Yoda: Wilderness Intercessors For Our Country

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Wilderness Intercessors For Our Country

We are a group of Franciscan intercessors, who have returned to the first century roots of the church, living in the wilderness of New Mexico, whose lives are dedicated and offered to God to intercede for our country.

Called to fasting and even suffering as an offering, nothing is too small for God, He appreciates it all, flat tires, tooth aches, blue days, and even life long illnesses have great value when offered with prayer. In return, He shares His heart with us, and we comfort Him. Some of us are priests, musicians, artists and writers. We have found our joy and meaning in giving these gifts to God. Still Small Voice on Vimeo is where I share the naked truth about my sins and how the Lord lovingly lifts me out of my pit, speaking to me with tenderness and wisdom. This in turn gives many hope as they see how common I am, yet God still finds a way to use me to help others and gives them a real glimpse into how much patience and love He really has for all of us.

Mother Clare duBois


ROBERT STEELE: The Catholic Church — as well as other religions including Judaism and Islam and Mormonism — are in the throes of a revolution against the institutionalized Satanic Pedophiles that dominate all religions, all governments, all banks, and most corporations and non-profits. As a lapsed Jesuit altar boy, I am watching with fascination as Jews reject Zionism and Noahide laws, Muslims reject Shariah law, and Catholics reject the Synagogue of Satan and the Vatican whose Pope is the epitome of evil.

As best i can tell within the Catholic Church, only the Augustinians, Benedictines, and Franciscans are generally “clean” of the Satanic pedophilia disease, and it is noteworthy they they all adopt the honorific of Brother instead of Father. What has been done to nuns and female laity by the Catholic Church is right up there with mass genocide by others.

FREE Website: https://pedoempire.org

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