Robert Steele: Opening Message for Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group

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2Shares is now operational. The webmaster is installing classic word press ( I hate block form), and then I will get to work loading stuff including videos and past posts crossed over from my web 3.0 collection at

I got a lovely, brilliant interview with Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton today viewable here. The protocol that I use for BitChute, which does NOT come with easy to extract embed and link codes the way YouTube does, is to post the thumbnail jpeg with a link to the BitChute video. That gives folks direct access to description, embed code, full screen viewing, and link for sharing. BitChute's CEO is a member of our group.

My intent, once I have the site structured in a few days time, is to offer each of you editorial access so you can have your own channel . I plan both categories and a tag cloud. You can see and for a sense of where this site could go but with a big difference: each of you can use it as you see fit. I have talked to Michel Bauwens about building electronic bridges so that we popular Peer to Peer Wiki from this site, and I will also set it up as a feed to that will cover all nine major opens with the 27 sub-opens (graphic and list attached). Our group focus is Web 3.0. P2P has a preliminary post on Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

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I seek interviews as soon as possible, of 30 minutes duration, with each of you who has not yet been interviewed. Once the web site is formed we will set up a form for people to volunteer ideas, links and 30 second video extracts. I will have a full time person loading all incoming material that passes scrutiny to the website, to be managed as a collective open endeavor.

Some of you may be aware that I raised $120K in one week with one post and two emails. I am managing four quick movies (cost is radically low if you settle for good enough zoom interviews with crowd-sourced editorial extracts from past and new videos) as well as six websites, and my audience is telling me they want a quick movie on Web 3.0 that damns the existing Internet and offers a vision for the future. Among us are some of the greatest minds relevant to this task. My intent is to create a 60 minute video documentary that can be used to satisfy the one billionaire and three millionaires I am already talking to, toward $1M right away, then $10M, and after 3 months-6 months, $250M. I have no intention of every doing an IPO.

Luke and I talked about the perversion of the open source model and the challenge of showing how it can turn a profit. I asked Hunter Newby to join our group precisely because he is king of dark fiber and also a very fine CEO with a sense for contracts and terms. I believe the key can be found in several areas:

1. “free” open source leads to paid instal, train, maintain, evolve, adapt

2. true cost of proprietary is off the charts — we need to start making that case publicly

3. open source tangible can be sold to people tired of paying for 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks — Marcin Jakubowsky is the king in this space, see second chart — open source farm devices and replace child labor and beasts of burden and enrich villages – second graphic and see his cost spreadsheets at second and third graphics

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4. open source is how we empower humans and defeat AI and transhumanism.

5. open source should enable information to be sold for micro-cash, and also enable humans to earn micro-cash for sharing information — this destroys the advertising total surveillance revenue model and in passing, destroyed the exploitation with impunity of the creative commons by those who would fence the cyber commons. Steve Arnold is “top gun” with respect to all that is “off” with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others and he and Steven Vervaecke and others are on the bleeding edge of spotting alternatives we can all use (fourth graphic with much more still to be done).

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Here are two preliminary links on the matter of open source business model:

2016 Robert Steele: Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) – Creating the Academy, Economy, Government, and Society of the Future

Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) — a Nordic Manifesto

I need a university able to get, I own,, and, my vision for the four is the final graphic. Ignore the reference to cloud, I anticipate our future must be about dark fiber and mesh at the bluetooth 500 meter level.

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My briefing to Amazon, which patented the first half of my ideas and ignored the second half, can be seen here along with graphics and script and contains a very important segment on how to fund the world brain.

2007 Steele @Amazon — Robert Speaks, Amazon Files Patents…. Movie, Graphics, Script

It is now my expectation to create a federation that enables the good bits of Amazon, Google and other FAANGY predators to migrate into a new ecology that buries the police state total surveillance advertising approach to the web.

I am honored to be in your company. Please come back to me with your thoughts on this opening message, and availability for a 30 minute interview to introduce you and your vision to what I believe will be a considerable audience. Everyone else is chasing pet rocks. We alone are bringing together a federated distributed concept that is committed to augmenting human intelligence while protecting human anonymity, identity, privacy, and security. I myself am committed to the idea that every human mind should be able to access all information in all languages and mediums all the time, and that we must end the deliberate censorship, destruction, and manipulation of information — including true cost information — essential to restoring Mother Earth and her living individual sovereign beings across all species.


Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation


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