Robert Steele – Saving the World One Laugh at a Time: Shout Out to Jules Evans for His Somewhat Defamatory But Most Intriguing “Expose” of the Sacha Stone – Robert Steele Show

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How the New Age fell for the oldest lie in the book

ROBERT STEELE: This is a fun read. The young man, perhaps paid by others to “expose” me and Sacha Stone, gets a lot wrong (including the “luxury” of Sacha's bed and breakfast in Bali, where I have stayed — Akasha is the private home Sacha designed and built 17 years ago, and it's extension the NewEarth haven is a popular retreat, suffering now like every other honest business on earth assaulted by the Covid ‘conspiracy').

What strikes me — and the reason I conclude this is a paid hit job that could be added to a future lawsuit in which discovery gets us right back to the originators including (I speculate) the Anti-Defamation League and Media Matters — is the total absence of any reference to the substance of everything that I and Sacha and others have done.  It is hard to take anyone seriously who treats us as “anti-Semitic” (the Zionist “trick” long exposed for what it is, a pre-cursor to the “hate speech” censorship machine that honest courts are now slamming down), or who ignores the sheer substance of our respective backgrounds and publications both written and in video form.

Is it truly possible for this young person to not know that I am making four movies and that I have sponsored five books by Joachim Hagopian on Satanic Pedophilia (which is not the exclusive province of Jews, Joachim has ably documented, with linked endnotes as I asked when I undertook to sponsor his work free online at, how Catholics, Muslims, Pagans, Mormons, and all others have been practicing child kidnapping, child rape, child torture, child cannibalization, and child murder for thousands of years.

This is a hit job. But like one other hit job that I have praised, this shit has a waft of perfume and is not the pedestrian stinking pile of shit we usually see, so hats off to young Jules Evans, a philospher by his own account.  From where I sit, he is still in the 4th grade and will never catch up to Sacha and I in terms of intelligence, integrity, or imagination but I rather enjoyed his artful dabbling.

Rock on, Jules.  The good news is that there is an endless supply of brainwashed snowflakes who will mistake you for erudite — never mind that none of them have any idea what that word means.

For those with a brain, here are a few links toward the substance of my work.

Multiple Alerts Readers commented along these lines:

Robert, superb “bitch slap.” These people don't seem to realize that all publicity including negative publicity just increases your following.  Don't stop, what you are doing matters to all of us. Right intentions at the right time. The movies on top of the websites are the stake in Lucifer's heart — no one else could do what you are doing, mindful that President Donald Trump opened the way for you to be heard.  With love and prayers, X Y Z and more.


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