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15 April 2021

  • ARISE USA Solutions Briefing Up
  • Don't be disappointed.  The action is elsewhere.  Join the ARISE USA tour!  Join the fight!

Patriots are urged to stay off the streets and away from State Capitols — False Flag events intended to discredit patriots are known to be planned. NON-VIOLENCE is VITAL. Obey the law, allow events to play out.

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This is the fourth rolling update on Trump Triumph restoring the Constitution and the Republic while returning power to We the People.


Prior Rolling Updates:


15 April 2021

Robert Steele: Earth 4.0 Lecture – After the Defeat of the Empire, The Rise of Humanity as Lords of Light and Love

14 April 2021

  • Steele doubles down on GOP
  • Reports of Robert David Steele's assassination are exaggerated.
Click on Image for Video
Click on Image for Video

The offending video by a world-class moron is below.

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13 April 2021

ROBERT STEELE:  Sign up at for my daily email. I expect to see President Trump at Mount Rushmore on 4 July. I am NOT operating under his direction or with his blessing — the tour is a guerilla caravan to unite the tribes — Trumpers, Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, and all others, to destroy the two-party tyranny and re-establish a government with integrity that is of, by, and for We the People.

Donors of $100 or any amount to the ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour receive a  Founding Citizens certificate with a date of rank — be an early adopter! we are going to kick some DNC and GOP ass!

8 April 2021

  • Call to Arms from Robert Steele
  • Message from Sidney Powell

#UNRIG Video (4:54) Call to Arms — This Tour Could Make America Great Again

Sidney Powell: Don’t Give Up Good Stuff Coming Soon

6 April 2021

The Steele Report: For Public Conversation

5 April 2021

  • Busing in military-age illegals?
  • Creepy Joe Biden Nano'd Up?

James Fetzer: Is Biden Busing in Military-Age Illegal Men?

Jeff Rense: Creepy Joe Biden Just Got A Lot Creepier – Has He Been Nano’d Up?

4 April 2021

Zionists Last — The Photo You Will Want to Keep

3 April 2021

  • Liberal Freak Pedos Round 26
  • Mike Lindell New Video Irrefutable
  • Biden Fake Outdoor Event Debunked — It's Real

Phi Beta Iota: We do not make this shit up.  Asshole liberal freak pedo preying on 16 year olds.

Mirror: Mike Lindell TV Releases Irrefutable Election Theft Proof


The building that can be partially seen in the background is not Center Parc Credit Union Stadium, where Georgia State University's football team plays. It’s the Eisenhower executive office building, which is located next to the White House. A search of Getty Images archives shows many views of the Eisenhower building as seen from the White House. The Tyler Perry Studios complex, meanwhile, is also not next to the Atlanta stadium. It’s located about five miles away.”

2 April 2021

  • Joni Patry on April BOOM BOOM

Joni Patry: Spiritual Insights for April 2021 BOOM BOOM

1 April 2021

  • Melting Pot Patriots
  • World Champion Boxer & Former Spy on April Booms, National Tour

Worth A Look: ?melting Pot Patriots

#UNRIG Video (53:48) World Champion Boxer & Former Spy on ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour, April BOOMS, and More . . .

31 March 2021

  • You read it here first: McKinney-Trump join forces at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of  July?

Visit to join the fight,  donate, join the tour. Could these two be planning to do exactly this at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July 2021?

30 March 2021

  • Back for the 4th at Rushmore
  • Scott Kesterson & RDS
  • Steele Grilled on Tour
  • is a scam
  •  POTUS New Website

Byrne: America Will Know The Truth Within Two Months…It’s Possible Trump Could Be Back In Office

#UNRIG Video (55:22) Scott Kesterson, Bard of War and Robert David Steele on ARISE USA!

#UNRIG Video (39:57) Shannon Wright Grills Robert Steele on ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour

DJTUP is a scam, Trump launches official website


28 March 2021

  • BOOM BOOM within 7-10 Days

EP 2388-6PM Attorney Lin Wood Live With Pete Santilli:”Eventually, The Accused Will Be The Accuser”

27 March 2021

  • WHEN will Trump come back? Not IF but WHEN?

