Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton: SingularityNet for Web 3.0?

#OSE Open Source Everything, Innovation, Software

Worth a look.

Social Networks Are the Next Big Decentralization Opportunity

ROBERT STEELE comments below.

ROBERT STEELE: I agree with Brother Luke that this is worth a look but a careful reading of the excellent article by Ben Goertzel (founder and CEO of SingularityNet) shows a sucking chest wound in his thinking — he cites COVID-19 tracking as a success story, never mind that we are dealing with a fake pandemic, tests that are 98% false positives, capricious invasive and unconstitutional search & seizure, and more.

I believe the solution is going to emerge at the county level, and will include four nested capabilities that are at the heart of my Web 3.0 vision:

Valuation, Tools for Thinking, Data Ingestion & Integrity, and Communities of Trust all have  to be created at the COUNTY or DISTRICT level. Bottom up localized solutions, not top down mandates.  Ethics at the county level is cheaper, faster, and better than blockchain at the global level.  The solution lies in some convergence between local synonymous with ethical and global federated decentralized economies of open source scale.

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