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300 Million Talons…

Alert Reader from Denmark offers this summary of one of history's greatest campaigns of deception to achieve censorship and control of states.


  1. Under cross-examination at the trial of Ernst Zündel, Rabid-Zionist historian Raul Hilberg had to admit the PLAIN TRUTH, namely that he never found evidence for the existence of an NSDAP policy to exterminate the Jews, nor evidence of a plan, nor evidence of central NSDAP orchestration of such a plan or policy, nor evidence of a budget, nor evidence of supervision of such a policy;
  2. Zionist Israeli lawyer Aryeh Leon Kubovy founded the World Jewish Congress in 1936. Kubovy also admitted that “there exists no document signed by Adolf, Himmler or Heydrich that ever spoke of ‘exterminating' the Jews and … the word ‘extermination' does not appear in the letter from Göring to Heydrich concerning the final solution to the Jewish question”. In the official policy of both Zionism and the NSDAP, the final solution to the Jewish question always meant the founding of a Jewish state;
  3. Although the Zionists are well aware that there is ZERO evidence of any NSDAP order to murder European Jewry, they still continue to bear false witness against Germany and Germans (as does Satan-Yahoo in his speeches, e.g. to the UN), by claiming that the Wannsee Minutes dated 20 Jan 1942 discussed the extermination of Jewry when in fact they merely discussed RELOCATING MANY BUT NOT ALL JEWS and you can verify this fact by reading the Wannsee Minutes in English here:


        or in German here:


Over 100,000 Jews had fought for the Kaiser in WW1 (10,000 of them volunteers), and a massive 35,000 Jews were decorated, so the NSDAP was certainly not about to have such German war-heroes, or their loved ones, relocated. Thus, any Jew who was to remain among the Germans would have earned that right;