Lindell: Trump Will Be In Office By August!

Phi Beta Iota: We regard this as trolling.  Trump will be back sooner.

25 March 2021

  • Keep an eye on
  • Three movies are going into final round of interviews and editing, #UNRIG Elections will be published in early April and totally support President Trump as the legal winner.
  • ARISEUSA! The Resurrection Tour is gaining traction, please join usvia The campaign ends on Labor Day with Resurrection Parties in every county across America the Beautiful. Donors ($100 recommended  but not conditional) get  a Founding Citizen certificate, either 2nd American Revolution if US or 1st Global Revolution if international.

24 March 2021

  • Biden-Harris Suicide Pact?
  • Sidney Powell Slams Dominion and MSM on lies about her court case

Mongoose: Biden-Harris – The Final Act Before Suicide?

Sidney Powell: Dominion & MSM Are Lying — They Will Be Taken to the Mat and Pinned

23 March 2021

  • First full announcement of national unity and great awakening tour — donate $100 if you can for a Founding Citizen certificate:

#UNRIG Video (39:22) Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon & Robert David Steele on ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour

22 March 2021

  • Steele on Confronting DNC & GOP Into the Ground, Preview of ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour
  • McKinney on Everything Important
  • Don't lose hope.  I am consumed by planning the national tour.  Rumors of POTUS & JFK Jr. at Mount Rushmore on 4 July are in my view credible. I will be there with four coaches and music.  Donate and link up (free) at
  • My 17 minute  overview of my stump speech has been posted.

#UNRIG Video (45:04) Otto Gomes with RDS on ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour Fucking the DNC & GOP Into the Ground

Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG ELECTIONS! Movie, County PowerCells, ARISE USA Tour

ARISE USA! Resurrection Tour 17 May – 15 August 2022

PROMO for 17 APR Earth 4.0 Manifesto and ARISE USA Resurrection Tour 17 May – 15 August 2021

18 March 2021

  • TOP SECRET: What I am really doing with this national tour
  • Titillating stuff.

TOP SECRET: What I am really doing with this national tour is uniting the Trumpers (populists of the right) with Sandernistas (populists of the left) and Libertarians as well as Independents to BURY the two-party tyranny. This is why Dr. Cynthia McKinney matters so much — she is loyal to President Trump and refusing to start a new party the Sandernistas are asking her to lead.

People not parties — authentic, inclusive, truthful.  Calling all patriots!

The DNC and GOP are already nervous — even Rand Paul is nervous because he gets that when we say #UNRIG – Stop the $Green$ this includes ending all donations to him and all the other GOP assholes that stabbed our President in the back and collaborate with the DNC and the Deep State instead of defending us. Rand Paul was asked  to introduce #UNRIG Election Reform Act in 2017 and refused.

No patriot should give a penny to a piss-ant politician ever again.


X22: First Arrest Will Verify Action & Confirm Future Direction, Durham, [DS] Will Fight Back – Ep. 2429

Real Raw News: Clinton Suffers Adrenochrome Withdrawal at GITMO

16 March 2021

  • Short message from Robert
  • National Tour website open, now  taking donations.  The die is cast.

National Tour website now open:

Below is NOT our official meme but I love it, came in this morning from our first donor.

Responding to a Trumper losing hope:

I feel your angst myself but the difference between us is that I had dinner three times with Juan O. Savin (P) at Trump Hotel this past week, and I am doing five movies, ten websites, and a national tour. All good.  In God's hands and God is done with letting Lucifer carry on now that we are all awakening as intended.

15 March 2021

  • is where election fraud articles and videos are now posted
  • CNN Exposed, No Live Event at WH

Phi Beta Iota: is where election fraud and reform articles are now posted.  This article, for example:

Sidney Powell latest interview highlights – ‘The Staffer Was Murdered In Georgia’ – Investigator of crime was then killed

Please use free opt-in for each site in  Robert's web ecology that you wish to follow. The national tour has its own site,

Richard Citizen Journalist Exposes Fake “Live Event” At The White House!

