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Alert Reader sends in:

Thank you for putting out work that people like me can follow on the day-to-day situation.  Some 400 years of silence preceded the birth Jesus.  In parallel, every uninformative media source is defended as holy, whether on the left or right.  This is history also rhyming with 1950s religious bigotry.  The believer must take stock of information sources and be humbled before the task of knowing the truth.

George says it implicitly.  107 implicitly says this to me.  I am not happy with his methods, but I take me with a grain of salt.  It is humbling.  Pay attention to the silence.  Pro-Trump voices are going silent.  For good and bad reasons.  All must take stock.  This precedes reconciliation and attempts to distinguish between those with whom reconciliation is possible or not possible.  For years, you have been an original prophet of “intelligence.”  DECISION-SUPPORT.

How do we know? And how do some end up simply masturbating to an expensive system of knowing that really doesn’t know jack?  I see these questions well articulated in your work.   Good work, my friend.

ROBERT STEELE: Alert Reader is a lawyer. An honest lawyer not compromised by the Satanic pedophilia web woven by the  Deep State. I am finding that grandmother (intelligence may have skipped a generation), sheriffs, pastors, and honest lawyers shocked by the depth and breadth of the corruption that now characterizes the courts — including the Supreme Court — and the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

My motto has for decades been “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” At the same time I have grown more aware and respectful of the compassion and nuanced judgement of the female sex; and the importance of heart in general and truth & reconciliation in particular.

Truth — and love — matter. I pray for the Republic.

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