  1. From 1933-39, Adolf permitted all Jews to leave Germany or regions occupied by Germany, and he ordered the German state to finance their departure (meaning free-passage). And that explains why the headcount of people who call themselves “Holocaust Survivors” came to several million (with many of those Jewish people going to Palestine, the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America etc.);
  2. A maximum of around 4 million Jews lived in all the areas that came under German control during WW2;
  3. On 30 Jun 1965, West Germany‘s Zionist regime (led by Luciferian-Freemason pro-London-NY-Axis-pawn Konrad Adenauer) announced that some 3,375,000 Jewish Holocaust Survivors had already by then applied for reparation money. This further corroborates the estimated headcount that roughly 4 million Holocaust Survivors in fact managed to leave Europe in 1933-39, because hundreds of thousands more survivors of the Jewish Holocaust applied for reparation money after 30 Jun 1965;
  4. The bottom line is that the roughly 90,000 victims of the Jewish Holocaust died mostly from starvation or disease, both caused by Allied bombings that destroyed the German infrastructure, thus halting most food and medicine deliveries to the labor-camps. None of them died due to genocidal intent. FINAL STATS: In 1946, the International Red Cross had already reported that, of registered labor-camp inmates, no more than 300,000 could have died, and their audit update of 31 Dec 1983 records a total of 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German labor-camps, from all causes. The total IRC stats are shown here (with roughly perhaps 30 percent of them Jews) in the following graphic: https://i.imgur.com/6ZJXbn7.jpg;
  5. It is very important to realize that the International Red Cross (IRC) would have had genuine propaganda motives to lie by hiking the Jewish death-toll stats because the IRC is a Rothschild organization whose land in Geneva-Switzerland was “donated” by the House of Rothschild. The IRC is still headquartered directly beside the Rothschild castle Château des Penthes on Lake Geneva today, in the Pregny-Chambésy district;
  6. The official figures of the International Red Cross (IRC) say that only up to ninety-thousand Jews died in German labor-camps, none by gassing and mostly of typhoid. You can still read these official IRC figures today in the Arolsen Archives in the town of Bad Arolsen near Kassel in the state of Hessen-Germany. The Arolsen Archives split the victims by ethnicity and religion and were used for ALL compensation cases by Germany‘s post-WW2 Zionist regimes. Taking the maximum 30 percent of the victims as Jewish, the total death-toll of the Jewish Holocaust was 84,623 in the labor-camps (but maybe around 90,000 overall if you include outdoor shootings of Jewish people on the Eastern Front). According to the IRC records, the vast majority of the labor-camp inmates and victims (over 70 percent in total) were Polish Catholics, Orthodox East Europeans, Ethnic-European Jehovah's Witnesses, Ethnic-German communists (Bolshevik-Zionists) or “plain” socialists, Ethnic-European trade-unionists, Ethnic-German NSDAP-dissidents, Ethnic-European resistance, Ethnic-European criminals, Ethnic-Roma / Ethnic-Sinti (gypsies), Ethnic-European homosexuals or lesbians, Ethnic-European spies, Ethnic-European Freemasons classified as “humanistic”, mentally-ill Ethnic-Europeans and retards, physically-handicapped Ethnic-Europeans, Ethnic-European partisans or political prisoners, Ethnic-Europeans deemed “troublemakers” by the NSDAP, and many other categories. Important pedagogic example: In most Polish families today, people are very, very well aware that the vast majority of the victims of Auschwitz (situated just east of Krakow-Poland) were in fact Polish Catholics;
  7. Zyklon-B was a household delousing agent available in hardware stores across Central Europe and North America for delousing clothes. It was an insecticide that was manufactured by Degesch, a German company whose full name was “die Deutsche Gesellschaft für SchädlingsBekämpfung”;
  8. The Zionists claim that the NSDAP “forgot” to use other much-more-powerful chemicals it had available (including nerve-gases Sarin and Tabun that were even stored very close to Auschwitz) and, in their infinite wisdom, “opted” instead to use the household delousing agent Zyklon-B to kill Jews in alleged “gas chambers”. And that means the Zionists are claiming that the NSDAP was hugely imbecilic;
  9. That would be like choosing to kill people using household fly-spray when you already have vastly more powerful nerve-agents or methods available for the “industrial genocide processes” that the Zionists allege. Even if “Zyklon-B” is spoken with a Deep Dark Darth Vader voice, a lie remains a lie;
  10. The Zionist-controlled mainstream-media play down or ignore the real holocausts of gentiles perpetrated by the Zionists (including the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2 (150 million victims), the Bolshevik-Zionist genocides in Russia and Eastern Europe (100 million victims including 10 million Ukrainians), the Bolshevik-Zionist genocide in China (100 million victims), the Arab genocide of 1948-2020 for creating Greater Israel (20 million victims) and the Armenian genocide), and also the real holocausts of gentiles still planned by the Zionists (including WW3 and the giga-cull that Zionism's published plans call for in the twenty-first century as commanded by their “holy” books (Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar, “Protocols”)). That is because focusing on the 500 million victims genocided by the Zionists the twentieth century would weaken the Zionist cause to genocide more Christians and other non-Jews (which is Zionism's most urgent priority), would weaken the Zionist cause to establish Greater Israel (intended to span from the Nile to the Euphrates, as indicated by the two blue stripes on the flag of Israel) and would lose the Zionists financial contributions given that we all know that THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOAH BUSINESS.
  11. The Zionist-controlled mainstream-media are the cause of enormous market-value discrepancies among holocaust victims. We know that the Zionists premeditatedly planned WW1 and WW2 as two halves of the same war to genocide Germans and, in the writings of the Zionist Round Tables of the early 1900s, “to get rid of the Germans for once and for all”. So on one side, we have the 90,000 Jews who died tragically in a Jewish Holocaust that is proven not to have been planned by Germany and was largely due to bombing by the Zionist Allies. And on the other side, we know that the Zionists premeditatedly genocided the 33-43 million Ethnic-German civilians who died in the German Holocaust of WW1 and WW2. But the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media give the 90,000 Jews who died tragically without any premeditation “ALL THE AIRPLAY” while giving the 33-43 million Ethnic-German civilians genocided due to Zionist premeditation “ZERO AIRPLAY”. THIS DISCREPANCY IN THE MARKET VALUE OF HOLOCAUST VICTIMS HAS TO BE THE SINGLE BIGGEST CASE OF SATANIC INVERSION IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

ROBERT STEELE: All reasonable evidence, including court cases, suggests three conclusions:

01 The Jewish holocaust is a myth manufactured by the UK and the Zionists (never to be confused with Judaism or Jews loyal to their countries of citizenship).

02 This myth combined with blackmail, bribery, and brainwashing has been used to censor all those who dare to challenge the myth that was used to justify the theft of the Palestinian homeland at the point of a gun and with genocide as its continuing objective.

03 The Zionist Red Mafiya (mostly Russian criminals who emigrated to Israel and then USA, inclusive of 12 Zionist billionaires identified by Ryan Dawson in his Epstein Map at https://ancreport.com (donate $50 to him and get the map) has been the virtual Gestapo for the Satanic Empire (rooted in the UK), and the chief censor, extending their Anti-Semitism “trick” into a global total digital surveillance, cyber-stalking, and digital assassination regime centered on another myth: “hate speech.”

Often overlooked by everyone, mostly from ignorance rather than malice, are the real holocausts that are taking place today (e.g. the Palestinians) or have taken place in the past with tens of millions dying.  No one has done more on this point than Dr. Greg Stanton, America's foremost authority on genocide, and author of the chapter in The New Craft of Intelligence documenting the ten stages of genocide and the actual numbers of hundreds of past genocide campaigns that the Zionists pointedly choose to ignore, as if only their history — whether false of not — matters.  Everyone else is a sub-human meriting no respect.

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Alert Reader adds:



It says 282,077 victims in total as the RECONFIRMED headcount dated 31 Dec 1983. IT IS HARD TO FIND. The Zionists keep moving it and flushing it down the memory hole.

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