14 March 2021

  • Joni Patry on Trump Triumph
  • John Durham Heads Will Roll
  • Dinner with Juan
  • National tour update
Click on Image for Video
Click on Image for Video

Alert Reader sends in below, some are wondering if it is a fake Durham. There are multiple possibilities.  Discussed with Juan, leaving it up as relevant.

I had dinner with Juan last night, the third dinner in a week at Trump Hotel, which has a disappointing menu, an erratic chef, and service that can only be described as annoying — either not present at all or hovering and interrupting. I confess  to being cranky on this point, they are disgracing the President.

Highlights include for me personally three points:

01 He confirmed 1 April as the “by” date for the President's return.

02 He confirmed the value of our national tour and we discuss a meme that he will do an interview with me on today: BDS DNC & GOP — I and Cynthia are going to lead the charge on shutting down all donations to all political candidates until such time as #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed — this will probably require  that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi resign first so this is non-trivial. NO MORE MONEY FOR ANY POLITICAN IN A RIGGED SYSTEM.

03 We discussed the next big step in the truth movement centered on and my ideas for Web 3.0, World-Brain, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Various indicators from him and others are that I will have a useful role to play for the next 20 years.

Click on Image to Enlarge

The National Tour by myself, Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Sheriff Richard Mack, and pending confirmation, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny — with many others coming in and out via air and video — will be documented at starting today.

Sacha Stone has been contracted as creative director and will have his own crew, four buses or RVs are envisioned.

13 March 2021

  • Juan O. Savin Definitive Video
  • Noteworthy video at BitChute

BitChute Home: JUAN O SAVIN – BREAKING UPDATE – March 10, 2021

Ray Vahey CEO BitChute: Noteworthy

12 March 2021

  • US Military Flags Under Caution
Click on Image to Enlarge

Donate to the Cartoonist  Directly:

See All EIN TOONs.   — Learn more: #UNRIG, Wall Street Crime, Satanic Empire

Berto Jongman: US General Have No Clothes – Book Review

11 March 2021

  • Putin Loves Trump – EPIC
  • Freedom Planet – Pay Attention
  • Dinner with Juan Summary
  • #UNRIG website/movie updates
  • Excellent Decode from Santa Surfing – Tip of the Hat.

Western Journal: Putin's Former Chief of Staff Calls Trump the ‘Modern George Washington,' Reveals Why Globalists Hated Him

Mirror: Forbidden Planet

ROBERT STEELE: I had dinner with Juan O. Savin (P) last night from 6-10 pm at Trump Hotel in DC. He approved my forthcoming cartoon, chicken scratch below, with one modification: Option C: New Elections is OFF THE TABLE.  I corrected cartoonist to add an Admiral.  Should have final in color posted tonight. He emphasized that the lower ranking flag officers that are dithering do not matter, the die is cast, disclosures begin at the end of this month and we are off.  He approved our movie plan — he will talk to all three directors thsi week — and modified our tour plan to go in the opposite direction and be at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July. The national conversation, for which we hope to have President Trump's public blessing, will be about the Constitution and the Truth. Am hoping to activate for the tour. Have 4-5 band buses with two drivers each reserved for 15 June – 15 September, we  are sorting out the details, bottom line is that I can pull this tour off for $1M inclusive of compensation for a tour manager and staff.

ROBERT STEELE: We now have a full time person working on updating the #UNRIG Elections website ( and generally feature anything done by Lin Wood or Sidney Powell.  Check out all the new content, the new tax cloud, the new videos, and the new cartoons.  The raw interviews and mirrored work by others is all easily accessed via the Music & Videos page if you are not subscribed to Cynthia is conducting some extraordinary interviews I would never have been able  to pull off, and has assured me the movie will be published free to the public by early April. The other two movies will appear in May.

BitChute Home: 3/10/2021 Moose Running on Water – Oh My! Bank of England Code! – BeachBroadcast

10 March 2021

  • Treason at Flag Level – Warning!
  • Movie Plot Against the President
  • Fun Videos

ROBERT STEELE: This is serious.  It tracks with what Juan O. Savin (P) and I have been talking about. Roughly a third of our senior flag officers are resisting a military declaration of fraud with attendant Military Tribunals, and reinstatement of Donald J. Trump as our legitimate President.

