J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – April 2021 #2,,“Almost Totally F..ked Now!”

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We are almost totally F..ked now. Sorry about the language, I just get a tad upset at the willful destruction of our country by administrative morons.

So in the infinite wisdom of the Alzheimer Patient in the White House he just signed an Executive Order to assemble the most incompetent and inefficient team possible to identify the dangers in America’s supply chain. Yes, the same Supply Chain Collapse I have been writing about for 3 years. (Read more beneath fold)

We could have hired the Marx Brothers (if they were still alive) and get better faster solutions.

This is like hiring the Muppets to analyze why the Titanic is sinking while it is sinking and everyone is on board.

In the executive order:

(b) Within 100 days of the date of this order, the specified heads of agencies shall submit the following reports to the President, through the The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA) and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy (APEP):

 Secretary of Commerce

Secretary of Energy

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Secretary of Transportation

Secretary of Agriculture

Posted in American Gray Swans – December 2020 – “The Approaching Civil War” I wrote “A possible additional Event (that could cause the collapse of the supply chain) that I missed in the Gray Swans is a Totalitarian Government Agency control of Food. None other than that champion of human bondage “The Rockefeller Institute” put it forward July 28, 2020 in the white paper Reset the Table. In it is a recommendation “because of Covid-19” that a “Department of Home Land Food Security” type agency be formed to control all food in the country.”

From Reset the Table – Capability 3: Invest in coordinated federal, state, and local capabilities and emergency response

More than 15 agencies at the federal level alone directly regulate and implement programs that impact food from farm to fork. To add to that complexity, many food access programs are implemented at the state and local levels. Similar to the realization that prompted the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Directorate of National Intelligence after 9/11, the Covid-19 crisis illustrated a clear need for a single executive office responsible for better coordination across government agencies and levels, as well as with community organizations that people know and trust.

In other words, concentrate complete control over food and supply into one totalitarian Government agency. Kind of like the politically correct SS of Food. They will control food (The Hunger Games) and we will need to take the “Jab” to get any. This is all under the guise of protecting us from Covid-19. Do you see the big picture yet?

Oh look, February 24, 2021 (just a few months after the Rockefeller suggestions (orders) – hint hint) we get an Executive Order to coordinate all Supply Chain issues under The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA). I am sure it is just a coincidence.

Henry Kissinger – “.. control Food you control the People”. I am sure it is just another coincidence.

The real answer – before the Government Muppets sink the Titanic create “Lifeboats! Sustainable Lifeboats! Those are EMP proof, locally owned, small sustainable farms throughout the entire country putting food in control of the people. Create an assembly line of production of Sustainable Lifeboats! Put food production in control of local communities.

If we do not have food, nothing else matters. We must have food, and food production, in our control to fight back.

The whole purpose of the Gray Swans was to point out and verify the vulnerability of our supply chain to collapse. When it collapses for longer than 2 weeks the vast amount of Americans run out of food. And now we have our worst “supply chain” nightmare forming – total government control of it. All of this disguised as “protecting us” with “Security & Safety”.

On Solutions, I wrote it up in the American Gray Swans – February 2021 – “Report Card”. Here are the Solutions again. Nothing important, just National Security and the survival of our country. If there are truly “White Hat” military , they better take action quickly.


On Solutions

 Anybody who objectively looks into our present world fiat money system will see we have simply an uncountable amount of Federal Reserve Dollars created. The amount is estimated to be in the tens to hundreds of quadrillions. To those that argue this number I simply ask – show me an audit of the FED. For over 100 years the FED run by Khazarians has never been audited. Surprise surprise.

Before the country goes through a catastrophic financial reset, let somebody pump a trillion Federal Reserve Dollar debt notes into farming production, equipment, and infrastructure (after all the Government just spent $5 Trillion on the Covid-19 scam and has very little to show for it). The trillion FED dollars won’t even be a glitch in the big picture and won’t matter after the reset, but what will matter is when we have an EMP proof sustainable farming system creating Food Security throughout the country. Take the monopoly money now while exchangeable and turn it into food producing assets. That way us peasants will have food and won’t have to behead the entities that caused this (we know who you are), nor the leaders that failed in their fiduciary responsibility to protect the country (we know who you are also).

(I highly recommend buying the 5 book series Pedophilia & Empire: Satan Sodomy and the Deep State

so you see who the deep state families are and what they are doing, and defend your family)

The Military needs to step in and take action. Create “Continuity of Country” (COC). When America has a hardened Food Grid we have the highest probability for most Americans to get through a supply chain collapse, or some catastrophe like a Chan Thomas event. Not everybody will make it but we want enough of us peasants to survive so we still have a country. It is a numbers game.

This also creates for the Military a huge amount of Pre-positioned Logistics in food resources around the country making a strong defense possible.

The solution is very clear (and “yes” I have experience doing this with a government)


1) The White Hats of the military have to recognize Food Security is National Security. There will be no Continuity of Government (COG) if there is not enough people alive to govern. Create Continuity of Country (COC).

2) The Military immediately sets up a small and manageable group of 15 to 20 people. Lets simply call it the Food Security Council (FSC). It is a mixture between military and private sector. It only has a few members from the military, but one very high ranking General/Admiral as Chairman. Other members are from farming, food processing, transportation, logistics, finance, ect. Nobody is from existing organizations, big Agra, NGOs, or government departments nor agencies that caused this situation we are in (i.e. the Administrative Morons named in the Executive Order) but rather are the people that have direct hands on experience everyday.

3) The FSC creates 5 to 10 models to be applied to create Food Security throughout the country that

  1. a) turn existing farms (large & small) into EMP proof sustainable farms able to run 1 year without resupply or external electricity.
  2. b) create new farms quickly in rural and suburban areas
  3. c) create new specialized City Farms (lack of a better title) mostly based on hydroponics/aquaponics in metropolitan areas and bankrupt shopping malls.
  4. d) create micro food supply chains in regional areas
  5. e) create micro regional food production management systems
  6. f) create a minimum of 20% of food needs produced within 30 miles of population centers

4) Pump $1 trillion FED dollars into small local sustainable Food Production now

  1. a) while the fiat FED Dollar has value and before the world fiat currencies collapse and reset
  2. b) before the World War and Space War goes hot
  3. c) before the Solar Minimum creates a world famine
  4. d) before a Chad Thomas event happens


There is an old saying:

Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.

Finance his fishing boat and he will feed his community for decades.


It is a good thing we have a massive program to create National Food Security. Oops, wrong President – sorry.

When the Supply Chain goes down it will be a real “Sewage Hits The Fan” show. Create a Safe Haven for you and your family. That includes storage of food & water, energy, financial diversity, and the ability to protect it.

No Food = No America


J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms



Our Heritage as Americans is our farms. Wake up!

All of my writings have patriotically been stored by Robert David Steele here
 American Gray Swans.

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