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10 Days I thought I heard somewhere that 10 days after Superbowl something epic will happen. Any idea of what this may have been and is there still time left to unfold?

Antarctica What do you know about Antarctica and why is it off limits to everyone except the elites?

Arrests When will the public know who has been arrested?

Australia I live in Australia and was wondering since our countrys have treatys in place with each other would we be subject to your Constitution and laws.

Biden Town Hall Local media has reported Biden will come to MKE Feb. 16 to hold a virtual CNN Town Hall in historic Pabst Theater (check Fox6 News MKE). During the town hall he's to take phone calls from US citizens and will answer their questions. I've not seen anything on national media. I'm extremely uneasy about this. What do you know? Is this genuine? My husband and I are expecting staged violence and are preparing. We live just one mile from Gen. Mitchell Int'l Airport where Biden will land.

Biden’s Status I saw on Fox News Joe&Jill Biden in front of the White House with ugly cut outs of hearts on the grass. Was that filmed at Castlerock studios or are they allowed on the White House property? Also what do you believe Biden’s status is?Dead, arrested, alive?

Bitcoin Will bitcoin play a viable part in our new economy?

Bitcoin Bitcoin is gaining steam and value. Do you believe bitcoin is a white hat op to manage the fiat devaluation that is inevitable and therefore worth a look? Or do you think it's just another black hat method to eventually rob middle class when they pull out the rug from under it?

CEOs Why are so many CEOs stepping down? Taking their money out while they can?

Children Where do the children go after being rescued?

DC Tunnels Is there any truth to the underground bunkers/tunnels underneath the White House and US Capitol buildings where many many children and adults have been held and abused in the most horrendous ways?

Debt Jubilee How certain is debt forgiveness and is there an age that the debt must pre-date?

DNA to China Who can we inform that DeWine made a deal with 4 governors to send 3 million COVID tests to PIH which partners with Gates and Rockefeller Foundations . They plan to give our DNA from those tests to the CCP to use as they develop their own tranhuminism super soldiers to fight us. Who can we inform?

Education I want to know how are we going to undo the damage done by our education system in the last 30 years , the loathing directed against Whites is staggering .

Education Younger generations seem to have no knowledge of how government or the constitution. they all look at social network for news. I'm sure it was intentional. Any idea of programs or curriculums moving forward ?

Gays as Patriots Your opinion on gays who are awake, patriots and spiritual. A place for them in the future?

Health Chemtrails, nano, fluoride, chlorine, GMO’s – and much more!
Air, water, soil, seeds – corrupt. How are we suppose to start a healthy, life force activating victory garden when the major players are toxic? There is a repository of “uncorrupted” seeds stored in Svalbard. How do we gain access to such?

History What provisions are being made to write an accurate history of these amazing current events as well as corrections of our historical past?

How to Help We know that our skills, energy, loyalty, patriotism, trustworthiness, work ethic, creativity, and other qualities can serve this movement and and this country to make it better, stronger, and efficient for generations to come. Please consider any possible way we can PROACTIVELY engage and help.

Impeachment When you say to Kerry Cassidy that congress is more than likely wearing ankle monitors and reading from a script, why would they be so bold as to attempt to impeach President Trump again if they have been arrested and “talked to” and told to “play the part” and read your script? This makes no sense to me. Please help.

Ivanka Trump If Ivanka is promoted into leadership roles in the US…how could the American citizens trust her…given what she has willingly done to marry her husband!

Jesus Where does Jesus and God’s plan of salvation fit into your view?

JFK Jr. Is JFK Jr (John John) still alive ? Have heard conflicting reports. Also is Kayleigh McEnany his daughter?

JFK Jr. My question is if JFK Jr. is alive – what happened to his wife and sister-in-law Are they alive also? Wouldn't it would be extremely hard to protect/hide 3 people?

John Durham Australia – On Feb 11th General McInerney is alledged to have said on Telegram that “John Durham is a coward who has committed treason”
Do you have any info whether that is correct?

Juan O. Savin I take you at your word Juan O. Savin is not JFK jr., but is he someone we, the general public, would recognize? Does he ever intend on going public?

Juan O. Savin When God has finished his work, and we get our republic back, will we get to meet a true Patriot; Juan O. Savin (P), and learn about his true identity and his complete story?

Juan O. Savin Is Juan O'Savin actually Randy Quaid?

Juan O. Savin Juan O Savin has been mentioning this lately where he suggests 2 presidents and two governments at the same time for a while. What happened to arresting all pedos and treasonous politicians including creepy China Joe ? Biden and 75% of government needs to go immediately. Only one should be president in this scenario. If we have the proof no time extensions allowed sorry. Your thoughts?

Media Knowledge How much does the news media (CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC etc) know about the truth really? Or do they just follow orders? Wouldn't getting control of them and reporting the truth start wheels turning?

Military What is the Military waiting for? The crime is blatantly evident.

Military When does our governing military step in to stop these deadly vaxes from continuing?

