Worth a Look: Conspiranoia – The Betrayed States of America

Worth A Look
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In this essay, the celebrated counterculture thought leader Daniel Pinchbeck explores our current world situation through many lenses. He offers a geopolitical analysis, dives deep into popular conspiracy theories around the origins of the Coronavirus, as well as Qanon, the antivaxx movement, and the hidden intentions of Bill Gates. He proposes an occult and shamanic understanding that allows us to make sense of much that seems incomprehensible and overwhelming in the accelerating rush of current events. The goal of the book is to provide a coherent understanding of today's mega-trends which will support the emergence of a new social movement aimed at overcoming the dark and psychopathic agendas possessed by some of our ruling elites.

ROBERT STEELE: Daniel Pinchbeck is the person who sought me out and asked me to write The Open Source Everything Manifesto, and he devised the title. Daniel may get some things wrong but he is an extraordinary talent who merits absolute respect and our complete attention.


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