth the effort with all the rampant corruption/fraud in Washington? How do we get more Americans involved and replace apathy with action, to save our Republic?

Dave Hodges Dave Hodges was interviewed by Sarah Westall recently. His remarks seem to indicate that POTUS and white hats do not have sufficient power within the US military to fend off the enemy; will need help from Russia, Israel etc. (Also, that there will be a war in space.) Do you think that the white hat contingent of the US military has everything under control or is there real danger (heaven forbid) of not getting an outright clear victory?

Debts / Reset Will we truly have a global financial reset where all debt of every citizens is wiped out? Should we stop paying our debtors which are all ultimately feeding the cabal?

Deep State to jail Are any of these deep state swamp dwellers going to jail ? Have their assets seized ? With Parler on the fritz my information is limited so what’s going on?

DoD Leadership Has Chris Miller stepped down? As reported by media: “Chris Miller stated he is leaving the DoD on Jan 20, after Joe Biden’s  inauguration…After Jan 20, retired 4 star general Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Nominee is to be confirmed by the Senate”… Austin stated he will purge the military of “All Racists/Extremists”…Are there any “Patriots” left at top levels of the military and if so, who & where are they? …Do you expect any remaining Patriots to survive “the purge” from Lloyd Austin?

Epstein JFK Alive? Is Epstein and JFK jr actually still alive?

Executions If the truth and reconciliation process is rejected by some of those who have committed treason and/or crimes against humanity, will the choice to view their executions be made available to the general public in the spirit of transparency?

Executions Can you clarify if any of these top people like Pelosi, Biden, Pope. And other targets are alive ? Here from Dr Charle ward , Simon and some others that they have been executed or taken out and what we see now are clones.

Fake Pandemic COVID 19? When will the truth about this BS “Pandemic” be made public and the perpetrators be held accountable? Lost wages, Emotional distress, Crime against Humanity $$$$$$$.

Generals Cold Feet So, people reportedly died in Germany, and just like Benghazi, and nothing happens. Was all that False Flag, or is it just another example of Justice Delayed, and Justice Denied. Did the “200 Generals” that put Trump up to this get cold feet, or were they already in bed with China?

Harris Why isn't anyone attacking VP candidate Harris for being ineligible to even run for the position? The 12th Amendment seems clear, despite BO-BS Obama getting by with it. Where are all of the so-called brilliant Constitutionalists who should be defending our Founders' fundamentals?

Illegal Aliens What is the best local agency to approach in Washington state to become deeply involved in helping turn our area (Skagit county) back to the constitutional republic rule of law? We currently are seeing a great influx of illegal aliens per capita accompanied by the associated gang activity.

IRA if $100 trillion is confiscated out of wall street should i prepare by taking my money out of my ira and stocks and put them into something backed by gold? if so what do you recommend? please advise on what i should do.

Jeffrey Prather Been following you for months. But what do you think of Jeffrey Prather's reports? He's saying mostly the opposite of what you're putting out on your site

Jesuit violation In your forward of “Ascension Christianity” you stated…
“I was a Catholic Jesuit-trained altar boy in Colombia and am now deeply ashamed of how the Catholic Church has treated women and children”…
Were you violated in any way by them?

Juan’s Narrative I just watched Juan on Michael Jaco and he said that Binen will be sworn in inside the Supreme Court. We have been hearing from most everyone that Biden will never be inaugurated. Is he playing some sort of play on words or symantics or something? Did he explain himself to you when you had dinner? How do they expect America not to come unglued? Has the military lost it's nerve to actually start arresting people? Your thoughts please. We have waited long enough. We hired Trump to do a job.

Machiavelli Sodomy On 01-15-2021, you mentioned a Machiavelli image with two-arms that was actually sodomy. What were you talking about? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything.

Military in DC Can you tell us that the Military surrounding the White House will still be there come Monday? Or, is it just like Kraken, and the successful elimination of any possible future fair vote in America?

Narrative Unraveled PLEASE explain in the highest detail you can, on how we went from Trump will expose it all and Biden will NEVER be president, to Biden will be president but we will win it back in 30-45 days! This will be shattering for many many people.

NSA Information What happens with NSA information if Biden is inaugurated?

Nuclear Codes Robert..upon transition..who gets the nuclear codes at the very moment and how quickly can they be nullified by the military?

PATCON Do you expect the President to declassify PATCON related material prior to the 20th? Are Ruby Ridge, WACO, OKC, Whitmer fake kidnapping etc important context for understanding the events of January 6th?

Q Drops 6/4/20 Q drop what does the following mean? or how could it possibly look? I'm not sure what to look for in the hopeful near future.
RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1

Report Frequency how often do you make a report? Thought it was everyday, especially during this time period?

Sheldon Adelson The recent death of Sheldon Adelson seems to have received very little fanfare. Being a major cabal asset and given the timing of his death is this significant?

Sheriffs How do we get sheriff's nationwide to put out public bulletins “We have information that terrorists are planning riots for 50 state capitals and Washington DC in the coming days. Please stay home with your families and let authorities do their job.” I think a few dozen or hundred sheriffs getting on TV, radio, etc, might head off ambushes by Blantifa or the FBI.

Sunday Why is Sunday important in this scenario?

Supreme Court When Roberts and Brier are gone is the Supreme solid?

Taiwan Juan O. Savin now thinks Biden will be inaugurated, albeit temporarily. If the only thing protecting Taiwan from invasion by China is fear of retaliation by Trump, does ceding the nuclear codes to Biden put Taiwan at risk?

Three Amigos as CIA Robert…circulating story today that implicates JOS as a potential CIA PSYOP feeding disinfo to the circle of three (Parkes..Steele..Ward)…can you help the noise level?

Transhumanism Creepy Joe wants to be seen in the oval office wearing a mask, looking like a cyborg, to usher in his trans-humanist agenda.
I'm sure his bolshevik bankers are on board. What will a trans-humanist administration do to counter our pro-human patriot movement?

Trump’s future I am optimistic that things will move in the direction that we need. However, if they don't, what do you forsee for Trump's future legally? Will the deep state go after him

Trump’s future Trump gave his concession speach. Do you still believe that he will serve another term? It is getting harder and harder to believe.

UK Enemy of USA You recently suggested that the UK was “an enemy of the United States”. Are you referring to the deep state in Britain, or does it go beyond that?

US Corporation As I understand, the US Corporation was dissolved today. Would you be so kind to tell me, Which event allowed it to happen ?

USA Future Elections in south Texas are rigged! Politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, education, and police here are Giant RATS. Even if the voting is fixed, the propaganda will be overwhelming? Is there going to be a Republic of the United States of America (RUSA) and a United Corporations of America? BOTH? (separate votes, separate presidents)

Virus via Aircraft Do you have knowledge of malicious spread of respiratory virus via stratospheric tanker aircraft, or more narrowly targeted drone aircraft? And likely suspects?




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