My most senior Wall Street contacts are saying they want Trump back and the military has no alternative if it wants to survive — Option A is restore the most popular President in modern history whom both the public and foreign leaders know to have been reelected in a massive landslide; Option B is to permit the fraud/treason to stand; Option C is to establish a military government and do new elections.  A is by far the preferred stability option; C is acceptable; anyone going with B is a traitor to be dealt with by the public in due course. Our national tour — 50 states in 65 days — is going to be dealing with this in a crowd-pleasing manner that should be scaring the shit out of the Quislings in the flag ranks at the Pentagon.

Allow me to state clearly that if the Pentagon does not honor its oath to defend the Constitution in the face of the clear treason both domestic and foreign in Election 2020, I will commit the balance of my life to ending the Pentagon — we will move the Capitol from DC, we will demolish the Pentagon and convert that land into something more useful, and I will bust every active duty flag officer now serving to Colonel, while stripping them all of their security clearances and ensuring they never again serve in any capacity, public or private, associated with the US military.

We have it all. Any flag officer that wishes to be terminated, we can make that happen. We have every flag officer email, call, text, and banking transaction, and that includes Green and Gray Lines, Signal, and “encrypted” emails.

Click on Image to Enlarge

9 March 2021

  • Movie Plot Against the President
  • Fun Videos

Free Movie: The Plot Against the President

8 March 2021

  • Biden Senility on Full Display
  • Flynn Lessons on Deep State
  • VIDEO Neil Kramer on Liberalism, Trump, & Our Bright Future
  • Taibbi & Gurri get it half-right on revolution now in the USA

Zero Hedge: In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon's Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name

WND: Gen. Michael Flynn: 5 lessons I learned when the Deep State came after me and my family

Mirror: Neil Kramer on Liberalism, Trump, & Our Bright Future

ROBERT STEELE:  If you are pressed for time start around minute 45 and go for ten minutes.  One of the best over-all appraisals I have heard. Am having dinner with Juan O. Savin (P) again tomorrow night. I am confident that all will be well,

The Prophet Of The Trump Era – Review of Martin Gurri's “The Revolt of the Public,” the book that called both an uprising and a reaction

ROBERT  STEELE: Matt Taiibbi review of Martin Gurri's The Revolt of the Public is worth reading, what neither Taibbi nor the author get is that Trump is coming back and this is not over. The author also has a pedestrian view of what causes revolution, my original model is vastly superior — but we all agree: illegitimate authority is now seen by the public for what it is: illegitimate. See my Trump Revolution Series and especially The Second American Revolution (also free online) and Revolution Now: Thinking About Revolution in the USA (also free online)

7 March 2021

  • I am hardly a Trump insider but my guidance was quoted by IntelDinarChronicles and right so. Worth a read, other  signs agree.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 7, 2021

ROBERT STEELE: I have no direct knowledge but this tracks with other signals and I pray this be so.  The portion covering Hillary Clinton is particularly gripping.

6 March 2021

  • We Will Not Comply
  • Dinner last night with Juan O. Savin (P) at Trump Hotel in DC
  • Satanic Empire stuff popping

How The Fight Over American Freedom Will Probably Escalate

Met last night for dinner with Juan O. Savin (P), he donated an additional $20K toward the Satanic Empire movie.  Below is a photo.  Restuarant and lobby bar were full of people not wearing masks and very upbeat about life.

Topics of conversation with Juan last night, he will do interviews with me on Vegas, election fraud, Wall Street crime & treason, and Satanic pedophilia, early next week.

