Robert Steele: Is Jonathan Turley a Turd? Or a Puppet?

Corruption, Government

Turley's recent article, below, is quite astonishing to me. I used to respect him. The article below is a a turd in the punch bowl. For Turley to think for one second that President Trump was impeachable is to suggest that Turley has lost his mind and is a complete turd.  On the other hand, Turley could be a puppet. Of whom I neither know nor care. The “impeachment” was theater. It disgraced the Congress  and demonstrated to the public that we have no Congress worthy of the name.  I think Turley gets that. The question is: why can he not demonstrate more intelligence with integrity? Is Turley lost or just compromised? Of course they tanked it.  This is a Wrestlemania drama.

Did the Democrats “Tank” The Second Trump Trial?


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