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Weak signal, interesting possibilities.

There's a Psychic named Utsava, who might start being on Charlie Wards' show weekly. one of the things she said was that Trump has been switching out the dangerous China made 5G towers with tesla technology that renders 5G harmless.

Tesla technology has been incorporated into the border wall that renders the China 5G towers in Mexico from harming us. The wall acts like a giant Faraday cage.

“Border wall protects us from all aliens”

Trump stated that during a rally AND POINTED UP TO THE SKY WHEN HE SAID ALL  ALIENS.

I also think that means that our Space Force has the capability to neutralize the bad 5G. I'm really taking a stab of faith and hope about that, but I thought I'd let you know about this, in case you didn't know of her and of her predictions.

Mark Steele 5G expert says:

Yes.. You could have a magnetic field to reduce the radiation from an Iron Structure. I have not seen any change in the 5G deployment technical parameters in the USA that could mitigate 5G. Its main technical parameter is polarized linear wave forming antenna design.  I don’t know how you can produce a polarized linear wave energy beam to be safe. You just can’t. These have higher energy levels at well over ionization power levels in the wave form over 13.5 e V eventhough they operate in the Non Ionizing radiation spectrum.

Alert Reader #1 says:

Gene Decode has said similar several months to the remediation of “bad 5G” and the border wall.

1) Tesla tech for border wall. It is a magnetic resonance.

2) Utsava's understanding of the remediation of the 5G towers is inaccurate. A Faraday cage essentially blocks out the waves. Allegedly, the remediation to the 5G towers changes the wavelength from a destructive to one that is harmonious with human, plant, and animal life.

The problem with much of this stuff, similar to children being rescued from tunnels, is that it is difficult to verify or corroborate. We are all being told of arrests, rescues, and etc, but absent verification – its a leap of faith.

Alert Reader #2 says:

One does not need to be a Psychic to know this information.

President Trump knew of the plot (assumption) by the zionist k-mafia (NICKNAMED: POGO) to do a combo of 5G signals with particulate in Chemtrails to kill as many Americans as possible.

This was the only reason I believe that in late March 2020 he signed an EO that required the communication companies to tear out and render harmless all 5g signal equipment on towers, mini-masts and in those small pesky boxes on the sides of our nations schools.

The communication companies were given 180 days which ended somewhere in the FALL of 2020 to get this job done.

Part of the tear out and replacement was to also do radiation shielding with some type of a device, maybe a Tesla device.

I did not know about the wall being embedded – but that does make sense.

My further understanding is there was a journalist looking into POGO in 2019 and for that looking it got him killed.

Phi Beta Iota: Our understanding from retired NASA PhDs is that our secret ability to manipulate frequences is very advanced. We anticipate full disclosure of both stellar civilization technology including free energy, and beneficial technologies that have  been repressed by Wall Street treason and crime.

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