  • I asked him again, he again stated JFK Jr. is alive and well.
  • We talked about refinery sabotage and looming food shortage
  • POW/MIA flags and lots of trolling going on, Trump on track to return
  • Washington DC will die as New York has died — federal government on route toward all agencies being distributed across  the country — look for massive population shift away from coasts and into a revitalized West with free energy and desalinated water, focused on faith, family, farms, and freedom.
  • The movies I am making are an uncoordinated but useful first step toward much larger movies that have been years in development that will literally explode the public mind in the May-September timeframe.
  • This is a long game – Space Force vastly more important than most people realize, great deal more to do in cleaning up everything

NewsPunch: Clinton Aide Doug Band Flips, Implicates Boss in Pedophile Ring Probe

Populist Press: Lin Wood Connects The Dots On Deep State… They’re All In On It…

5 March 2021

  • Pence & Roberts & Rosenstein Deep Fried by Lin Wood
  • Fake Biden No AF 1?
  • Kushner Shut Out?
  • EIN TOON 12: Biden Declares Patriot Grandparents to be Domestic Terrorists
  • $100 Oil – Saudis Slam “Biden”

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV: Mike Pense & Others Exposed (Text, Links, Video)

Below has several anomalies that suggest this is all deliberately stages and Biden is not in receiving presidential level treatment while Trump is.

BitChute Home: Biden about to board “A PLANE”

National File: Jared Kushner Is No Longer Part of President Trump's Political Orbit

Click on Image to Enlarge

See Also: EIN TOON 1: Biden Inauguration with Roberts & Hanks and Captive/Fake Audience

Zero Hedge / Princeton Energy Advisors: Toward $100 Oil

4 March 2021

  • YouTube Commits Suicide
  • Charlie Ward on NESARA, Juan O. Savin (P) on Near to Long Term
  • Restored Republic March timeline
  • Global control pyramid collapsing?
  • Congress cancelled.

YouTube Deletes All Copies of President Trump’s CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN for Two Weeks

Phi Beta Iota: We are predicting that Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube will all come under some kind of miltary-mandated Insurrection Act receivership.

DefDog: Great Upset Near to Long Term Timelines

Robert Steele: Restored Republic As Of 4 March 2021

State of the Nation: Global Control Matrix in Free-Fall Collapse

U.S. House cancels Thursday session after police uncover possible plot against Capitol

Phi Beta Iota: With 5,000 National Guard and fences still in place, with each Member of Congress tagged for special treatment, this cancellation has got to be a cover story.  Something much much bigger appears to be underway.

3 March 2021

  • Pence totaled by Wood
  • 1st of 4 Kick Ass Movies Up plus video on the next three
  • Monkey Werz Micro Booms

Mongoose: Lin Wood Leaks on Pence as Traitor

Earth Intelligence Network Movies: #1 The Cult of Lucifer Directed by Sean Stone

Earth Intelligence Network Movies: A Conversation Among Principals

Monkey Werx Several Micro Booms

1-2 March 2021

  • WARNING NOTICE FOR MILITARY: Fail us now and you will be crushed.

Marshall Masters: Our Military Has Abandoned Us

28 February 2021

  • Lion Eats Snake
  • Trump Trolling at CPAC
  • 4 March a trolling exercise?

Alert Reader sends in this excellent graphic:

ROBERT STEELE: I watch President Trump at CPAC and thought he did a great job indicting Joe Biden and the stolen election and a great job outlining what we all need to do.  He is a johnny come lately on election reform, something I have been championing since 2011, but  at least now he is focused on it.  I think he is trolling.  I do not think he will be running in 2024 because he will have been returned for a second term by April 2021.  We shall see.  In any event, Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I are setting up the #UNRIG Constitution National Tour and with or without Donald Trump, we are Plan B.

Phi Beta Iota: Read all three links.  The last is the most important.

27 February 2021

  • Abott & Costello Fall of What?
  • GhostEzra: Melting Congress.
  • Scott McKay ROCKS! Start 36:00
  • Near Death Experience in progress.
  • Warren Buffet has bet on America — he “made the deal”

You have multiple doubles in this film. Not just Bidan. When you see how many are already gone in Congress your brain will melt.

VIDEO (Rumble): Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #55: Moves and Countermoves Q & A

From the 23rd, missed it, start at minute 36:00.

WND: Is America having a near-death experience, or is this the end?

