Matt Taibbi: I Fucked Up, I Don’t Get Marcuse, But I Am Still Cool

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A Friendly Debate About Herbert Marcuse, with R.J. Eskow

In which R.J. defends Marcuse, plus some leftover thoughts about the author of “Repressive Tolerance”

ROBERT STEELE: I resisted commenting on Taibbi's first shot at Marcuse (as much as I consider Taibbi gifted he does have his blind spots) but now as others have taken him on, I will offer up one comment and a paper from college documenting Marcuse at a depth Taibbi has not achieved. Taibbi is also unwilling to pull the trigger on the UK, Israel, the Red Mafiya, the Rothschilds, Freemasons, and Satanic Pedophiles — his brilliance is marred by timid generalizations and a reluctance to to call out traitors by name.

Comment: Repressive Tolerance is about how how to use all manner of perversions — anything goes — to destroy society. Marcuse could have been speaking of the globalists and their Gestapo dogs the Zionists, if one understand the below reference:

Review: The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald – BANNED by Amazon in Violation of the 1st Amendment

Paper: Some sophmoric comments, but on balance, one of the best papers on Marcuse still in existence.

1973 AB Paper: Society, Satisfaction, and Suppression — The Marcusian Perspective on Functional Morality

My admiration for Taibbi's big picture writing remains strong.

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