Stephen E. Arnold: Microsoft LinkedIn — A Real Loser?

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Microsoft LinkedIn: Opting and Gigging

Microsoft LinkedIn has determined that its millions of job seekers, consultants, and résumé miners can become gig workers. “LinkedIn Is Building a Gig Marketplace” asserts:

LinkedIn is developing a freelance work marketplace that could rival fast-growing gig sites Fiverr and Upwork. The two-sided marketplace will connect freelance service providers with clients in need of temporary workers for one-off projects. Like Fiverr and Upwork, it would focus on knowledge-based work that can be done remotely online…

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ROBERT STEELE: I agree with the entire post. LinkedIn is not just a total waste of time and a spam magnet, but it is also stealing from you — once I cancelled my LinkedIn account and made Robert David Steele  my sole public face (I also forced Wikipedia to take down the page on me that was constantly corrupted by cyber-stalkers), my form for capturing opt-in emails exploded.   Note: never use JetPack which has corrupt management, always go with WPForms. In my view LinkedIn is a complete rip-off. Having said that, we are not at Web 3.0 optimum yet because it is too easy for the main search engines to digitally assassinate anyone with impunity, just as emails from conservative figures are automatically labeled spam by various email services. So we have a ways to go. In the end each of us will own our identity, will present what we wish as our public and private faces, and we will attract people on our merits, not on the basis of bullshit algorithms from Microsoft or Google or Amazon.

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