Web 3.0 Preliminary Summary + 12 Apostles Identified

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Web 3.0

What is the web 3.0?

It is the next evolution of the internet. Companies such as facebook and Apple are considered web 2.5. They are walled gardens with very authoritan rules and prone to censorship. Web 3.0 contains the distribute web and the fediverse. It is a emerging internet that contains peer2peer infrastructure and network technology. The values espouced by it are tearing down the walled gardens; open communication, open source, cooperation, putting users and the people back in control, freedom and decentral infrastructure.

The list as displayed in the table is an extensive list of the best and biggest alternatives of a range of services from GAFTA(Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Otherwise known as Big Social.

Google’s youtubePeertube, Brighteon.com, Bitchute,
Android app storeF-Droid, APKmirror, Aptoide, Aurora Store, Humble Bundle , Uptodown,

GetJar, SlideME

Gmail/yahoo/hotmailSelfhosted:roundcube, rainloop, horde
google drive(MS onedrive
Facebook, Google G+Friendica,  MeWe,  hubzilla
Facebook’s WhatappMatrix(element), Theema
Google maps, Bing MapsOpenStreetMaps, Mapquest, Mappy, Here maps
TwitterMastodon, Pleroma
Reddit lemmy
MeetupMobilizon, groupspaces, CitySocializer
Flickr, imgur, photobucketPixelfed, PeerPx, GNU MediaGoblin, piwigo
Blogger, wordpress.comWrite.as, Plume
Google, bing, yahooDuckDuckGo, qwant.com, goodgopher.com


This list is partly geared towards European alternatives. To include as much non-American options as possible. These are the open-source decentral options. This group is very large and is based on a core set of innovative opensource networking protocols & standards. They offer unrivalled protection against censorship. They also solve the social addiction issue by not using the mind manipulation design techniques used by Gafta. The list shown above is only a subset of all the available options in a large variaty of categories outside social. We can effectively superseed the entire internet infrastructure.


This web 3.0 ecosystem is surprisingly large and growing every day. For the fediverse subsection alone we count 5500+ instances, 3.9 miljoen users, 500mil statusses according to 1 indexer. On top of that we can add  Gab:+-500 000 and Brighteon: 800 000+. And these are old numbers. The entire french education system is on peertube; and the entire french gouverment is on Matrix for comms.
The group behind matrix has taken over the chatservice Gitter from Gitlab. A software developer tool used by tens to hundres of millions IT professionals.

Attention needed

My view on this is that these options deserve much attention and  marketing efforts. They have the better technical backbone and have my preference. What is lacking is some monetisation options for users of video platforms. People trying to build a business have currently no option earning money on the network. Patreon and liberapay are options but not very practical. (with version 3 of Peertube, livestreaming has become possible)

There are two last options besides marketing-marketing. One is an android replacement like Sailfish, ubuntu phone(ubports.com)  or Librem phone. A major manifacturer should back this together with F-droid app store.

ROBERT STEELE: OMB has  twice approved my proposed Open Source Agency at $125M IOC $2B FOC, and CIA has successfully blocked me for 30 years. If POTUS wants Web 3.0 uncensored and focused  on creating an informed engaged citizenry with full access to sense-making from the combination of all information in all languages and all mediums with holistic analytics and true cost economics fully integrated; and in addition with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) in hand to rebuild America from the bottom up with localized self-sufficiency at the county level at ten to twenty percent the cost of the failed Western model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks, I know how to do that and have recruited the below aides as the first string.  Others such as Kim Dotcom, Peter  Thiel,

My vision as updated:

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation

The twelve Apostles pending last couple of names:

01 Arnold, Stephen E. US, CEO Arnold IT

02 Barkhuizen, Werner, INVITED CTO MyLive

03 Bauwens, Michel BE Founder Peer to Peer Alternatives

04 Binney, William (and Kirk Weibe), US Pretty Good Knowledge

05 Geddes, Martin UK Independent Telecommunications Strategist

06 Petersen, John, US Founder Arlington Institute (Futurist)

07 Stallman, Richard Matthew US Free Software Founder

08 Steele, Robert David US CEO Earth Intelligence Network

09 Takemiya, Makoto JP CEO Soramitsu (Blockchain & Digital Identity)

10 Vervaecke, Steven BE Independent Engineeer

11 Young, Kaliya US “Identity Woman”

12 Vahey, Ray US CEO BitChute

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