Lynette Larson: Attention Independent Media Content Creators. You have grown soft and lazy. Get it together people!

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Attention Independent Media Content Creators. You have grown soft and lazy. Get it together people!

Disinformation agents are imposters who infiltrated independent media to create chaos, confuse the issues and last but not least, provide an opportunity for other content creators to discredit themselves by propagating false information. If one or more of these individuals is in your midst, you are risking your own credibility.

There have been several incidents of false claims being disseminated by independent media sources in the past 4-6 weeks. These occurrences were easily disproven in a short amount of time by investigating on the internet. The below are several examples that I could easily debunk in less than 10 minutes each.

Based on the volume and pattern of these occurrences it is likely that a disinformation agent has infiltrated some independent media circles and has become a ‘trusted source’. Below are some examples. If you are disseminating any of this info without verifying it, you are only discrediting your own work, which is what they are attempting to do. They do not have to discredit you if you discredit yourself.

False claims: There is no supporting evidence of the below claims and some are claims are completely false based on available information. If you have information otherwise, please provide it and I will adjust my assessment as appropriate.

1. Tiffany Dover, the nurse who fainted after receiving a covid 19 vaccine was an actress.

a. There is no evidence that Tiffany Dover was an actress except a temporary page on, which has now been removed. is a common larping page for the dark cult. It is the ‘Wikipedia’ of the entertainment business. In my opinion, this page was temporarily added to assist in covering up the incident and mislead the public.

b. To date, there has been no convincing evidence of ‘proof of life’ from Tiffany Pontes Dover.

2. Image circulating of Ghislaine Maxwell and Chief Justice John Roberts.

a. The imaging circulating is of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel


c. Slopping research or intentional disinformation campaign? In my opinion, this one was an intentional set up because there is a ‘fact check’ on mainstream media sources.

3. Image circulating of Joe Biden taking the oath of office on a bible with upside down crosses.

a. This image appears to be authentic, however it is from the 2009 inauguration, not 2021.

b. – 2009


4. Video circulating being credited to Santa Surfing (beach broadcast) claiming proof of arrests based on internet website search pulling up a list of individuals that have been arrested.

a. There are many sites that make this claim, however, they provide no identifying information that can be followed up on with out payment. I have paid MANY TIMES for this information and when I get the reports, they have never provided any actual arrest information. These web searches imply they have this information in order to get you to spend money. There is NO substance behind it whatsoever.

b. These fake web searches with no substance are the basis for many claims that arrests are currently happening.

c. I have attempted to communicate with those individuals making these claims but it has not resulted in any changes to the information being disseminated.

5. Lists of politicians and celebrities that have already been arrested and are in Guantanamo bay or release with ankle bracelets or even executed.

a. There is literally no evidence whatsoever supporting these claims. I cannot believe I actually have to address it here.

I highly recommend that everyone reexamine their ‘trusted sources’ of information and take steps to mitigate the disinformation campaign that is plaguing the independent media community. If you identify the source of the misinformation you are receiving, I encourage you to notify the other content creators in your network. Also please consider setting aside more time to fact check your information prior to disseminating it to your viewers, especially on the items that can be searched very quickly.

If you or anyone you know has been intentionally disseminating misinformation, in my opinion, your days are numbered.


Lynette Larson

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