Mirror: William Cooper – One World Order Discussion

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Here, in his best interview of all time, covering exactly what was going on in 1990 (Iraq/Kuwait war) all the way to what he foresaw to be the future of America… and we are there. It is said that, after many years of blowing the whistle, he committed “suicide by FBI”: they came for him on his property, he was taken out but not without taken a few of them out himself.
Alert Reader adds: The most awake person I have run across. He had Q level clearance, he knows a lot. He explains his knowledge of extraterrestrials, his knowledge that the CIA had Kennedy murdered and Oswald framed, how Bush practiced magic and was into satanic rituals and he explains that the plan of depopulating the world. So much more. One of the absolute best two hour interviews you will come across that can connect a lot of dots. This is a rare video, please share this as it can help so many understand. It doesn't matter if you are down that rabbit hole or thinking about entering, this is good for everyone. ***This is a MUST SEE. We the people need to wake up because where we go one, we go all.