Robert Steele: National Tour Concept for June-July

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

This is my concept in gestation. We start raising money 1 April, no one is allowed to actually donate until the final itinerary is settled, we are seeking $25K to $50K per state.  Soon we will have forms at all my websites  that feed a spreadsheet that feeds an ArcGIS map, once we hit our preliminary goal of $500K and finalize the itinerary we will accept donations with a sacred commitment to show up and hoping to take in $1M. This could be EPIC.

  • Mothers and Grandmothers on Motorcycles
  • Sheriff with lights on
  • #UNRIG RV (Cynthia McKinney confirmed)
  • Constitutional Sheriffs RV (Richard Mack confirmed)
  • Constitutional Pastors*  RV (TBD)
  • Constitutional Farmers RV (J. C. Cole invited)
  • Constitutional Lawyers RV (Ed Vieira invited)
  • Constitutional Doctors RV (TBD)
  • Constitutional Engineers RV (Penny Kelly confirmed)
  • Constitutional Musicians RV (Known, invited, includes singer)
  • Constitutional Comedians RV (Team that plays Trump & Sanders)
  • #OpenSourceEverything RV (Robert Steele confirmed)
  • Sheriff with lights on
  • More Motorcycles, Sidecars, Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Rolling Reststop Bus for Sheriffs & Motorcyclysts
  • Rolling Parking Lot Optimized for Motorcycles with Mechanic

* Denotes all local leaders of all faiths.

50 states in 60 days.  Seeking no less than $25K but ideally $50K per state.

Here is the RV Cynthia and I used for our first try that was destroyed by an individual who is the subject of a federal lawsuit,  and over 400 organized cyber-stalkers. This time we cannot be stopped, we are God's instrument.

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We have published the first educational film by Sacha Stone, The Cult of Lucifer, and I have asked the three Directors (McKinney, Antico, Sean Stone) to plan for finishing their movies in April (McKinney) and May so that all movies are free to the public before we start the tour.  RAW full interviews and relevant MIRRORS will continue to be posted to respective websites on a daily basis.

With what Lin Wood is doing on Chief Justice Roberts and Mike Pence I fully expect our tour to be helpful to President Trump and all patriots seeking to cleanse America of evil everythere. Read Martin Geddes' book that is free online as well as offered as an Amazon Kindle and Amazon Print.

I am asking a sympathetic billionaire to fund the private jet that will take 10 of us to Alaska and Hawaii.  Canada and Mexico are envisioned for winter and spring tours provided public sentiment and donations demonstrate our welcome. A new North America Federation that kicks the British out of Canada and the Spanish out of Mexico (and the Deep State Red Mafiya/Zionists out of everywhere) is on  the table. COUNTY level power will beat federal, state, and local forces bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed, every single time. Deputized armed veterans backed by local pastors and lawyers cannot be beat on their home ground.

We will be seeking LOCAL sheriffs, pastors & rabbis (and imams), lawyers, doctors, engineers, musicians, and comedians to join us on stage and be stay-behind guerrilla leaders — we have had offers of free food and drink but realistically want to keep our footprint down — two hours per stop and “on the road again.”

I am not ready to roll out CountyCoin* and CountyWeb* just yet but by then we should have the makings for locally implementable beta tests and this information will be free to the public.

*This mention constitutes prior art, no effort to trademark these terms will survive my lawyers. Both ideas are now publicly known and available (as is the case with #UNRIG which has been partially stolen by losers seeking to save the two-party tyranny be pretending that “transpartisan” lipstick on the pig changes the pig into a swan.)

Robert, here are some ideas for optimizing this as a public education tour.

  1. OBJECTIVE: A national campaign to engender a grassroots groundswell of interest in rapid, true election reform
  2. Understand this whole evolution to be a “campaign”
  3. Retain PR firm to generate national and local awareness in advance of Tour
  4. Launch a sophisticated on-line campaign that supports tour
  5. Every major participant (RDS, McKinney, Mack, Kelly), heavily promote the campaign and Tour to their lists
  6. Enlist local elected officials (governors, legislators, etc.), as “sponsors” of the local stops on the tour. Involve them (briefly), in the program — give Governors “first option” being state sponsor, then legislative leaders, then mayors.
  7. Give elected officials and other leadership a big “button”/hat/T-shirt that says . . . (something), that both identifies them as key elements in the campaign and encourages participants get involved
  8. Shape the Tour to be a recruiting tool for a national network of community groups dedicated to fundamental change
  9. Develop a follow-up process that mobilizes the network in an intelligent and strategic way
  10. Get Trump and big Dems to endorse the Tour
  11. Find existing organizations who can be “associates” who can volunteer people to work on project

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