Military Mental How is the mental health of our military? Specifically the ones pulling kids out of tunnels. Are they getting enough help? Is there anything we can do to help?

Military Purge If our military is dedicated to protecting the Constitution, how will Gen. Austin and his purging the military affect them coming forward on the election fraud?

Military Tribunals Over what period of time will the tribunals take place? And how will the main stream media and social media owners and complicit officers and journalists be dealt with for their complicit activities in election manipulation, censorship and harassment of Trump, conservatives and/or those who do not follow in goose-step with the left-wing/progressive agenda?

Money I have money invested in stock market and was wondering what might or will happen to our money and how soon will something take place?

Monkey Werx Per Monkey Werx interview with Garrett Ziegler–it sounds like it's over for us. No plan, no military in charge, no retribution or arrests; no nothing but 4 years of hell and irreversible changes to the U.S. as we knew it. Your thoughts?

Nano Particles i saw a video on a covid 19 nose swab by a nurse that showed nano particles. Have you heard any reports of this?

Nano Particles have you seen/heard about the nano chips on the long nasal swabs disguised as a testing swab?

Nashville Nashville came and went, a lot of people not in the know surmised and wrote everything and anything about it for a week but… crickets since then. What was it really about?

NESARA I am not sure when NESARA or new financial system will take effect, but when it does do you know how it will effect the average American? ( debt, taxes, etc.)

New Zealand Do you think New Zealand politicians could be part of the dirty team like Australia is?

No Party Do you believe a NO PARTY system could work in Congress where pack mentality would be NOT be possible?

Peace Movement How do we revitalize the US peace movement in the 5thGen hybrid war era?

Pence What's your opinion about Pence?

Public Lawsuit Is there a way that we the people of the USA, can file a civil suit against the Biden Admin, The Hill collectively, the DOJ for failing to serve us the people, and for having ‘stollen' the election – is there a way for us, the people to refuse to accept the current administration & their tyrannical, over-reaching policies?

Q Dying ZERO Action. “Q” movement dying because we have been told for a year to ….”TRUST THE PLAN”, but NOTHING IS HAPPENING. NO ARRESTS ON TV….NO CONFESSIONS…..People are going to administer lead poisoning if nothing happens in the beginning of March

Russia Navalry Do you consider Alexei Navalry a deep state agent who's aim is to overthrow President Putin ?

SCOTUS Robert, what happens if the SCOTUS decides on February 19th to entertain the election cases, giving the US hope, but they push the actual case review out to October or later?

Social Security What will happen to payments under the Social Security Disability in Nesara?

Texas Still planning to move to Texas?

Tim Ballard Do you know anything about Tim Ballard and “Operation Underground Railroad”? Was Caviezel duped? We're we duped? My concern is because the movie was never released.

Trump’s Return I just watched the video interview with Alexandra Bruce, and at 32:05 she says, “….that's who got rid of Trump”, and you jump in and state, “…the reports of his death are premature”. I listened to that 3 times to be sure I heard correctly. Please elaborate. Thank you.

Trumps’ Return Mr. Steele, is President Trump coming back as the 19th President of the Republic?

UK Royals Disclosures regarding the royal family will be shocking and devastating to the British identity and psyche. Do you see the monarchy surviving in any form or manner?

UK/Russia Please can you give any information on the UK, Europe & Russia. The Russia/UK axis against Germany.

US Re-Constitution Is it true that all but the original 13 states will have to go through a process to become one with the U.S. again? Ouch.

Vaccines Is the moderna vaccine effective or is it just part of government control? Many European Doctors have spoken out against the vaccines while American doctors seem to be rather quiet.

Vetting Books Reading your paper on CIA book publishing really opened my eyes. Recommended approach to vetting propaganda or illicit books vs. ones with credibility?

Vetting Sources Have you vetted Charlie and Simon for past scandalous activity that may influence their narrative? What level of vetting is required before you consider someone as having credible inside information?

Weather Warfare Real Raw News is reporting Trump has been briefed by a Princeton professor about HAARP being weaponized to attack Texas with this crippling storm. What say you about this?

Weather Warfare The freezing weather that’s extended throughout the US this weekend, especially in places that hasn’t seen snow before, do you think the weather is being used as a weapon against us? Perhaps either by a foreign country or perhaps domestically. While on the subject, would this apply to the recent devastating hurricanes in Florida and Texas as well?

Weather Warfare I wanted to see if you had any knowledge about if the recent arctic front that came through Texas was an weather manipulation attack? Ben mentioned space force contact said it was black hat but not sure if that’s disinfo.

Wells Fargo There are 5 Well Fargo Banks within 5 miles of my home. 4 are closed and have no service. What does this indicate. ?

Winning or Losing? I gotta ask: If we are ‘winning,' what does losing look like? I know it could be worse of course, but they just keep on stealing and robbing and killing and walking away.

World Brain I might be wrong but was it in one of your videos that I heard about a global citizen intelligence network? if this is true could you speak a little more about it?

Zombies What is your suggestion about dealing with people who think we are gullible fools. For believing in the changes happening. especially when they are family members.


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