Profound thinking and behavior changes often follow in those who have had near-death experiences. Thanks to media lies and big-tech suppression, half the nation now believes the MAGA movement is the biggest threat to this nation. A Divine reversal of Satan's plans for America at the last possible moment may provide a multitude of near-death experiences that will result in change we never thought possible. Half of America needs the profound changes of a near-death experience. Otherwise they will never see the lies and trickery of a corrupt, self-imagined elite selling all of us out for their own gain.

CNBC: Warren Buffett says ‘never bet against America’ in letter trumpeting Berkshire’s U.S.-based assets

26 February 2021

  • Conversation with Juan.

I just got off the telephone with Juan O. Savin (P) and he assures me that US military has not recognized Biden; that NSA disclosure of data is forthcomiing soon, and that President Trump has not conceded and will not resign once confirmed as the legitimate winner. Cynthia and I continue our plans for a national tour with all four movies done by the time we start on 1 June, and plans continue for Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, and Constitutional Doctors to join Constitutional Sheriffs as part of our 50 state tour. We serve the Constitution, the Republic, and President Donald J. Trump.

25 February 2021

  • States & Counties Spank Feds
  • Mike Pence Out, Mike Flynn In?
  • Is Q Anon a CIA-Zionist PSYOP?
  • Is Congress Satanic?
  • Trump Trolling GOP?

Robert Steele: The States (and Counties) Spank the Feds

Robert Steele: Is Mike Pence About to Go Away?

State of the Nation: Q Anon Is A CIA & Zionist PSYOP!

Robert Steele: Is This Congress Performing a Satanic Ritual?

Conservative Zone: Trump Readies Civil War Against Do-Nothing Establishment Republicans

Phi Beta Iota: Trump may be trolling the GOP prior to introducing #UNRIG Election Reform Act under legislative director Dr. Cynthia McKinney.  Act is free online and also a Kindle and magnificent color print edition here:

24 February 2021

  • Is Barr Toast as a Traitor?
  • Connect the dots (cartoon)
  • Completely Fake SOTU?
  • No State of the Union address?

Real Raw News: Trump Authors Sealed Indictment on William Barr

Phi Beta Iota:  CONNECT THE DOTS! By the time we are done with our websites and movies everyone in the USA will understand the connection between election fraud, Congressional bribery and blackmail, Wall Street treason & crime, and Satanic Pedophilia.  It is all CONNECTED.  National tour with Constitutional Sheriffs June-July.

Alert Reader sends in the thought that the SOTU will be completely faked, and these links:

and also:


23 February 2021

  • Marshalls, Lincoln, 4 March
  • Biden's Transgender Pick Advocates Fucking Children Up
  • WOW Summary Ostensibly from Ezra Cohen-Watnick – We Believe
  • UNRIG.Net being built out
  • Trump Going After the GOP

The National Pulse: Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Sex Changes for Kids.

Phi Beta Iota: We do not make this shit up.  See Ezra Cohen-Watkins below on all this being a movie — a Wrestlemania drama.  Everything the Biden Show is doing is designed to show US citizens just how deeply fucked up the Satanic Empire agenda can be.

Yoda: Stephen Hunter at Gab Has Published This, Ostensibly from Ezra Cohen-Watnick — We Believe It and We Trust the Plan

Phi Beta Iota: In service to President Trump, the Constitution, and our public, is now being built out with a full time person loading posts with links and tags to catalog electoral fraud and electoral reforms in a manner never before done — this is a free comprehensive site for public education.  Subscribe there to be informed, free, of new posts in a single daily digest.

Sign of the Times: Trump's done playing nice: Reports confirm he is about to declare ‘war' on Republicans

Alert Reader comments: It is a murder-suicide pact between two political parties but they can’t agree on which one of them will kill themself first. The Democrats took a slow acting poison and the GOP has terminal neurological shakiness and cannot pull the trigger…

22 February 2021


  • Q Anon Truthers vs. Idiots
  • Biden Shutting Down Churches?
  • COVID Nuremberg Trials Loom
  • Capitol Still Has Fence, Troops
  • Trump to CPAC: I Am Still in Charge
  • Thomas Should Be Chief Justice
  • Supreme Court Denies All
  • Sidney Powell Sounds Off
  • Report on Las Vegas (JOS)
  • Louisiana Goes Dominion

Robert Steele: Q Anon — Truthers vs. Idiots

Click on Image for Video

Phi Beta Iota: Every single “decision” being made by the Biden Crime Mob is so fucking stupid we remain convinced this is a Wrestlemania drama, Biden has signed his confession, and he and the other morons are playing out the role of heel (loser) in a Wrestlemania drama.  HOLD YOUR FIRE, Trust the Plan!

