Robert Steele: A Testimonial from New Zealand

Cultural Intelligence

The below surprised me.  I am so used to being cheated (e.g. the theft of my OSINT conference by Eliot Jardines with the approval of Jim Clapper) and repressed (e.g. CIA spiking major AP and TIME and other stories about me, killing interest in my ideas across 60 countries bribed to stick with the program) that the below, in an email below, came as a delightful start to the day.

Dear Robert, We want to thank you for your posts that have been a part of our awakening to truth, honour and integrity, and the restoration of a new way of Being and living on planet earth.

You have offered a comprehensive vision of hope for all of us-a new paradigm based on LOVE and the natural law of DO NO HARM and honouring the sovereignty of all beings.

You have taught that real global restoration begins WITHIN. When we heal ourselves and our differences our love for one another grows and strengthens our connection to all things.

With much gratitude from your New Zealand friends.

Mother and Aunt in New Zealand, 14 February 2021

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