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Charlie & Simon have done 1000s of hours of research trying to find the truth about what’s really going on in the world. A Satanic Cabal has been ruling & tyrannizing the planet for 1000s of years, and that that Cabal is now being challenged & overthrown by the GREAT AWAKENING and the WW Patriot movement

We’re moving from the old SWIFT/Fiat system to the QFS system

Old SWIFT = Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

New QFS = quantum financial system that started up on 8/1/20

> 95% of the money in the SWIFT/Fiat system is dirty & corrupted, belonging to the Phonecian Families

Mortgage means dead/death pledge & will not exist under new QFS

Charlie talks about how we (the people) are not recognized as living souls but rather as corporations or commodities traded in the world ecconomy

99.99% of people have never even seen their own birth certificate, only a copy

Your real birth certificate has stamps on the back of the page from all over the world

Your name is in capital letters because you have been “CAPITALIZED”

YOU have been traded on the world market for up to $10M

Simon addresses how they make money off our birth certificates (BCs)

Analogy to car insurance that is calculated by ZIP code If in low crime area, insurance is low / If in high crime area, insurance is high For our BCs, they look at father’s & what job they do to determine ==> lower, middle, upper, elite class

They then use statistics to project the amount of money the person will earn over a lifetime They will then use this info to trade people as good debt (doctors, lawyers, engineers) or as bad debt to be off-loaded (people from broken families, criminals, etc.)

Charlie says that once you have re-set your moral compass and know right from wrong, your discriminative abilities, judgment & intuition will dramatically improve It is a wonderful feeling when you can trust your own judgment (we have been programmed away from trusting ourselves)

The Capitol riots were planned by the Cabal communists weeks to months ahead of time. POTUS had nothing to do witth it, but his team did know that “something was up” There was a deal done, massive colllusion, with the police & officers in Capitol building & the communists (democratic activists)

Police chiefs are resigning because they were complict in the insurrection & are getting found out

POTUS’ second impeachment will easily be “struck from the books”

Charlie – Currently POTUS has a handful of ace cards & pitch cards and has yet had to use any of them (Sidney Powell is one of those cards, she has the credentials to be able to handle TREASON in a MILITARY COURT) – remember the Rocky meme

Simon – The Patriots timeline will be adhered to strictly to make sure that when they do pounce, they capture as wide an “audience” as possible. Currently many RINOs are self-identifying. Gold dust is flying because Patriots are learning WHO, WHAT, WHY & WHEN.

Charlie – A number of years ago Trump did a social experiment – he declared he was bankrupt (even though he wasn’t) just to find out who among his “friends” were WITH him or were NOT WITH him. He found out who was real and who was not. Same thing going on right now here at the end of his first term.

>Lin Wood Questions

Charlie – Art of War – If you want to break into a house in the back, start a fire in the front to distract. Lin is setting off firecrackers all over the place (because he is not “officiallly” tied to Trump & govt, he is freer to say these outrageous things) !!! To distract from what is really going on behind the scenes. (Patrick Byrne & Juan O Savin may be similar distractors)

Julian Assange – will he be pardoned ?- YES per Charlie (JA is “God’s wingman” who has exposed EVIL) Not a question of if, but when. The timing will be very important.

Simon – Implies Trump was “chosen” not by men on the ground for this job. I assume he means the good ETs & God too. Simon says Trump being in the right place at the right time for the right reasons is truly GOD’S WILL (God’s Divine Providence). I believe this to be true also.

Martial Law – done only in right areas at right times

May be in apparently “good” areas but those areas may have DUMBS controlled by Black Hats

Seattle, CA, TX (DUMBs), AZ & other swing states

Charlie “POTUS’ heart is pure”

Resignations Question

POTUS is still “squeezing out” the DS actors – they are now self-identifying

Most people do not understand the depth of machinations taking place (e.g. John Bolton)

Simon – we are going to see a complete clean out of the money system & societal values. Right now it is a fight to the finish. But Q reminds us – “GOD WINS.”

Letter from Joint Chiefs that Biden will be sworn in

Charlie – “It was like seeing 8 people signing their own death warrant.” They exposed themselves as swamp creatures. POTUS has someone ready to step into each of these 8 posts IMMEDIATELY (good, loyal, younger patriots)

Simon – This letter is exposing just how DEEP the level of blackmail goes – all the way to the Joint Chiefs !!! These folks have now disobeyed their sworn oath to the Constitution. They have committed TREASON and will be charged.

Role of UK Govt

Charlie – about 95% of UK Govt may be arrested !!!  WOW

Simon – Britain is “Little America”

Items that will be shocking to the people

>#1 Child Trafficking

#2 Number of people (Satanic pedophiles/Reptiles) who are really AGAINST the people

The fact that they tricked you does NOT mean that you’re stupid and your life has been meaningless. You were just too trusting.

Simon – when the truth comes out, the shock is going to be SO great. OUR job is to make sure that people keep going on with life & don’t just sit around in a dazed state of disbelief !!!

Charlie – many explosions/implosions in UK in last 10 months to destroy underground tunnels (UK riddled with these tunnels) that were used for nefarious purposes. These tunnels link the DUMBs (some for black hats & some mixed with black hats/bad ETS like Reptiles), and the implosions travel linearly along the tunnel routes.

Charlie – “I’m 100% confident Donald Trump will be next President. The date is irrelevant. We are moving from the corporate USA back to the Republic of the USA, and that will take time.

Simon – there may possibly be a Military Interregnum. There does not need to be another election.

Charlie – before election journey began, POTUS verified the Constitution, and cleared with Supreme Court, that should there be ANY foreign interference (Italy, Spain, UK, Canada (the Northern States of America), China & the Nazi States of Germany clearly interfered) in our election, it would be declared null & void, and he would continue on as POTUS, winning by default

Simon – Things are going to be happening VERY FAST. Keep your eyes open !!!


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