UKColumn: The greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way (NB: translated from German) – Reiner Fuellmich With Other German Lawyers Class Action

WND: Trump to claim total control of Republican Party: Report – ‘Let's just say that singing Kumbaya isn't in the plans'

WND: 3 Supreme justices: 2020 election practices could result in ‘catastrophic' consequences

ROBERT STEELE: I cannot overstate my admiration for Justice Thomas. He should be Chief Justice once the individuals who have just betrayed the Republic are dealt with. His common sense and faithfulness to the Constitution are an example to us all.  The absolute disregard of Chief Justice Roberts — an alleged pedophile who has been compromised according to Lin Wood, is breathtaking in its absolute demand for US military action.

But majority refuses to act on complaints state laws were violated

ROBERT STEELE: From where I sit the above establishes that the Supreme Court is now as illegitimate as the White House and the Congress, and all three branches need to be taken down by the military and a transition government established in March.  Marine Corps officers at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, where I served in 1979, are in a state of mutiny, warning their senior officers of the consequences of failing to defend the  Constitution against domestic enemies that now clearly include the compromised Supreme Court. The senior officers are telling the Marine junior officers that they don't know what they don't know.  I pray for an ethical, legal, non-violent resolution. I see no ethics and no legality in the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court as now constitutued and in gross dereliction of duty.

“Never Mistake My Quiet for Inaction” – Sidney Powell Speaks Out After SCOTUS Meetings Friday on Election Fraud — Expects Orders and Opinions Next Week

BitChute Home: Thank you Juan O Savin for your incredible hospitality.The best is yet to come..

INSANE: Louisiana Secretary of State About to Hand Over $100 Million in Voting Machine Purchase – Dominion Is Reportedly In the Running

21 February 2021

  • Robert Steele Outlines the Narrative  Going Forward
  • The Trump Story is Our Story
  • Justice Roberts is looking at full exposure for pedophilia blackmail

Robert Steele: Open Letter to the Editor, Concord Monitor

The American Mind: Once Upon a Presidency

Click on Image for Video


Chapter 44: John Roberts and Mike Pence: Treasonous Trump Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

Alexandra Bruce: Lin Wood Allegations About Justice Roberts

Biden Inauguration with Roberts & Hanks and Captive Audience

20 February 2021

  • Election Fraud & Reform Site Up

ROBERT STEELE & CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: now has a full time contract employee searching and loading items on election fraud and reform. We will do for #UNRIG Elections what Robert has done for Wall Street Treason & Crime and for Satanic Pedophila.  The four movies will all be backed up by powered up websites.  Please note that you must sign up at each website of interest to get daily digest emails, the specialty websites are not covered by Robert's daily email to those who opt in at  We are planning a national tour in June and July after the four movies are provided free to the public. Below is the original RV.

Click on Image to Enlarge

We both continue to support President Donald J. Trump as  the winner by lawful vote in 2020, and await resolution through due process. #UNRIG Election Reform Act is the single most important initiative that President Trump could champion, bringing together the populists of the left with the populists of the right, eradicating the two-party tyranny, and opening Congress to the Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitution, and others.

Beyond Trump & Sanders is in fact a commitment to President Trump's intended legacy of restoring the Republic, the Constitution, and power back to We the People.

We will work with Sheriff Richard Mack and other sheriffs as well as pastors, doctors, lawyers, and CountyCoin (country-based cyber coin) to create the United Counties of America, to end the ability of state and federal governments  to borrow or print money, and to make county-collected Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Taxes the only tax — the most equitable  tax — in the land.

References made available to President Trump and Mike Flynn:

Financial Liberty at Risk-728x90