Mongoose: Swiss Will Vote in Referendum on Government’s Emergency COVID-19 Measures

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Swiss Will Vote in Referendum on Government’s Emergency COVID-19 Measures

After mounting a national campaign, and the work of determined local organisations, Swiss campaigners have managed to trigger a referendum for ending the government’s destructive COVID regulations. If successful, this will also be a blow for the extremists at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, who have been pushing the idea of a global economic shutdown since the beginning of the alleged ‘global pandemic.’

Among other things, the peoples’ revolt is pushing back against the government’s coercive attempt to enforce a “compulsory system with poorly tested vaccines.”

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Alert Reader offers this interpretation of the citizen move:


  1. I am not a child who needs the Zionist-soviet state to pretend to be my “parent” or “guardian” so as to “protect” me and all the other goyim-gentiles (meaning what it considers its human “livestock”).
  2. I am a grown-up so I know that if I drive a car or ride a train, the fatality risk can be higher than for a pedestrian, BUT I am nonetheless willing I take my chances anyway rather than having to walk.
  3. I do not need any Zionist-soviet state officials pretending to act my “parent” or “guardian” AND I do not like my taxpayer-money being invested in such superfluous nonsense or in enforcers who behave like thugs. This is the same situation whereby, as a grown-up, I do not need any Zionist-Freemasonic “expert” (who might behave like a thug) telling me not to cross the road, or to light up a cigarette, if I so choose.
  4. I am well aware that the Zionist Freemasons who control the Swiss regime are basing their actions on fake “science” because I am well aware that COVID is a Zionist hoax to implement many of the genocidal plans that are openly published in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. By pure “coincidence”, Britain‘s flu victims for Jan-Feb 2021 fell to zero while its COVID-HOAX “cases” skyrocketed, yet again proving COVID a hoax.
  5. I am well aware that, with their COVID HOAX, the Zionists merely renamed the common flu to a “deadly virus” so that they and their Freemasonic lackeys could communize western countries for Technocracy.
  6. I am well aware that the Zionist Freemasons who control the Swiss regime desperately need the COVID HOAX to help Zionism destroy the middle-class and drive most medium-sized businesses to the wall, as stipulated so very clearly by the whole Zionist agenda.
  7. I am well aware that, in this the twenty-first century, the Zionists intend to commit the biggest genocide in history by first expropriating the property of all goyim-gentiles and then genociding them to leave behind a maximum population to 500-900 million goyim-gentiles to serve the “Princes of Israel” given that this is all in fact openly COMMANDED by the “holy” books of Zionism (Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar, “Protocols”).
  8. I oppose the COVID HOAX, and I want the Swiss regime to immediately STOP working for the Zionist agenda and instead START working for me because, after all, I pay the Swiss regime's salary, and I want it to stop treating me like a child and instead to cater for my concerns. I want our Free Switzerland out from under the Zionist Jackboot IMMEDIATELY!

Phi Beta Iota: March seems to be the month is which the 100 Monkey effect will take place and citizens everywhere refuse to wear mask. All those who mandated lockdowns and masks have violated multiple laws and merit jail time.

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