Mongoose: Americans First Manifesto!

07 Other Atrocities, Corruption, Governance, Government

Alert Reader writes in, dated 2016 from source


Posted on January 21, 2016 by triangleofhealthandwealthcare

  1.  Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Banking System with interest free money backed by gold confiscated from the criminal international central bankers and printed by the Treasury Department(Abolish the FED!) Execute all communist front groups(including central banksterists) for sedition and treason! REPARATIONS TO POST COVID HOAX SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE OUT OF CONFISCATED ROTH$CHILD ASSETS. Outlaw government mandated digital currency/cashless society/negative savings bank interest rates! paper/coinage currency only backed by or coined with silver/gold only a la JFK!
  2. Outlaw 90% of imported goods and restore manufacturing to America.
  3. Outlaw non organic food sales within 3 years with documented high mineral/vitamin/brix content of all food products. Outlaw patented ownership of any and all foods for human consumption including seeds and animals/fish. outlaw patent ownership of any and all organisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  4. Outlaw mandatory vaccinations, masks and social distancing  throughout the nation.
  5. Outlaw Child Protective Services, Planned Parenthood Offices, and secret Family Court proceedings…open all court proceedings and mandate Sunshine/Freedom of Information Laws to all court proceedings.
  6. Outlaw United States Military presence outside the borders of the 50 American States.
  7. Outlaw Foreign Soldiers on American soil, especially the UN. Outlaw the UN in America.
  8. Restore Constitutional Law to America.
  9. Remove Supreme Court Justices who violate Constitutional Law.
  10. Close the Federal Dept. of Education…end all Federal grants to education. CLOSE ALL GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS AND  SUBSIDIZE HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES.
  11.  Outlaw Primary Residence Home Property Taxes.
  12. Outlaw the Income Tax…flat,fair sales tax on all transactions to fund the Federal Government.
  13. Outlaw DHS and Radiation machines at airports and all public facilities.
  14. Outlaw non-disinfectant chemicals in public water systems and mandate whole home water filter systems in all municipal building codes by Constitutional Amendment: The Pure Safe Water Act/Amendment.
  15. Outlaw Aviation Chem-trailing/Geoengineering with toxic chemicals of Weather at a Federal Level punishable by Death.
  16. Outlaw Fascist Laws mandating purchasing anything, including any and all insurance policies. Restore documented Health Insurance Policies to privately insured, drug covered ill patients cancelled by the Abomination called “Obamacare.”
  17. Immediately Impeach  ANY FEDERAL OFFICIAL for Unconstitutional Behavior.
  18. Remove all Illegals Aliens and their subsequent progeny to their country of origin and use the US Military to secure our borders.
  19. Monitor(FBI) Islam as a Fascist Political Group, NOT A RELIGION! Outlaw Islamic Immigration.
  20. Cancel Laws pertaining to marriage as well as all Government licensure of Marriage at all levels…get the government out of marriage! Outlaw abortion unless mother is physically at risk for death.
  21. Outlaw all Federal mandates re wages and private businesses.
  22. Outlaw all political donations by corporations and limit candidate contributions to ten dollars a year per candidate only in the year of election. One term limits on all politicians at every level of government. Mandate free tv access to all candidates equally…end the two party collusion laws re eligible candidates/debaters.
  23. Outlaw computerized voting…all election votes counted by hand with all political parties present.
  24. Outlaw the toxic 5g grid towers/phones/wifi/mandatory smart meters/facial coverings.
  25. Outlaw cashless society/mandatory credit cards or chips




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